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Joel Weldon  

Sales, Leadership and Motivational Speaker; Inductee of the National Speakers Association Speaker Hall of Fame

Joel Weldon's international reputation for his seminars has earned him repeated invitations as well as accolades. For 30 years, he has been sought after as an Idea Consultant and seminar leader by many of the world's leading organizations and businesses. A former construction worker with no formal education, Joel turned down a full scholarship because he thought he "wasn't smart enough to go to college." But a few years later his life completely changed. He discovered amazing talents and abilities he never knew he had, and he became a prime example of the power of one idea to transform your life!

As a charter member of the 4,000-member National Speakers Association, Joel is one of the elite group to have earned the distinguished CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame designation.

He is a recipient of the coveted Communication & Leadership Award, and of The Golden Gavel, the highest honor in the speaking profession, reserved for only the most outstanding communicators.

Joel is also known worldwide for his registered trademark, a heavy 8-ounce can that says: "Success Comes in Cans, Not in Cannots."

Long-time residents of Scottsdale, Arizona, Joel and his wife, Judy, have been married over 40 years, are partners in their seminar business, and have raised two daughters. His clients refer to him as "America's Most Prepared Speaker," a reputation he lives up to, in program after program, without exception.

"It's not what happens to you , it's how you respond! It's all up to you! Control the controllables! Forget the excuses, and take ACTION!" - Joel Weldon


LEADERSHIP - Making the Tough Decisions & Setting the Example

• The 7 Principles of Inspirational Leadership... Shackleton as your role model.

• Building teamwork... Gaining commitment, not just compliance.

• Don't just lead your horses to water... Feed them salt!

• Making work fun... Using humor and celebrations in the workplace.

• Communicating with the other 75%... Not everyone is on the same “channel.”

• Conducting more effective meetings... Speaking with impact before groups.

• Creating a motivational environment... Getting people to want to achieve.

SALES - Selling is a Science

• It's the relationship... How to thrill your customers.

• Preparation-preparation-preparation... The will to prepare to win.

• Powerful questioning techniques... Using qualifying questions.

• Selling value, not price... Benefit and solution selling.

• Using showmanship that sells... Five-sense selling that impacts.

• Understanding and handling objections... Why 51% positive wins.

• Making it easy to say yes... Closing without fear, without fumbling, without fail.

• Promise a lot, deliver even more... Being extraordinary in your customer's eyes!

• Creative prospecting...Referrals, face-to-face prospecting, and telephone.

• Emulate the top professionals... What the great ones do and how they do it.

PERSONAL GROWTH - Motivation is an Inside Job

• Embracing change as a positive... How change brings opportunity.

• Improving consistently... As good as you are now, you can still be better.

• Accepting absolute responsibility - no excuses... If it is to be, it is up to ME!

• Practical creativity... Thinking in new dimensions with innovation.

• Defining values and priorities... Writing a Personal Mission Statement.

• Reducing tension and stress... The power of positive humor.

• Making a total commitment... It will be done - I'll do it!

• Developing focused thinking... Knowing the target, allowing no distractions.

• Achieving realistic goals... Setting objectives and measuring results.

• Conditioning for success... Developing positive habits, every day, forever!


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