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Founder & CEO of Vibes Ai, Founder & Fellow of A.I. Design Corps Host of "DesignedBy.Show" Podcast

Joanna Peña-Bickley, a design engineer, is known as the mother of Cognitive Experience Design and a pioneer in Generative A.I. in Product Design. She is propelled by multidisciplinary acumen in research, design, technology, and media. Her dedication to lifelong learning and insatiable curiosity has produced 150+ enduring, market making products and smart experiences for the Ai era.

Peña-Bickley’s award-winning design and technology expertise has led to patented inventions and sparked business transformations in some of the world's most recognized companies. IBM, Land Rover, L'Oréal, Sephora, American Express, NASA, Boeing, Nokia, Disney, MTV, Pepsi, Warner Bros and JayZ have all benefited from her ability to imagine, design, and launch remarkable products and services. Her approach has been characterized as a fusion of creativity and tech that uses leaps of imagination with feats of engineering, to create new A.I. powered products that when introduced are indistinguishable from magic. Whether creating one of the first streaming video players that changed the delivery of live news for ABC, Launching Ovi for Nokia, designing the first banking experience on the Apple Watch for Citibank, reinventing the connected car as a smart mobility platform for General Motors, building new A.I. powered Alexa Devices at Amazon, or reimagining the way world moves goods for Uber, Peña-Bickley's customer obsession and tenacious leadership delivers business results.

Named one of Fortune's Most Powerful Women, a 2022 Hispanic Star and a Power Woman of New York her visionary leadership is fueled by a mission to design inventions that work for everyone, everywhere, every day. Peña-Bickley’s founding of the A.I. Design Corps has positioned her as dynamic voice and advocate for S.T.E.A.M.D. apprenticeships, workforce upskilling and economic empowerment for women, girls, and ethnic minorities. Her executive leadership has not only catalyzed the inclusion of women on US currency and contributed to A.I. Ethics and Governance Policies. As the founder and CEO of Vibes Ai, she is leading the company to launch a new generation of wearable computers built to harness the power of AI. These notable accomplishments have made her a coveted keynote speaker at prestigious conferences, including Fortune's Brainstorm Design, CES, Cannes Lions, The One Show, SxSW, Verizon's Data Summit, AWS re:Invent, the TriBeCa Film Festival, 3% Conference, and C2 Montreal.

Speech Topics

Generative AI in Design: Inventive Ally or Creativity Adversary

As we stand on the brink of a new era in product and industrial design, the shadow of Generative AI looms large, sparking a controversy that divides the design community. Is Generative AI the dawn of unprecedented innovation, or does it herald the end of human creativity as we know it? This keynote dares to confront the elephant in the room, challenging preconceived notions about the role of AI in design and questioning the future of human designers in an AI-dominated landscape.

The Problem

The rapid advancement and integration of Generative AI in design processes have ignited fears of a future where human designers are obsolete. Critics argue that AI, with its ability to generate designs in seconds, threatens to replace the nuanced, emotional, and deeply creative aspects of design that have long been the domain of humans. This technological upheaval brings to the fore issues of originality, intellectual property rights, and the very essence of what it means to be a creator in the intelligence age.

The Solution

Yet, beneath the layers of controversy lies a potential symbiosis that could redefine the boundaries of innovation in product, user experience and industrial design. This keynote proposes a radical reimagining of the human-AI collaboration, where Generative AI becomes not a rival, but a co-creator, enhancing human creativity rather than extinguishing it.

Unlocking Minds: How AI Illuminates the Path Forward in Dementia and Cognitive Care

Unlocking Minds is not just a presentation; it's a call to action and a message of hope. It's about envisioning a future where AI not only transforms our approach to cognitive disorders but also redefines what's possible in preserving the essence of who we are. This keynote aims to inspire healthcare professionals, researchers, technologists, and families affected by cognitive conditions to embrace AI as a vital tool in unlocking the mysteries of the mind and forging a path to a future filled with possibilities, dignity, and hope.

