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Joe M. Turner      

The Chief Impossibility Officer

"Chief Impossibility Officer" Joe M. Turner leverages the impact, power, and fun of visual and psychological illusions to engage his audiences around ideas, events, and messages. He helps your group "Rethink the Impossible!" with motivating and relevant keynotes enhanced by unreal visual and psychological illusions.

Joe combines real-world change management expertise with world-class showmanship to deliver unforgettable keynotes, seminars, and after-dinner programs at conferences worldwide.

Joe was a manager in the global change management consulting practice at Accenture, and later a Vice President of Associate Development in the Business Practices Integration division of Bank of America. Those years of experience in training, business communication, human performance development and change management initiatives at numerous Fortune 100 clients give Joe credibility and insight into the challenges that individuals, teams, and organizations face as they encounter changing environments.

Joe has been interviewed and featured in numerous television, radio and print appearances, including appearances on Good Morning America, Nightline, and CNN Headline News, as well as in the national NSA SPEAKER magazine.

Among Joe's most requested presentations are "Rethink the Impossible!" (motivation, positive response to change, creative problem-solving) and "Memory Mojo!" (memory training for personal & professional productivity).

Joe M. Turner was raised in the South and though happy to be an "adopted" Georgian, he is a proud native of the great state of Mississippi. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Mississippi State University in 1992 with a B.S. in Physics/Chemistry Education, completing significant additional coursework in astronomy, mathematics, music, and drama. If he weren't speaking professionally, Joe would very likely be singing on a stage or conducting a pit orchestra in a musical theatre production somewhere in the world. He is occasionally called upon to perform in, accompany and/or conduct shows in Atlanta, most recently at a sold-out musical theatre extravaganza at the 2800-seat Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center.

Joe and his wife Rosemary have two children, two cats, and a very blessed life.

Speech Topics

5 Kinds of Amazing: Creating Amazing Experiences with Your Brand

When a magician's audience experiences something amazing, they are engaged and excited. They remember it forever and can’t wait to tell others about it. Harnessing that power in a marketing and branding context begins with an analysis of the factors that make an experience “amazing.” In this presentation, we explore five different categories of amazing experiences with live, interactive illusions, then we see how those relate directly to five arenas where your organization must execute in order to be perceived as amazing by your audience. “Amazing” isn’t something you can be until it’s something you do; this presentation shows where the doing has to happen.

"The best session we've had in the past decade." - North Highlands Consulting

Rethink the Impossible!

Joe M. Turner inspires and motivates your group to think creatively about challenges they face in their personal or professional lives. Discover how thinking like a magician can unlock and unleash your team’s creative problem solving potential and overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable. Magicians approach problems in different ways to achieve what appear to be impossible results. Where did this kind of thinking come from? Why is it important? Can others learn to approach problems with that kind of creativity? What are the steps to rethinking the impossible in this situation? Those questions form the backbone of this interactive, fun, and memorable presentation.

Memory Mojo! - Put Your Brain on Speed Dial!

Joe M. Turner lets your group in on powerful, centuries-old techniques that you can use to instantly improve your ability to remember the information you need.

In “Memory Mojo: Tools and Techniques for Instantly Improving Your Memory,” Joe demonstrates and teaches mnemonic memory systems which will make it easy for you to remember lists, numbers, dates and appointments, names and faces, and even remember where you parked at the mall or at the airport!

The standard presentation is designed as a 100-minute talk with practice exercises to be done as a group, but can be shortened or expanded to fit your agenda. Everyone leaves with a new and practical skill that they can put to work instantly. In addition to enhanced memory skills, your group also benefits from improved personal effectiveness, increased confidence, and higher productivity.

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