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Psychotherapist & Corporate Coach, Author of "Dethroning Your Inner Critic," Host of the "Dethroning Your Inner Critic" Podcast

Joanna Kleinman is a licensed psychotherapist, bestselling Author, and international speaker and creator of the groundbreaking M.I.N.D Method™, which combines Positive Psychology, neuroscience and the power of intention. Joanna helps powerful visionaries learn the tools to access a different level of power, freedom and peace as they are manifesting their most important visions. The M.I.N.D Method™ has helped thousands of women design more fulfillment, passion and purpose in the most important areas of our life--our relationships, our career and work, our finances, our mental and physical health, the way we spend our time, and our contribution we believe we can make to the world.

She is the author of the Amazon #1 best selling book "Dethroning Your Inner Critic," which has sold thousands of copies worldwide, and is the podcast host of the popular "Dethroning Your Inner Critic" podcast, which has 90,000 downloads. She has appeared on Good Morning America and The Doctors, and has been featured in various national publications including Women’s Health Magazine, Huffington Post, and Parents Magazine.

She has been a speaker for numerous corporations including Nestle, Nike, Microsoft, NFL Films, TD Bank, Susan G. Komen, Lendlease, Cigna, Provider Trust, Wolf Commercial Real Estate, Campowerment, and Virtua Health Systems. She has been married for 25 years and lives in Cherry Hill, NJ with her husband and three children.

Speech Topics

One Habit That Will Change The Outcome of Your Future

According to The World Health Organization, there has been a 25% increase in prevalence of anxiety and depression worldwide since the global pandemic. What if there was one habit that could change the outcome of your future?

Our automatic and conditioned Inner Critic has formed an Invisible lens that filters our reality through repetitive, negative thoughts and beliefs that create repetitive, destructive emotions and behaviors. Almost every circumstance that causes us emotional pain can be linked back to our core message that our Inner Critic has programmed within us.

This pre-programmed message has us engaging in thoughts, emotions and behaviors that sabotage our joy, fulfillment and satisfaction in life, and undermine what we see is possible for us in our future.

The key to having a life that is ongoingly satisfying and fulfilling, is in each of us learning how to separate ourselves from our Inner Critic.

For far too many of us allow this voice to sit like a monarch on the throne of our minds, judging, criticizing and dominating every aspect of our lives. Under the onslaught of this continual critical rant, we tend to shrink away, keeping ourselves small in the most important areas of our life—our relationships, our career and work, our finances, our mental and physical health, the way we spend our time, and our contribution we believe we can make to the world.

I have created a step by step trademarked method called The M.I.N.D Method™ which shows how to formulate new habits of thinking, feeling and acting, which creates the space to see oneself and the world through a new paradigm that shapes not only our beliefs but our very perceptions and experience of life— over time this can generate new neural pathways in our brain.

Redefining The Path to Success For Women

The need for more highly accomplished women who are empowered to own their power has never been more critical. As a psychotherapist and coach with over 30 years of experience working with thousands of highly accomplished professional women, I hear the same debilitating challenges over and over again. Despite their accomplishments, women continue to struggle with feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, low self-confidence and confusion about how they, in fact, reached the high levels they’ve achieved. In doing a deep dive with them, my research across the globe has shown that even the most brilliant, accomplished, hard-working women struggle with seeing themselves as confident and powerful. They don’t fully realize their value and the contributions they make. They believe that they “aren’t ready” to take on that next, bigger role. They report that no matter how successful they are, someone else is doing it better. They are more attuned to the ways they aren’t qualified than to the ways that they are, allowing the automatic voice in their mind, the voice I call their Inner Critic, to rob them of their confidence and satisfaction, which stands in the way of their full potential.

For women, our Inner Critic always shows up most impactfully when we are doing our most important work. Our culturally conditioned mind affects our self-perceptions and what we allow ourselves to create, say, and even dream is possible. Because we are unaware that we are listening to and being guided by this automatic mind, we often find ourselves burned out, overwhelmed and unfulfilled in our professional and personal life and unaware of what is at the source of our discontent.

Women are at a historical, cultural turning point. To be able to access our true power, creativity and innovation and do our boldest, best work, it is imperative that women learn to recognize and unhook themselves from this habitually conditioned voice, and rewire a new mind with new beliefs about themselves and the world.

