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Broadcast Journalist & Host of "What Would You Do?"; ABC's First Latino Correspondent

John Quiones is the Emmy Award-winning co-anchor of ABC's "Primetime" and has been with the network nearly 30 years. He is the sole anchor of the Primetime series "What Would You Do?," one of the highest rated newsmagazine franchises in recent years. During his tenure, he has reported extensively for ABC News, predominantly serving as a correspondent for "Primetime" and "20/20."

In 2010, Quiones was the first reporter out of the 2,000 journalists who covered the Chilean Mining Disaster to get an exclusive interview with one of the survivors. His work for "What Would You Do?" captures the way people react when confronted with dilemmas that compel them to either take action or walk away. To that end, he has extensively covered a religious sect in Northern Arizona that forces its young female members to take part in polygamous marriages and followed a group of would-be Mexican immigrants as they attempted to cross into the US via the treacherous route known as "The Devil's Highway," among many other endeavors.

Previously, Quiones anchored the critically acclaimed ABC News special "Latin Beat," which focused on the wave of Latin talent sweeping the US, the impact of the recent population explosion, and how it will affect the nation as a whole.

Having grown up in a poor family of migrant workers to eventually become ABC's first Latino correspondent and a seven-time Emmy Award winner, Quiones shares his powerful story with audiences around the country, encouraging them to pursue their dreams regardless of socioeconomic barriers. He particularly emphasizes the role education played in his success in his captivating and inspiring keynotes.

He's been honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Hispanic Media Coalition and Guerra Lifetime Achievement Award from the San Antonio Association of Hispanic Journalists.

Speech Topics

A 20/20 Vision of Hispanic America

In this riveting speech, ABC News anchor John Quiones shares his vision of Hispanic America, sharing stories from his life and career, including how he grew up in a poor family of migrant workers, got his big break with ABC as their first Latino correspondent, and later went on to report on a number of national and global issues. By weaving in video clips from stories that he has personally reported on over the years, Quiones drives home his message of perseverance, teaching audiences that success knows no color or socioeconomic status; everyone can succeed and thrive.

Quiones will customize his remarks, focusing on the issues surrounding Hispanic America that most interest your organization.

The Power of Education

In this fascinating speech, John Quiones shares his story of growing up in the barrio - poor and the child of migrant farm workers. Although Quiones could not speak a word of English when he entered the first grade, his problems only grew worse as his teachers and school counselors in San Antonio insisted on railroading him through vocational programs like auto mechanics, wood shop, and metal shop - never, ever believing that he could be college material. But, when Quiones reached high school, he met an English teacher who saw something in him and he entered the federal program Upward Bound, which was the beginning of his personal success story. Quiones offers a message of overcoming the odds, believing in yourself, working hard to achieve goals, and never taking "no" for an answer in this speech.

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From the Barrio to Network Television: The Power of Never Taking "No" for an Answer

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