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John Kasich                

Governor of Ohio

John Kasich believes in the power of the individual—and their indefatigable ability to bring about historical change in this country, issuing forth an era of renewal destined to leave a better America for the next generation.

Kasich currently serves as Managing Director at Lehman Brothers in the investment banking division. He is the host of Heartland with John Kasich, a weekly news forum on Fox and a substitute for The O’Reilly Factor. Profiled on 60 Minutes, he often comments on national issues for Meet the Press and Larry King Live. He is the author of The New York Times bestseller, Courage is Contagious, and serves as Chairman of New Century Project—a national grassroots organization which advocates returning power, money and influence to the American people.

A nine-term Congressman from Ohio, Kasich helped implement many groundbreaking achievements during his 18 years in office. As Chairman of the House Budget Committee he served as chief architect of the plan that produced the first balanced budget in decades. An advocate of personal responsibility, he chaired the congressional committee that overhauled the welfare system. Known for his straightforward style and commitment to limited government, Kasich was a coalition builder, successfully uniting members on both sides of issues.

Lauded as one of Newsweek magazine’s “100 People for the 21st Century,” Kasich raises the bar for the standards of personal accountability in an increasingly global community. With his expertise and leadership skills, he encourages audiences to take responsibility for the challenges facing our nation, and works to implement change on both a local and global level. As a business leader, media personality, and author, he speaks powerfully about fostering new and innovative thinking about government and America’s future.

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