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"The Climber Guy"

In his wickedly entertaining style, motivational speaker John Beede has spoken in 44 states and 6 countries, teaching audiences his proven formula to Climb On to their top personal, leadership, and achievement potential.

As one of the top youth, college, and corporate motivational speakers and trainers in the world, Johns famously inspirational presentations have helped hundreds of thousands of people, just like the ones who will be at your next event. People have improved their relationships and grades, increase sports and club performance, develop leadership and goal setting skills, and most importantly, theyve made a difference in their communities. All as a result of Johns speeches.

"We have had John speak to our group 6 times in the past two years. If youre looking for a great speaker, I highly recommend John." Jeanne White, Cheyenne HS, Las Vegas, Nevada

John uses his personal rock climbing and outdoor adventures stories to teach these principles. Currently on a quest to climb the tallest mountain on each continent, the photos, videos, and music that he incorporates into his presentation make his speeches an all-encompassing experience. The audience interaction, tear-inducing humor, and emotional stories make his speech a must-hear.

Johns adventure stories have earned him the nickname, The Climber Guy. If youre tired of speakers delivering canned and unauthentic stories, wait til you hear what it was like to be stuck on a slab of ice sliding towards the edge of a 1500+ foot cliff, or to nearly fall 300 feet while rock climbing, be struck by lightning, or to stand on top of the tallest mountain in Alaska, Europe, Africa, and Oceania.

"Your message was powerful, entertaining, clever, very interactive, and kept the attention of our large crowd of 1,300." Diana Fiedler, Montana Business Professionals Of America

Heck, hes even done the hokey-pokey in the eye of a hurricane. How can you NOT want to hear this guy?

Sit in on his session and youll not only experience all of these things, but youll laugh yourself to tears past audience members have literally fallen out of their chairs laughing. You never know; you may even get invited onstage.

I met John while working with Tanzanias schools this summer.John is an amazing soul and I immediately purchased his book uponmy return to the USA. The scoop Climb On! is brilliant, straight-forward,and to-the-point (read it in one sitting). We will use the book in ourwork with young people around the planet. Wahooooo! Martin Fox with the Center for Global Leadership

Acclaimed Author:

Need a good book that brings the sizzle along with the steak? John Beedes books will be perfect for you because they are slathered with entertaining stories and give you just enough motivation without being nauseatingly unrealistic about the realities of the world. Instead, theyre poignant, funny, daring, and addicting in a good way!

As one of the sharpest and freshest authors in the motivation and success world, Johns books are written for students but have lessons for everyone. His books have been featured on television, radio, newspapers, and magazines, across the globe.

"A wonderful approach to success. Fun, user friendly, and the perfect kick-in-the-butt when you need it most." Sean Covey, Author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens

Lauded by educators, motivators, Olympic athletes, television and film stars, authors, congressmen, parents and teens alike, he has made the perfect bridge over a gap that can seem uncrossable.

Johns first book, Climb On! Success Strategies for Teens is now in its fourth printing and as part of the student curriculum at middle schools and high schools in the United States and Canada, its positively impacted tens of thousands of teenagers. "Climb On!" is a parable story that will teach you how to achieve success in whatever you may choose to pursue, whether it be get into college, get an A in chemistry, get promoted, eventually own a beauty salon, or even go on more dates! Youre going to be amazed at what you discover about yourself by reading this book.

"Climb On! is simple, but it packs a punch that can dramatically change your life for the better. Read it!" Rudy Ruettiger, Inspiration for TriStar Pictures Movie, Rudy

"A great blueprint for any student who wants to make something of themselves. I give it a 10!" Peter Vidmar, Olympic Gymnastics Gold Medalist


John is Owner and Partner in Several International Business Ventures Including Sierra Nevada Publishing House, several websites, and of course, John Beede International, Inc., the projects hes been involved in have been responsible for producing tens of millions of dollars for the respective companies. He has done business in 40+ countries and counting, making his companies among the worlds most innovative from a global perspective.

The core philosophy behind Johns business techniques and strategies is simple:

Provide other people what they want and you will get what you need. The projects of JBI, Inc., therefore, are all dedicated to helping individuals grow their skills, abilities, and success levels in areas ranging from horse training to rock climbing to success and motivation. John is quick to dispense business advice to anyone interested.

Businesses and jobs are meant to support the life you want to live, not the other way around, he teaches. So, build your business in a way that works around and provides the income in a way that will fund your desired lifestyle. You cant do either of these things if you arent first crystal-clear about the life you want to live.

Scuba diving with great white sharks in South Africa, skydiving in New Zealand, whitewater kayaking the rivers of Colorado, kitesurfing the Southern coast of Spain, or taking a taxi through the streets of Bangkok, Thailand (most scary of all!) are what give John his inspiration.

And of course, theres the rock climbing. He cut his climbing teeth in the famous climbing area, Red Rock Canyon, a worldwide climbing mecca only 30 minutes from his Las Vegas, NV hometown. The area sports some of the best climbing on the planet and Johns proud to call it his backyard. Now hes climbed on 6 continents and is on a quest to climb the 7 summits, which is a mountaineering quest to climb the tallest mountain on each continent, which naturally includes Mt. Everest.

As a motivational speaker, John delivers a complete multimedia experience incorporating videos, photos, and even music from these adventures.

Future Adventures Include:

Climb Mt. Everest, Tallest Mountain in Asia Climb Mt. Vinson, Tallest Mountain in Antarctica Kitesurf in Boracay, Philippines Whitewater Kayaking The Yellow River, China Sail Around the World Learn Mandarin Chinese (Making John Tri-lingual) Fly an Aircraft across Africa Give Away $1 Million Dollars (or more) to Charity Wrestle a Giant Carp in Cambodia Speak in All 50 States (only 6 left! Cmon Maine, Alaska, Hawaii, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia.)

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