Problem: Reactive Vs Proactive Cognitive Care

In the shadow of cognitive conditions like dementia and Alzheimer's disease, millions worldwide navigate the complexities of memory loss, diminished cognitive abilities, and the gradual erosion of their personal identity. Traditional approaches to care and treatment have often felt like a race against time, with solutions providing temporary relief but not addressing the root causes or offering hope for restoration and improvement.

Solution: A Beacon of Hope Enter the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This keynote shines a light on the groundbreaking potential of AI to revolutionize our approach to dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and cognitive disabilities. Far from the cold, impersonal technology often depicted in media, AI emerges as a beacon of hope — an ally in enhancing understanding, care, and quality of life for individuals navigating these challenges.

Key Solutions:

  • Early Detection and Personalized Care
  • Enhancing Cognitive Functions
  • Supporting Caregivers and Families
  • Navigating Memory and Identity
  • The Future of Treatment and Research

Listening to the Future: How AI is Tuning into Hearing Health and Brain Vitality

With AI, the future of hearing health and brain vitality is not just hopeful; it's vibrant. This keynote invites you to tune into the possibilities, to listen closely to the whispers of innovation that promise to shout across generations. It's time to amplify our efforts, leveraging AI to ensure that everyone has the chance to hear, understand, and engage fully with the world around them, with minds as sharp as the sounds they can once again perceive clearly.

The Silent Epidemic / Unheard Crisis

In a world awash with sound, an ironic silence pervades—the growing epidemic of hearing loss and its cascading effects on brain health. According to the World Health Organization, over 1.5 billion people live with some degree of hearing loss, a figure projected to soar to over 2.5 billion by 2050. This isn't just about losing a sense; it's about the profound impact on communication, social interaction, and cognitive functions, leading to an increased risk of dementia among the affected populations.

Solution: The AI Revolution in Ear and Brain Health

Enter the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI), where innovations promise not just to halt this silent epidemic but to reverse its course. AI stands at the precipice of transforming hearing health and brain vitality, offering solutions that were once deemed the realm of science fiction. From personalized hearing aids powered by AI to cognitive training apps that adapt to the user's unique hearing profile, the possibilities are both vast and profound.

The Call to Action:

This is more than a keynote; it's a clarion call for bio-hackers, health conscious innovators, healthcare professionals, and communities to embrace AI as a pivotal ally in the fight against hearing loss and cognitive decline. It challenges us to reimagine the boundaries of what's possible in ear and brain health, armed with the power of AI. It provokes us to think differently about health technology—not as a mere tool for managing symptoms but as a transformative force capable of restoring and enhancing human capabilities.

Alone in the Crowd: Bridging the Human Gap with AI's Embrace

In this journey towards rediscovering connection, AI emerges not as a replacement for human touch but as a catalyst for genuine relationships. It's time to pivot the conversation from AI as an agent of isolation to AI as a creator of community and companionship. Let us harness this powerful technology to weave a new social fabric, one where no one must feel alone in the crowd.

The Silence of Solitude

In an era where connections are a click away, a paradoxical epidemic of loneliness sweeps across societies worldwide. It's an ailment as detrimental to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, yet it remains an unvoiced narrative in our bustling lives. Amidst the digital cacophony, the human soul whispers for genuine connection, understanding, and companionship.

The Digital Paradox

As we navigate from the digital to the intelligence age, our screens often act as barriers rather than bridges, exacerbating the feeling of isolation. The irony is palpable — in a world more connected than ever before, why do so many feel profoundly alone? The answer, while complex, points to the superficiality of digital interactions and the craving for deeper, more meaningful human connections.

AI: The Unlikely Companion

Enter the realm of AI, often vilified as the harbinger of human disconnection, yet holding untapped potential as the architect of a new era of companionship. This keynote explores the frontier of AI-native inventions and computing solutions designed to foster a healthier relationship between humans, not by replacing human interaction, but by enriching it.

