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John DiJulius  

President of John Robert's Hair Studio & Spa, The Authority on World Customer Experience

John R. DiJulius III is president of John Robert's Hair Studio & Spa, named one of the top 20 salons in America. John has built an award-winning business around a customer service approach that has earned comparisons to Disney, Nordstrom, and other legendary customer experience pioneers.John is the also the author of the best-selling book "SECRET SERVICE: Hidden Systems that Deliver Unforgettable Customer Service."

In just nine years (1993-2002), John has grown his business from one employee and zero sales to 3 salons & spas, 130 employees, and over $4 million in annual sales. John Robert's averages 750-1,000 new clients per month and retains 70% of its new clients (the industry average is 35%). John Robert's has been recognized as one of the 100 fastest-growing companies in Cleveland five years in a row (1998-2002) and won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 1999.

These results have been achieved through the principles of Secret Service, which John adapted from the best practices in all industries. John and his wife, Stacy, have three salon & spa locations, in Mayfield, Solon, and Chagrin Falls, Ohio (8,000, 2,200, and 1,200 square feet respectively). In addition to John Robert's Hair Studio & Spa, John is also the president of "Minding Your Business," a business consulting firm that takes him across the USA as a speaker and consultant on customer service and marketing.

Called the "Nordstrom's of the salon industry," John Robert's has been featured in many national publications. It is spotlighted in a forthcoming book (Every Business is Show Business) by Bill Capodagli and Lynn Jackson that looks at twelve of America's best customer-service companies in various industries.

John has a BBA degree (Bachelor of Business Administration) in Marketing from Cleveland State University. Through continuous informal and formal study, including the Walt Disney World Business Institute, he has studied the most successful businesses and has applied and implemented their systems into his business.

Speech Topics

Customer Experience Cycle Workshop.

After a customized Secret Service keynote for your organization, John then pus all the attendees through his worldrenown Customer Experience Cycle. Teams from every department help define the critical “Service Defects” thatneed to be avoided, “Non-negotiable Experiential Standards” that should be executed consistently and the best“Above and Beyond Opportunities” that exist of each point of contact (stage) you have with your customers, thusreducing the wide variation of the customer’s experience delivered.

What’s The Secret? Workshop.

This workshop covers the 10 commandments to providing a World-Class Customer Experience. John shares howthe best service organizations execute each of the commandments and then has your management team spendtime creating similar systems that fit their organization. This workshop is designed for your management teams towork together on creating the systems and processes of the ten commandments to providing a world-class customerexperience, customizing these principles to fit their organization.

Secret Service Keynote.

As one of the most charismatic and inspirational speakers today, John DiJulius has cracked the code and shares dozens of brilliant ideas on how the top customer service companies in every industry consistently exceed their customer & staff expectations. He then customizes back to your organization on how your front line employees can easily do the same without reducing productivity.

Creating a World Class Customer Service Organization

First there was Secret Service; the definitive book on customer service that shared WHAT the best customer service companies do. Now John DiJulius is telling you HOW they do it. Learn what less than 5% of the companies in the world know and do that makes them World Class Customer Service Organizations.

There is no shortage of great ideas, that isn't the problem; it's what to do with all these great ideas. It's the implementation and execution of these ideas that has been the mystery for decades.

Well John has cracked the code! After years of researching the best customer service companies in the world, he has solved the mystery of why companies like Disney can get 50,000 employees to deliver legendary customer service on a regular basis and why some companies or departments can't get a team of 12 to be consistent.

John shares how the top customer service companies in the world make their customer service systems "non-negotiable" so that every team member regularly delivers unforgettable customer service.

What's The Secret?

Hidden Systems that Deliver Unforgettable Customer Service Learn behind-the-scene systems that exceed customer expectations every time! Customer service is not dead in America! While John Robert's has excelled in many areas, the biggest contributing factor to its rapid success is that they have many Secret Service systems that enable them to consistently WOW their clients. The difference between the ordinary business and the extraordinary business is this Instead of just having fancy philosophies and mission statements on paper, the best-of-the-best implement systems that enable every team member to provide exceptional service regularly ... instead of only certain employees or isolated incidences of great service. This is where the term "Secret Service" applies to business: Systems that provide pleasant surprises to clients that result in increased loyalty, more visits, more dollars spent, and more referrals.

implement hidden systems that enable your entire staff to consistently exceed the client's expectation, creating a solid, loyal customer base develop a great corporate culture that shows in the dedication and passion of your team towards your company go deeper with your existing customers turn complaints into opportunities to be a hero make each customer feel welcome, comfortable, important, and understood

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