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San Francisco trial lawyer John O\'Connor stunned the world on May 31, 2005, when he announced, through his Vanity Fair article, that his client Mark Felt was Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward\'s legendary source Deep Throat.

Since then John has co-authored the authoritative book on Deep Throat, entitled A G-Man’s Life: The FBI, Being Deep Throat, and the Struggle for Honor in Washington, and has obtained a movie contract with Universal Studios for Playtone Productions, Tom Hanks’ production company.

A former federal prosecutor with an encyclopedic knowledge of Watergate, John knows intimately the inside, little understood, but fascinating story of Deep Throat’s motivation, methods and impact upon the most important political story in modern history. He as well can relate the absorbing personal tale both of tragedies Mark endured because of his courageous actions, and also of the warm redemption he recently experienced as a result.

John will show how Mark’s form of quiet, conscientious heroism is critical today to both principled government and to honest business dealings. More importantly, he will show how this heroism often leads a business executive to a consistent, purposeful and fulfilling life, even though, or perhaps because, this heroism will generally go unrewarded and unrecognized, like that of Deep Throat.

A dynamic, humorous and entertaining speaker, John will bring to life an exciting era of our nation’s history, tailored to the interests of the audience, including many fascinating and little-known aspects of the subject.

speech topics

Why Mark Felt needed to go “out of the box” to become Bob Woodward ’s secret source

How Mark Felt helped Bob Woodward expose Watergate, and how the key element of this assistance has been largely ignored by modern journalism

How Mark Felt fought terrorism while still protecting our

civil liberties

How Mark Felt was victimized by his most honorable and courageous acts

What governmental institution was most responsible for the Watergate cover-up, yet largely escaped blame

How the CIA successfully covered up its involvement in Watergate and related activities

Why Mark Felt wished never to have his role revealed, and why he finally acknowledged his identity


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