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Paralympic Silver Medalist, Desert Storm Veteran & Change Management Expert; 2024 Top Global Leadership Speaker

For organizations on the brink of transformation, looking to rally their teams and overcome current challenges, John Register represents a unique and compelling opportunity. His approach goes beyond mere speeches about overcoming adversity; he demonstrates resilience and lessons learned from walking through the fires of life's toughest moments.

Today's leaders face not just the uncertainty of changing times but also the resistance from employees wary of reverting to pre-pandemic norms. Common complaints include feelings of being overwhelmed, burned out, and exhausted. In this new era, as Register articulates, a return to the "normal" we once knew is impossible.

Register doesn't merely talk about resilience and transformation; he lives these principles every step of the way. His journey is a masterclass in turning adversity into triumph. From being As an award-winning speaker and a beacon of strength, Register’s life story inspires everyone he meets, from U.S. presidents and foreign dignitaries to celebrities and C-suite executives.

Register’s story is one of remarkable triumph over adversity. As a celebrated athlete, Persian Gulf War U.S. Army veteran, amputee, and Paralympic silver medalist, Register has faced and overcome unimaginable challenges. His athletic career faced a pivotal moment with a severe injury leading to the amputation of his left leg. However, he chose not to be defined by this incident, instead redefining victory itself. By embracing a "new normal," he not only returned to competitive sports but also achieved Paralympic glory, forever marking his place in sports history.

Register’s spirit has extended far beyond the track. He founded the U.S. Olympic Committee Paralympic Military Sports Program, inspiring the creation of the Department of Defense's Warrior Games and Prince Harry's Invictus Games. This initiative reflects his unwavering commitment to uplifting those facing their darkest moments.

With a wealth of experience advising U.S. Secretaries of State on foreign policy and leading the Amputee Coalition as the acting CEO, Register stands as a guiding figure for leaders everywhere. His narrative, characterized by overcoming adversity, resilience, and the courage to push beyond limitations, engages audiences through his transformative model encompassing The Reckoning, the ReVision, and the Renewal. His prestigious Certified Speaker Designation places him among the elite speakers worldwide, a recognition earned by less than 10% in the field.

Register’s insights on leadership and overcoming adversity are not just theoretical but are drawn from his lived experiences, as shared in his acclaimed book, "10 Stories to Impact Any Leader: Journal Your Way to Leadership Success." These lessons, which were written to uplift U.S. Ambassadors at the beginning of the pandemic, are invaluable for anyone navigating the complexities of professional life with grace and determination.

Engaging Register for your event is not merely about booking a keynote speaker; it's about sparking a transformative shift. He encourages teams to confront their challenges head-on, cut away their fears, and strive for excellence in all areas of life. Invite Register to share his extraordinary journey at your next event. Let his transition from adversity to the pinnacle of Paralympic success inspire your team to see every challenge not as an obstacle but as a stepping stone toward greater achievements.

Speech Topics

Transform Adversity Into Advantage: How to Conquer Life's Hurdles

Uncertainty and change can be daunting, but how we face it defines us. Join John Register, an award-winning inspirational/motivational speaker, author, and two-time Paralympic Silver Medalist, for an empowering and interactive keynote address and a remarkable story of overcoming adversity.

John's keynote address is an incredible example of transforming adversity into an advantage. By following the three-stage process of reckoning, revision, and renewal, he succeeded in facing challenges and inspired others to do the same.

His story of overcoming adversity and achieving success is empowering and will leave a lasting impact on the audience. Through his message, he provides valuable insights on how to adapt to change, navigate challenges, and succeed in uncertain times.

By embracing a "new normal mindset," John shows us that change can be an opportunity for growth and success. His speech is perfect for leaders and employees in industries where change is constant, such as Banking, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Human Resources DEI-B, Information Technology, and Incentive Travel (sales awards and kickoffs).

As a two-time Paralympic Silver Medalist and former Olympic class hurdler, John's story of overcoming obstacles is remarkable. He has used his experiences to create parallel paths and help others overcome challenges through sport and rehabilitation.

