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John K. Coyle        

Design Thinking and Innovation Expert, Olympic Silver Medalist & Founder of The Art of Really Living

John K. Coyle is one of the world’s leading experts in innovation and Design Thinking. He is the author of Design For Strengths: Applying Design Thinking to Individual and Team Strengths (2018) and The Art of Really Living Manifesto (2016). John has taught innovation courses at Marquette University and at the CEDIM University Graduate School center for design, innovation and business in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. He is an NBC sports analyst, two-time TEDx presenter, author, and sought-after keynote speaker.

John won an Olympic silver medal in speedskating—an achievement he attributes directly to his Design Thinking background. He earned an MBA from Northwestern University and is a graduate of Stanford University’s “” where his academic advisor was David Kelly, the founder of IDEO and Steve Jobs’ right-hand man.

John is a thought leader in the field of chronoception—the study of how we, as humans, process time. His mission is to innovate the human experience, and he has been applying Design Thinking to Fortune 500 companies, careers, and leadership challenges for more than 20 years.

John offers the intellectual and analytical background of a professor coupled with the inspired emotional storytelling of a champion athlete. His talent of weaving facts, frameworks, and storytelling into experiential learning sessions will activate both your intellectual and emotional centers.

Speech Topics

Strengths 2.0 - Applying "Design Thinking" to Individual and Team Strengths and Weaknesses

Consider the adage “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Is it time for a new approach? Through the metaphor of sport, learn how individuals and teams can use innovation approaches to identify and leverage their unique strengths (and design around weaknesses). Become empowered to: 1) solve old problems in new ways and achieve breakthrough results, 2) decide what to delegate or outsource; and 3) achieve greater collaboration with customers and colleagues.

Resiliency 2.0 - Applying Design Thinking to Stress and Resiliency

Instead of trying to manage or reduce stress (or get “work-life balance back”), learn how to perform better under even greater stress (and enjoy it.) Explore a new model of resiliency, one where proactive challenges are designed to build capacity for ever greater performance under pressure while learning the new neuroscience of recovery.

Time 2.0 - Applying Design Thinking to Time and “Chronoception.”

Move from time management to time mastery. We know about the time value of money, but do we truly understand the investment value of our time? In this unique mind-bending talk, John shares breakthrough ideas on how to re-think your relationship with time. He demonstrates that our brains process time in a non-linear manner, and hence, the value of an increment of time is unrelated to its duration. Using both story-telling and data, John explores how to slow, stop and reverse the perceived acceleration of time, and live summers longer than when you were a kid. Click here to watch John’s second TEDx talk and click here for more details.

Leadership 2.0 - Innovation Mindsets and Why they Matter

Engaging and entertaining narrative and storytelling on what innovation is (and isn’t), why mindset matters, helpful tools and frameworks, the nature of insights, and a primer on design thinking and creative problem-solving.

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