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Attorney, Political Commentator, Republican Consultant & National Security Advisor of the United States

John Bolton is an American attorney, political commentator, Republican consultant, a former diplomat and national security advisor.

Bolton was the United States Ambassador to the United Nations from August 2005 to December 2006 as a recess appointee by President George W. Bush. He resigned at the end of his recess appointment in December 2006 because he was unlikely to win confirmation from the Senate, of which the Democratic Party had gained control at the time. In later years, Bolton was the National Security Advisor of the United States under the Trump administration from April 2018 to September 2019.

Bolton is a former senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), and Fox News Channel commentator. He was a foreign policy adviser to 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Bolton has been involved with numerous conservative organizations, including the anti-Muslim Gatestone Institute, where he was the organization Chairman until March 2018, and as a Director of the Project for the New American Century, which favored going to war with Iraq.

Bolton is a foreign policy hawk and is an advocate for regime change in Iran, Syria, Libya, Venezuela, Cuba, Yemen and North Korea. He has also repeatedly called for the termination of the Iran nuclear deal. He was an advocate of the Iraq War and continues to support the decision to invade Iraq. He has continuously supported military action and regime change in Syria, Libya, and Iran. A Republican, his political views have been described as conservative.

Speech Topics

Global Political and Economic Risk Assessment and Your Business Strategy

Business, industry and finance all now operate in global markets and often face hard choices about where to trade, invest or locate. Economic and political conditions vary widely, and information is often incomplete or conflicting. Based on his years of international experience, Ambassador Bolton discusses current political risk conditions on a global basis, tailoring his presentation to the particular needs of your audience, including deeper discussions on areas such as East or South Asia, Europe, Russia, the Middle East and elsewhere. Bolton’s unique perspective on the international political environment will give audiences the tools to make crucial business decisions for the future. He specifically shares: -An analysis of a market’s historical and current political circumstances -How those political circumstances intersect with its business climate -How to succeed in that marketplace

Threats to America from Cyberspace

The American public is becoming increasingly aware of the new dangers posed by cyber warfare. Our government, our major businesses, financial system, power grids, air traffic control and many more critical information and communications systems are vulnerable. China, Russia and Iran are already known to have aggressive cyber warfare capabilities. What is America doing in response? Are our defenses adequate and do we have a robust offensive capability? Ambassador Bolton will address this rapidly emerging threat and how America should react.

The International Environment Over the Coming Years

Foreign and national security issues continue to play an important role in shaping U.S. policy, domestically and internationally. The situation in the Middle East, the rising economic and political prominence of China and India and threats to political stability in Latin America and Africa are examples of the many critical challenges we face. Based on his long political and diplomatic experience during three presidential administrations and four presidential transitions, Ambassador John Bolton examines the threats and challenges facing the U.S. Bolton will cover these or other topics of particular interest to your group, either in a keynote speech or as part of a debate or panel discussion. He shares with audiences: -Insight into the major challenges at hand for the administration -Why total reform at the United Nations is imperative to truly transform the diplomatic processes and outcomes -Recommendations, that run contrary to conventional wisdom, on bringing lasting peace to the Middle East region

Threats to American Security: A Closer Look at the World’s Trouble Spots

Terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and civil strife continue to pose major threats to international political and economic stability. U.S. economic health and global competitiveness are at stake in this highly volatile environment. Knowing how to navigate the political and economic waters is essential to managing overseas business and investments. John Bolton, based on a long career dedicated to international affairs and public service, provides a candid survey of world trouble spots and shares with audiences: -A review of top global trouble spots -U.S. economic and security interests in these regions -Where the next areas of concern could potentially arise -How these areas of unrest could influence the political landscape in the U.S.

The Economic Recovery and International Policy

As the U.S. economic recovery enters a potentially critical year, global and domestic economic issues have become ever more interconnected. Global economic and political fluctuations have a profound effect on how our recovery progresses, and at what pace. Issues that will determine whether the recovery will be strong and sustained or weak and slow are as likely to be determined overseas as in Washington. One of the country's most respected policy experts, Ambassador John Bolton looks at domestic policy and how it is having an effect on the world stage. Drawing on examples such as the American bailout's effect on global corporations, Bolton shows audiences: -How trade, currency and labor policies threaten American sovereignty -How the Obama Administration's budget might have an effect on global inflation -What policy prescriptions can help to fix the sagging global economy


The Moral Courage of John Bolton - The Atlantic

By not coming forward earlier, my Atlantic colleague Graeme Wood has argued, Bolton “waited until speaking is to his advantage” and thus procured “a huge book ...

Bolton’s Trump Tell-All Gets 11th Printing After Selling 780,000 Copies In One Week

Simon & Schuster, publisher of former national security advisor John Bolton’s explosive President Trump-tell-all The Room Where It Happened, sold 780,000 copies of the book its first week on shelves—and is set to become a million—after its 11th printing is soon completed.

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