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Lord John Browne  

Former CEO, BP; Member of the House of Lords

Former Conservative Member of the English Parliament, historian, economist and graduate of the Harvard Business School, John Browne is a weekly business columnist for The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. As a senior investment strategist for Euro Pacific Capital he writes and lectures on politics, economics and finance both domestically and internationally. His topics include government economic and defense policy, terrorism, Fed monetary action, the European Union, and currency debasement including the euro and gold.

John Browne has longstanding practical experience in the financial markets of New York and London and as a former British army officer. A graduate of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, his public duties included St. James’s and Buckingham Palaces, HM Tower of London and the Bank of England. He is well versed in the monarchy and its ability to maintain the crucial element of mass popularity in modern times. An exciting public speaker, he appears regularly on CNN, Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox News, Al- Jazeera America, Fox Business News, Newsmax TV, Canadian Broadcasting Co., BNN and China TV

Lectured at various economic, financial and political conferences in many parts of the world, including the Kremlin, Hong Kong and Switzerland. Audiences included Harvard University; Harvard Business School; MIT; Cambridge University; Federal Reserve Board of Philadelphia; Morgan Stanley; YPO; the Council on Foreign Relations (NY); Congressional Committee on Foreign Affairs; Heritage Foundation; Four Arts Society, Palm Beach; White House Outreach Program; USMA West Point; USNA; USAFA; Volvo Financial Conference; MasterCard; American Express and the Mexican Ministry of Finance . In Parliament for some thirteen years, John served on the Treasury Select Committee; elected Secretary of the Conservative Defense and Finance Committees; and elected Chairman of the Conservative Small Business Committee. Work involved many national leaders including President Reagan, King Faisal and Communist Party Secretary Gorbachev. In 1985, he briefed Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher that, contrary to popular belief, Gorbachev likely would become leader of the Soviet Union.

For six years, he was a Visiting Fellow of the Heritage Foundation in DC. Graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Commissioned into the Grenadiers of the Royal Guard. Served as a pilot, parachutist and communications specialist. Posted to British Guiana, Cyprus and Germany. In London, participated on major State occasions, including responsibility for the pallbearers at the State Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill. Retired as a Major.

Received his MBA from Harvard Business School and his MSc from Cranfield Institute of Technology. In 1969, joined Morgan Stanley & Co as an investment banker on Wall Street after working for some two months as a cowboy on a working ranch in Wyoming.

Served on U.S./UK boards including a commercial bank, an investment bank, an investment trust, a newspaper, a television company, a hospital and as governor of Southampton University and of Malvern College.


Speech Topics


Can the U.S. Dollar maintain its Reserve Currency status? Will interest rate normalization threaten major banks? Is GDP better than gross output for measuring economic growth? How will retirees cope with low savings, the destruction of personal wealth by zero interest policy, exploding debt and currency debasement? Will the Eurozone and euro survive? The Fed’s ‘Liquidity Trap’. China versus the U.S.


Hidden Power of the British Sovereign. Thatcher, a classic leader. Why can’t we find leaders like Truman, Reagan and Thatcher? Can the European Union survive Eurosceptic parties? President Putin and the critical importance of the Ukraine. Evolution and power of the Saudi Royal Family. Single term limits and the survival of healthy democracy.


Are banks too big to save? Should Glass-Steagle be re-introduced? Gold: for investment or accumulation as financial insurance?


America’s new enemies. Morality of remote and mass destruction weapons. Lone Wolfe and independent cell terrorism. Will Germany divide NATO? Causes, build-up and lessons of WW1.

The Glass Closet

The economics of acceptance and inclusion of minorities in the workplace and how your organization can boost performance through a simple—but profound—change in corporate culture.


Lord Browne draws on his experience of success and failure to ask: what makes a great leader?

Climate Change and Renewable Energy

As the first oil company CEO to acknowledge the risk posed by climate change, Lord Browne is uniquely placed to discuss climate change, the true importance of renewable energy, and the future of the world’s energy systems.

The Role of Business in Society

How to ensure that business is a powerful force for good.


Browne: London Gold Fix process change increases transparency

For almost a century, the international spot-dealing price for gold was fixed in London by a small group of representatives of major gold-dealing banks meeting twice daily.

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