In his keynote address, John's message of resilience and perseverance will inspire the audience to take action and transform adversity into an advantage. By following the five-stage process, they, too, can achieve success in the face of challenges and embrace change as an opportunity for growth.

Take advantage of this opportunity to be inspired by John's powerful, uplifting, and empowering keynote address that gives you the tools you need to navigate the challenges and opportunities of change and win the medals in your life.

Session Outcomes:

  • Transform Adversity into Advantage by using the three-step model to turn challenges into advantages.
  • Develop an action step to implement within 24 hours of the presentation towards their new or renewed commitment.
  • Create an accountability moment to increase the probability towards their action step.

Unleash the Champions Mindset: Elevate Your Top Sales Performer Clubs with Keynote Speaker John Register

Celebrate your top performers' clubs high achievements and ignite their hunger for continued growth at your annual sales kickoff meetings with inspirational speaker John Register.

John's exceptional background as a former Olympic trials candidate, three-time track and field all-American, and Paralympic silver medalist allows him to connect with sales leaders on a profound level. His powerful presentation goes beyond recognition and awards, reminding your esteemed guests that their success is a stepping stone toward greater heights.

In this captivating and interactive session, John shares valuable insights on the Champions Mindset and how it can be harnessed to drive unparalleled sales success. Drawing from his unique perspective and personal experiences in overcoming obstacles and achieving excellence under pressure, John captivates audiences and inspires them to elevate their sales game.

Why settle for speakers who merely talk about a great athletes' performance when you can have a athlete champion sharing their personal journey and imparting success lessons directly to your audience?

John's infectious humor and athletic expertise create an unforgettable experience that resonates long after the event.

Session Outcomes:

  • Analyze the athlete's journey to the medal podium and implement those valuable lessons into your business culture and sales systems.
  • Identify the ripples of disturbance that can derail your path to sustainable business growth and gain the tools to overcome them.
  • Discover the competitive advantage through the training concept of 'plus one days,' unlocking the potential for exponential growth in your sales efforts.
  • Extract the profound lessons from Olympic and Paralympic athlete journeys and seamlessly integrate those insights into your business culture and sales systems, empowering your team to reach the podiums you have set for your company.

Take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to learn from a true champion and elevate your sales game to unprecedented levels. Join us for an unforgettable experience that will propel your top-performer clubs to new heights of success!

Unleash the Power of Disability Diversity: Drive Growth Through Disability Inclusion to Maximize Profits

The landscape of business success is rapidly evolving, and organizations must embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion as key drivers of their prosperity. However, a frequently overlooked group holds immense untapped potential - individuals with disabilities. By integrating these talented individuals into your workforce, you create a more inclusive culture and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

John Register's thought-provoking keynote address will revolutionize how your organization perceives and harnesses the power of disability diversity. In this captivating session, John will illuminate the path to unlocking new avenues of growth, fostering inclusion, and maximizing your company's potential.

Throughout this engaging keynote, John, a person with a disability, a person of color, and a combat veteran, will share his intersections and experiences, making an instant connection with the audience. Drawing from his remarkable journey, he will guide you through the following crucial topics:

Creating an Inclusive Culture: Discover why businesses must cultivate a workplace environment that welcomes and fully supports individuals with disabilities. Explore the role of accommodations, such as assistive technology, and learn effective strategies for training managers and coworkers to ensure a seamless integration process.

ctive Recruitment Strategies: Learn how to proactively recruit individuals with disabilities, forging partnerships with organizations that serve this demographic and implementing targeted recruiting efforts. Uncover the secrets to attracting top talent from the disability community and enriching your workforce with unique perspectives and skills.

The Bottom-Line Benefits: Discover how Accenture's groundbreaking report, "Getting to Equal: The Disability Advantage, revealed a 2 to 1 outperformance ratio by companies that prioritize disability inclusion.

By the end of this keynote session, you will be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of how disability diversity can revolutionize your company's growth trajectory. You will leave inspired and empowered to drive change, establish a culture of inclusivity, and optimize your organization's profits.

Take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to advance the conversation of diversity, equity, and inclusion within your company. Book John Register now and prepare to unleash the power of disability diversity to drive growth, innovation, and a more inclusive future.

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