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Jonathan Roper  

"Wolf of Wall Street of Pharma"

Jon Roper is a full time speaker and pharmaceutical compliance specialist through real life experiences at the federal level. As sales director, Roper was an insider with the CEO, VP of Sales, and Founder of the Infamous INSYS THERAPEUTICS. Roper even introduced Mike Babich to his wife and attended their wedding. After almost three successful years at the company, Roper suddenly found himself at the center of the insys opioid scandal in and has turned down all requests by media, 60 mins, hbo, etc. until now.

Although Roper has spoken privately a few times regarding addiction. Roper’s goal is to continue to tell his story of what really happened with Insys, its practices and the experience with 5 NYC doctors, 4 or which are currently incarcerated. Through kickbacks these doctors were compensated heavily in the form of speaker programs when in actuality they were drug fueled get together with enough internal drama to write a soap opera.

Roper feel there are many sales industry “grey areas” that every company needs to protect itself from before a whistleblower brings a company to its knees. The only way is the legal way, Roper ensures this happens with a twisted tale of corporate greed.

Speech Topics

  • Pharma compliance
  • How seriously Federal Law affects everyones actions in the industry.
  • Protecting your company against simple mistakes that could put a billion dollar company out of business and land people in jail like mine.
  • Proper compensation and bonus plans to sales force.
  • Hiring skills (exotic dancers and ex pro athletes are not a good idea)

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