Master Your Mindset and Master Your Life

Most people are unaware that the biggest roadblock to their success and living their best life is their mind. Many people have goals they want to reach, and believe their life will be better when they figure out how to produce the results they want. However, the reality is that this way of thinking actually prevents you from experiencing yourself and your life in a way where you are awakening to your true potential as a human being.

Our brain is really just a big biocomputer. In fact, studies show that we have up to 60,000 thoughts per day, and that 80% of those thoughts are negative. If we don't know how to properly use our biocomputer, we stay stuck in the same unconscious programming that continues to create the same emotions, which lead to the same behaviors, which lead to the same results.

Research has shown that mental activity strengthens the neural pathways in our brain. This means that our habits of thinking, feeling and acting actually generate our neural pathways based on what we’re focusing on. And what we focus on, expands. Every thought we think and feeling we feel, strengthens the circuitry in our brain. If we focus on stress with our thoughts and feelings, we strengthen stress pathways.

If we understand how to think in a fundamentally new way, we can literally use our mind to rewire our brain. We can access the part of our brain that holds our ability to be generative and creative in maximizing our fullest potential.

When your brain works right– when things change inside you, things change around you. You are able to design your future in a new direction, filled with new possibilities. A fulfilling and satisfying life doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by design.

Imagine what might be possible if you could learn how to short circuit your old habits of thoughts and beliefs and design your life on a whole new trajectory, simply by understanding how to change your mindset?

Which Inner Critic Rules Your Life and Career?

Based on 7 years of comprehensive research, I created a powerful and comprehensive Inner Critic Assessment that identifies 5 different Inner Critics: The Restless Inner Critic, The Perfectionist Inner Critic, The Guilty Inner Critic, The Victim Inner Critic, and Inadequate Inner Critic.

Attendees can complete the assessment prior to the event.

You may have several Inner Critic types that impact various areas of your life such as relationships, work or career, finances, mental and physical health, the way you spend your time, and your contribution you believe you can make to the world. Your Inner Critic is NOT your true self. The key to a life that is ongoingly satisfying and fulfilling is in learning how to identify and unhook yourself from your Inner Critic.

The Assessment will show you exactly what percentage of the 5 Inner Critic types are most ruling your mind.

In this session, I will address the specific thoughts and feelings each Inner Critic creates, the typical ways you might rationalize those thoughts and feelings, and the impact your specific Inner Critic type has on you and on the important areas of your life. You will also learn which Survival Mechanism from your childhood created your specific Inner Critic and how your survival mechanism affects you professionally and personally.

This assessment will enable you to clearly see and understand your personal Inner Critic. With this knowledge, you have the power to interrupt your Inner Critic’s automatic programming and awaken to an entirely new voice.

Almost every circumstance that causes us emotional pain can be linked back to our core message that our Inner Critic has programmed within us a long time ago.

Armed with your results of The Inner Critic Assessment, you will have the ability to uncover the subconsious blocks that have sabotaged you from living your most rewarding and successful life.

Embracing Authentic Leadership

Self-awareness is a crucial part of leadership. Having self-awareness lies at the root of a strong character and leading with a sense of purpose, authenticity, openness and trust. To be an effective leader, you must cultivate an environment of self-awareness. Simply knowing that self-awareness is key to leadership is not enough. Cultivating that self-awareness is required.

There is a huge cost of not having self-awareness when you are in a leadership position.
Leaders who lack self-awareness are often the ones who pretend to know it all and can not see their own deficiencies in providing leadership.
An ability to see what’s thwarting their effectiveness in leadership and what they can do to change is only achievable when leaders are able to take responsibility for what they don’t know.

Without self-awareness, leaders may come to realization that something is not working but they don’t know how to change it into something that works. They may know something is missing, and they may work harder and try to gain more knowledge. However, for authentic leadership, they must to learn self-reflection. Instead of looking outward for self validation, it is imperative that leaders understand how to look inward and see their value and worth from the inside out.

Attendee Results:

  • How to redefine leadership from the outside in.
  • How to diminish exhaustion, burnout, overwhelm, lack of engagement and commitment.
  • How perfectionism creates high and unrealistic personal standards linked to depression and anxiety
  • How to cultivate intrinsic self-worth where performance is not tied with ones sense of self. Specific tools that provide leaders with the health, strength, fortitude and trust they need to set direction to be a conscious and authentic leader that your company needs.

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