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Veteran, Executive & Business Performance Leader, CEO & Founder of Unleash Epic

John Vyhlidal's journey as a former military officer, PwC consultant, and Nike executive has provided him with a unique perspective on Action-Based Leadership. The military taught him that leadership is a skill that can be practiced, instilling in others the confidence needed to excel. PwC emphasized the importance of world-class service and the need for an aligned purpose to bring others along. His time with Fortune 100 companies honed his ability to execute global transformations amidst immense complexity.

Through these diverse experiences, Vyhlidal recognized patterns that distinguish successful leaders from the rest. He witnessed the impact of his advice and practices, no matter how big or small the task, leading him to craft his approach to Action-Based Leadership.

In his compelling keynotes and workshops, Vyhlidal inspires individuals and organizations to harness the power of action and embrace leadership as a skill that can be developed over time. He imparts the significance of providing world-class service in every endeavor, regardless of the challenges at hand. Drawing from his military and Fortune 100 experience, John equips his audiences with the tools to navigate complexity and execute global transformations effectively.

Through a blend of his extensive corporate background and a profound passion for small businesses, Vyhlidal's Action-Based Leadership principles resonate deeply with diverse audiences. His guidance fosters a culture of confident and proactive leadership, empowering participants to achieve extraordinary results. As a seasoned expert, Vyhlidal continues to refine his approach based on his vast experiences, ensuring that his advice is relevant, impactful, and capable of driving long-lasting success for individuals and businesses alike.

Speech Topics

Action-Based Leadership: Unleash Your Epic Ideas with a Clear Leadership Framework

Action-Based Leadership offers a clear and transformative framework for leadership, empowering individuals and organizations to understand and develop the specific skills necessary for success. Led expert speaker John Vyhlidal, this approach goes beyond traditional theories, emphasizing the active and decisive role of leaders in achieving remarkable results. With a diverse background as an former military officer, big-4 consultant, and Fortune 100 executive, John's expertise shines through captivating keynotes and workshops, inspiring audiences to embrace proactive leadership and turn their epic ideas into tangible realities. Through Action-Based Leadership, unleash your full potential and navigate a clear path to success.

Achieve Freedom as a Business Owner with Proven Solutions and Action-Based Leadership

Unlock the path to freedom and success as a business owner with Action-Based Leadership and proven solutions. Led by expert speaker John Vyhlidal, this transformative approach provides entrepreneurs with practical tools to navigate complexities and execute global transformations seamlessly. Drawing from Fortune 100 experience and a passion for small businesses, John's impactful keynotes and workshops inspire a culture of proactive leadership, empowering business owners to adopt proven solutions. Through Action-Based Leadership, harness the skills needed to achieve freedom, autonomy, and enduring prosperity in your business journey.

Unleash Your Vision: Ignite Creative Thinking for Extraordinary Results

Description: Join leadership expert, John Vyhlidal for an empowering session on igniting creative thinking and unleashing your vision for extraordinary results. In this transformative workshop, you'll discover practical techniques to nurture your ideas and turn them into game-changing solutions. Drawing from diverse experiences, John will inspire you to embrace proactive leadership and chart a clear path to success. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned professional, this session will equip you with the tools to unlock your full potential and make your vision a reality. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your strategic thinking and unleash your true potential with actionable insights from Unleash Epic.

The Power of Meaningful Connections: Unleashing Your Vision with Strategic Relationships

Description: Unlock the potential of your vision through strategic relationships in this inspiring session led by expert speaker John Vyhlidal. Discover the transformative impact of building meaningful connections with those who align, recommend, partner, support, and need to be informed about your ideas. Join us for an engaging workshop where you'll learn practical techniques to identify key stakeholders and influencers, enabling you to harness the power of collaboration and achieve extraordinary results.

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned leader, this session will empower you to elevate your strategic thinking and forge strong relationships for successful leadership. Through real-world examples and actionable insights, you'll gain the tools to nurture a network of allies, ultimately unleashing your full potential and leaving a lasting impact on your endeavors. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your approach to building connections and take your vision to new heights with Unleash Epic's transformative insights.

The Heart of Leadership: Nurturing Vision through Action and Empathy

Description: Join us for an insightful session on crucial component of leadership: Nurturing your Vision through Action and Empathy. As a visionary leader, your journey does not end with inspiring others; you need to roll up your sleeves and taking decisive action while empathizing with your team's needs. In this transformative workshop, you'll explore the power of hard work and genuine care as you empower your team to drive success. Discover how to create an environment where dedication and support are not just words but tangible practices that fuel the realization of your shared vision.

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