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World-Recognized Speaker, Author and Nationally Syndicated Columnist on Global Business, Trade Policy, Labor & the Latest Economic Trends

John Manzella is a world-recognized speaker (live and virtual), author and nationally syndicated columnist on global business, trade policy, labor, and the latest economic trends.

His valuable insight, analysis and strategic direction have been vital to many of the world's largest corporations, trade associations and universities preparing for the business, economic and political challenges ahead.

Manzella’s views have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Bloomberg, NPR, Newsday, Houston Chronicle, Denver Post, and other publications in China, Singapore, Mexico, and across the globe.

His books include "Global America: Understanding Global and Economic Trends and How To Ensure Competitiveness," "Grasping Globalization: It's Impact and Your Corporate Response," and "Mexico & NAFTA: The Real Impact," among others.

Manzella is founder of the, a premier source for global business and economic analysis, and Manzella Trade Communications, a public affairs, publishing and consulting firm.

Manzella also is Chair of the Upstate New York District Export Council, a position appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Chief Strategy Officer of Ignition Life Solutions, a global enterprise risk management consulting firm, former Executive Director of goTRADE New York, an advocacy coalition sponsored by the Washington, D.C.-based Business Roundtable, and former President and CEO of World Trade Center BN.

Speech Topics

New Realities, Critical Risks and Survival Strategies

New realities and critical risks are severely impacting business. Hyper competition is forcing companies to pursue new markets and build more reliable supply chains, while smarter workers must deliver more complex solutions. But these efforts are impacted by worker shortages, immigration barriers, automation demands, and protectionism. This stimulating and insightful program forecasts economic growth, explores pressing labor issues, delves into Chinese challenges, exposes hurdles with Canada, Mexico, and Europe, reveals how globalization is evolving, and analyzes connections between middle class erosion and political shifts. Importantly, it provides strategies to reduce risks and prepare for what's ahead.

Economic Trends, Globalization and the Need to Improve American Capitalism

Rising protectionism, populism and inequality, along with economic trends and Covid-19, are having a profound impact on the United States, globalization and American capitalism. Plus, skills deficits, immigration issues, and tensions with China are severely affecting industry. In addition, advances in automation and digitalization, and the need for lifelong learning are adding greater complexity. This thought-provoking program peers into the chain reactions of what’s unfolding, reveals the myths and realities of globalization, and examines the need to improve American capitalism so we don't lose it.

Will COVID-19 Kill Globalization? What Companies and Workers Need to Do

COVID-19 and trade battles with China and other countries have reduced trade flows. In turn, many argue that globalization will soon be dead. Globalization isn’t dying, it’s evolving, and existing trends are accelerating. This thought provoking program provides analysis of protectionist trends, how digital technologies and automation are transforming globalization, strategies companies and workers can implement to mitigate risks and seize opportunities, what’s ahead for China trade and U.S. companies manufacturing there, and what companies should do to prepare for future threats or pandemics.

International Trade, New Realities and Ripple Effects

Tensions with China and rising global protectionism are forcing companies to reassess trading relationships, investments, site selection decisions, backshoring options, and supply chain operations. Plus, issues causing friction and heightened levels of volatility are adding new risks. This engaging program analyzes the positions of President Joe Biden with a focus on international trade, China, USMCA, and Europe, provides insight on China’s strengths, weaknesses and practices, reveals connections between rising populism, automation and globalization, and offers strategies to better navigate the dangers ahead.

Economic Trends, Global Trade, Labor and What’s Ahead

COVID-19 and volatility continue to impact U.S. and world growth, while complexities with the USMCA, Europe and China are creating new supply chain and investment risks. Combined with the energy revolution, new drivers of growth, and shifting demographics, these issues are shaping our future. What does this mean to you? This invaluable program examines trading relationships, reveals Chinese dangers, analyzes sectors, and explores critical issues involving labor, skills, automation, and immigration. Additionally, it offers survival strategies and provides insight on what's ahead.

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