The Call to Reconnect

Beyond the Screen: AI as the Architect of Authentic Connection challenges the narrative that technology is the villain in our story of isolation. It's a provocative declaration that AI, when designed with heart and human-centric principles, can be the very tool that rekindles our innate need for connection. This keynote is not just a talk; it's a rallying cry for innovators, technologists, and all of humanity to reimagine the role of AI in our lives — as a force that brings us closer, not just online, but in the depths of our human experience.

Beyond the Clock: AI's Role in Crafting a Life Not Lived on Borrowed Time

The Crisis of the Chronically Rushed:

In an era where the badge of "busy" is worn with honor, society finds itself at the mercy of an unspoken epidemic — the illusion of living 99 lives, each racing against the tick of the clock. This relentless pursuit of productivity and multitasking has birthed a form of societal schizophrenia, fragmenting our identities and diluting the essence of what it means to truly live. We're stretched thin, playing multiple roles simultaneously, with the ever-present fear of falling behind in a world that never sleeps.

Problem: The Dichotomy of Digital Advancement:

As our lives have become increasingly digitized, the technology intended to streamline our existence paradoxically complicates it. We're ensnared in a web of constant connectivity, notifications, and digital demands, leaving us yearning for a breather in a world that's always on. The promise of technology as a tool for liberation now feels like a leash, tethering us to an endless cycle of tasks and expectations.

Solution: Enter the AI Revolution

Yet, within this vortex of velocity and virtuality, a groundbreaking solution emerges — a new class of AI-native computers, engineered not to accelerate our pace further, but to harmonize it. These intelligent systems offer more than productivity enhancements; they promise a renaissance of time itself, enabling individuals to reinvent their relationship with the clock, recalibrate their lives, and rediscover equilibrium.

Sculpting Time with AI:

  • Deceleration Designers: AI systems that intuitively understand our schedules, priorities, and well-being needs, proposing optimized daily routines that balance productivity with personal peace.
  • Mindful Mediators: AI that filters the digital deluge, distinguishing between what deserves our attention and what detracts from it, allowing us to focus on what truly matters.
  • Identity Integrators: Instead of fracturing our roles further, AI helps weave them seamlessly into the fabric of our lives, enabling a more cohesive identity that thrives on diversity without the dissonance.
  • Personal Time Alchemists: These AI systems don't just manage our time; they transform it, turning rushed moments into rich experiences, and expanding our capacity to engage with life deeply and meaningfully.

AI Literacy: Not Just Optional, But Obligatory

This talk is not just a keynote, but a battle cry for the would-be innovators, the dreamers, the creators. It's a clarion call to embrace the maelstrom of change, to see beyond the horizon, and to carve out a place in the future where human and artificial intelligence harmonize. This revolution is ours to lead, but it demands a new cadre of skills, a new level of agility, and a new kind of courage. The era of intelligence is upon us—are you ready to shape it, or will you be shaped by it?

The Unseen Tsunami

We stand at the crest of a revolution not seen since the dawn of the internet—a tidal wave of Generative AI that promises to redefine the very fabric of human endeavor. This wave doesn't just bring with it a deluge of innovation; it heralds a seismic shift in the skill sets required to not just survive but thrive in the Intelligence Era. The question is, will we surf this wave, or will we be swept away by its sheer force?

The Duality of the Digital Mind

As Generative AI weaves its threads through the tapestry of our lives, a stark duality emerges. On one side, the hard skills—coding, data analysis, machine learning—skills that machines themselves are mastering. On the flip side, the soft skills—creativity, empathy, ethical reasoning—traits we presumed were uniquely human. Yet, as AI begins to compose music, draft poetry, and even mimic human emotions, the line between human and machine blurs. Where, then, does our true value lie?

Navigating the Nexus:

  • AI Literacy: Not Just Optional, But Obligatory
  • Hard Skills Harmonized with Ai
  • The Renaissance of Soft Skills
  • The Fusion of Foresight and Adaptability

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