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John Brandt  

Former Editor-in-Chief, IndustryWeek & Chief Executive; Business Leadership in Changing Markets

As publisher and editor-in-chief of IndustryWeek magazine; president, publisher, and editorial director of Chief Executive magazine; and now CEO and founder of The MPI Group, a global research firm, John Brandt has spent more than two decades studying leadership in effective, purpose-driven organizations. An expert on how companies and communities can adapt themselves to the realities of new markets, new corporate structures, and new customer expectations, he is an accomplished leadership and management innovator with a broad array of interests and responsibilities spanning his interests in management, technology, and journalism.

Under Brandt's leadership, MPI has become a global leader in research that uncovers how top-performing companies succeed in an array of industries including retail, healthcare, IT, manufacturing, distribution, and services. MPI insights are based on deep analysis of its proprietary database (one of the world's largest) of detailed financial, operational, and strategic metrics collected from more than 10,000 facilities and firms around the globe, from Canada, Mexico, and the United States to Europe and Asia. This allows Brandt to share not just world-class research techniques, tools, and execution, but a deep understanding of business management, IT, and operational challenges. He and MPI can also provide a Best-in-Class comparison survey of your organization or of your clients' organizations.

John Brandt's combination of humor and affability with in-depth management theory, strong personal experience, and unparalleled research and analysis resources has made him one of the most popular business speakers in the world. He custom-designs presentations on topics including the new shape of customer value, leadership during economic adversity, lean management, next-generation management, economic outlook, and building world-class communities. He delivers the equivalent of a (very entertaining) blueprint for improved performance for your organization: a customized presentation with comparative data on your competition, industry best practices, and performance benchmarks, as well as analysis and recommendations tailored to your audience. He has spoken to Microsoft, SAP, the National Association of Manufacturers, Rockwell, Ernst & Young, IBM, Grant Thornton, Council of Smaller Enterprises, Accenture, Novartis, VHA, Oracle, the Healthcare Distribution Management Association, Allstate, and hundreds of others.

Speech Topics

Next Generation Innovation: The Fundamentals of Customer Value

As one of the world's leading researchers on the intersection of innovation, management, and marketing, John Brandt works closely both with leading CRM firms and executive teams trying to create dramatically better customer value and experiences. Drawing on data from thousands of companies worldwide and in-depth client experience, Brandt has identified the fundamentals of customer value creation - strategies that work in any firm in any industry. In Next Generation Innovation, he outlines a methodology with which any firm can rethink and reinvent the customer value and information it delivers.

The New Economics of Manufacturing

Rapid changes in technology, logistics and strategy are changing how manufacturing executives make decisions. The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) — in which machines, devices and sensors devices share information across factories and supply chains — means that executives now have real-time data about operations and financial performance. But taking advantage of this data via analytics to make intelligent decisions about where, when and how to make product also involves nuanced strategic thinking that accounts for human factors, supply-chain risks and political considerations.

Creating Value in an Era of Uncertainty

This is one of John Brandt's most popular speeches: Where is the value in your business today, where will it like tomorrow, and how do you use that knowledge to achieve competitive advantage? Brandt tackles this essential business question from several complementary angles:

Seven Strategies for a Livable Community: How Winning Regions Transform People & Passion into Productivity & Profits

John Brandt has studied performance in people, organizations, and regions for more than two decades, first as editor-in-chief of both Chief Executive and IndustryWeek magazines, and now as CEO of The MPI Group, a global research firm. He is particularly interested in the intersection of corporate and community interests, with emphasis on how businesses and community stakeholders - including universities, schools, non-profit organizations, unions, and public officials - can benefit through intelligent regional planning.

Available as a presentation, a daylong moderated community forum, or as part of a facilitated regional planning process, Brandt’s Seven Strategies for a Livable Community offers corporate and civic leaders a glimpse of how communities across the country and around the world became winners - and how yours can, too. The Seven Strategies include:

  • Focused economic development -Investment in education
  • Taking advantage of location -Intelligent taxation
  • Work ethic and skills development
  • Managing for quality of life
  • Building business-civic partnerships

Developing Your Personal Leadership Brand

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