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Lifestyle & Health Expert; Bestselling Author; Longest-Lived Survivor of Coronary Bypass Surgery

Author/speaker Joe Piscatella is one of the nation’s foremost experts on how to live a healthy lifestyle. He is Founder & CEO of the Institute for Fitness and Health, an organization dedicated to helping people initiate and sustain healthy lifestyle habits. TIME magazine calls him “a positive force for healthy changes.”

He has written 17 best-selling books, hosted three PBS television specials on heart health and has been a “guest expert” on WebMD. As a spokesman for a healthy lifestyle, he has been interviewed on The Today Show, CNN, Good Morning America and Fox News.

A professional speaker for 30 years, he has spoken at more than 500 hospitals including the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic. Additional clients include Boeing, Young Presidents Organization, the Federal Reserve Bank, Raytheon, Prudential, Exxon, Sprint and the U.S. Naval War College. Over 2 million people have attended his talks.

Mr. Piscatella has served as the only non-medical member of the NIH Cardiac Rehabilitation Expert Panel charged with developing clinical guidelines for physicians.

He is the designer and facilitator of 6 Weeks to a Healthier You,® a successful community wellness program. In one program, 650 people lost 4200 pounds. The program was recently purchased by Franciscan Health System, a division of Catholic Health Initiatives.

Mr. Piscatella’s body of work has created a recognized brand because it puts a human face of the practical science of healthy living. He uses humor and an upbeat presentation style to explain how to balance healthy eating, effective exercise, stress management and a positive attitude to optimize well-being. His audience receives information and take-home tools, and he motivates them to put the message to work.

Mr. Piscatella knows the science of healthy living, but he understands the practical aspect as well. At age 32, he went through coronary bypass surgery. The prognosis was not good (one doctor predicted he would not live to age 40.) But he put his effort into developing healthy lifestyle habits and it has worked. He has celebrated the 42nd anniversary of that surgery, making him one of the longest living survivors of bypass surgery and a wonderful example of the effectiveness of healthy lifestyle habits.

Speech Topics

Move It or Lose It

Everyone knows that exercise is good for health, but what kind? This program examines the four parts of an effective regimen - daily physical activity, aerobic exercise, core exercise and stretching.

Eating Healthy in a World

This program examines problems with the typical American diet (what we eat, what we do not eat and how much we eat) and suggests moving to the Mediterranean diet model. It examines elements of healthy eating (omega-3 fatty acids, lean protein, whole grains, etc.) and problem areas (salt and sugar.)

Managing Chronic Stress in the Age of Covid-19

This program examines the impact of chronic stress on health (particularly cardiac health), identifies sources of stress today (going beyond the virus to sources such as Type A personality) and suggests mental and physical techniques for managing stress successfully.

Make Your Health Last as Long as Your Life

This program looks at the difference between longevity (how long you live) and health span (how many healthy years you live.) It examines societies that live long with good health and identifies common lifestyle habits that support longevity and health span.


Joe Piscatella talks about living heart healthy
We often hear advice on living a heart healthy life from doctors and nurses. But not often do you get to see the results of that advice. Joe Piscatella, one of the longest living heart bypass patients, is living proof that eating right and exercising can add years to your life.
Author Joe Piscatella to speak on lowering heart disease risk
One in three people will die of heart disease. Four in five could prevent heart disease by changing their lifestyles. Nearly everyone knows much of what they need to do. Most don't do it. Why? "Stress," says author and speaker Joe Piscatella, who will appear in Lincoln on Saturday to present "Eating Healthy in a Doubleburger.Com World."
Best-Selling Author Joe Piscatella To Speak At Borgess Healthy Living Seminar
Joe Piscatella, one of the nation’s leading experts on the impact of lifestyle habits affecting cardiovascular health, will give a free presentation on heart-healthy living from 6:30 to 8 p.m., Monday, Nov. 9, 2015, in the Lawrence Education Center at Borgess Medical Center.

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