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John-Michael Lander      

Founder of An Athlete’s Silence, Sexual Abuse Survivor & Former Olympic Bound Athlete

John-Michael Lander is creating a voice. Through writing, speaking, and consulting, he helps individuals and organizations identify the signs of grooming, manipulating, and stigmatizing of sexual abuse and how to help survivors face the past and find their true self. He battled with finding his true self and authentic voice. As an elite athlete, he endured sexual abuse from coaches, benefactors, and medical team which resulted in years of PTDS, depression, anxiety, and even suicide attempts.

Lander publishing portfolio includes the following books: "Surface Tension" (2017), "Cracked Surface" (2020), and "Shattered Surface" (expected release 2022).

Lander broke his silence when he presented the speech “An Athlete’s Silence” at the TEDxDayton 2018 Convention. He has sense spoken globally.

He is the founder of An Athlete’s Silence and on The Army of Survivors Board of Directors and created An Athlete’s Silence.

Speech Topics

Ally Program

The Ally Program is for partners, parents, friends who want to help survivors. The way to talk and communicate with survivors is challenging and can be triggering. This program also provides allies with self-care tools to help themselves and the survivor.

Predatory Grooming

Everyone is groomed or conditioned from the time we are born. This program looks at how easy it is to fall into the grooming practices of predators, the signs, and ways parents can protect their children. I provide a close look at how predators change their approach, making it difficult to identify them. 98% of predators know their target.

The Hero Within

Explore the limitations that we have adapted, adopted, interpreted, downloaded from parents, relatives, friends, religious figures, coaches, teachers, society, government, etc. An exploration of finding our Hero within and thriving.

Survivors' Long-Term Effects of Inflammation due to Negative Self-Talk

Self-Blaming and Negative Self-Talk causes inflammation that may lead to diseases. Survivors can change the way they think and their lives. I share my journey through changing the way I think and ways to ease and maintain inflammation.

An Athlete's Silence

Sharing my personal story. One in four females and one in six males are sexually abused before eighteen. In sports, we see that these numbers are higher. Males are more reluctant to report dues to our society's stigmas and expectations.

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