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CEO of Beenova AI, Bestselling Author, Global D&I Expert; Artificial and Emotional Intelligence Thought Leader

Jos Dirkx is an informative, articulate speaker on Artificial Intelligence, Education and Leadership who inspires any audience - her experience traveling to over 100 countries in addition to her career as World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer, SU Faculty and award-winning author, make her a compelling speaker at world’s biggest events. As a best-selling author, acclaimed tech entrepreneur and World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer, Dirkx speaks with authenticity about critical global trends. She is the Founder of Beenova AI, which harnesses AI to revolutionize education. Her third book, Why Great Ideas Die, was released in 2023 and hailed by Peter H. Diamandis, for ‘bridging the gap between the outside world and your inner genius” - a skill pivotal in the age of AI.

Dirkx and her team have reached over 85,000 people globally through innovative education and technology solutions, from Sydney, to Saudi, to Silicon Valley. Clients like Google, Sony, HSBC, Rothschild&Co, Evolvence Knowledge Investments, Dubai Future Foundation, and the Chamber of Commerce of Colombia rely on Dirkx’s talks for their teams and clients. Dirkx has joined forces with Turner Next, where she strengthens the team with her deep experience across AI and Education, advising educational Boards and institutions on AI strategy and execution.

With a dynamic career spanning six continents and expertise at the intersection of education, technology, and leadership, Dirkx brings a unique blend of insights to the stage and to light. With a background in various technological domains and a human-first approach to innovation, Dirkx's contributions to the field of AI and education have been pivotal in shaping its future. She is an advisory board member at e-Gaming startup Division, an advisory board member at charity HERicanes, and an Abundance 360 Member. Dirkx consults to various universities and educational institutions globally. She has designed an AI methodology that takes into consideration curricula development and pedagogy as a cornerstone of personalized learning, and together with her team, she has most recently been awarded a grant from the Dutch government to pilot AI education solutions in The Netherlands.

Dirkx’s experience gained working with the United Nations in South Sudan and Eritrea, starting an award-winning NGO in South Africa, and collaborating with global leaders like Nobel Peace Prize Winner Leymah Gbowee, education pioneer Esther Wojcicki and serial entrepreneur Peter H. Diamandis gives her a breadth of knowledge and wealth of global experience which she aptly applies as part of her current endeavors. Her work has been featured in publications globally: from Mail & Guardian, to CNBC, to Entrepreneur Magazine and many more; in addition to peer-reviewed publications in academic journals which she and her team have authored.

Dirkx challenges the status quo with insightful keynotes and advises educational institutions and their boards on strategy by incorporating relevant real-world examples for immediate application. Her expertise across AI ethics, application and practical implementation makes her a must-have speaker for those overwhelmed and excited by the possibilities of AI.

Her adventurous upbringing across fifteen countries and warm and energetic nature, in addition to tech-savviness and visionary leadership, make Dirkx a compelling voice in the global education and tech community. Her fourth book, Making Sense of AI is set for release in 2024.

Speech Topics

Why Great Ideas Die – Driving ROI across Multi-Cultural, Global Teams

For the past 20 years, award-winning author, CEO, and global speaker Jos Dirkx has helped audiences unlock potential by demonstrating why teams stop innovating and how to keep ideas alive. Underpinned by the concept of range, diversity of thought and Collective Intellectual Capacity (CIC), Jos shares global best practices to turn creative intelligence and inclusive systems into a driving force for profit and purpose, equipping teams with the tools it takes to reach brilliant breakthroughs.

With insights from Fortune500 CEOs and leaders of the world’s most prominent Social Impact ventures, in addition to real-life case studies garnered through her travel to over 100 countries, Jos shares ground-breaking research and practical ways to innovate, ensuring your teams and company don't just survive, but consistently thrive. With a wealth of global experience, Jos shares a tried and tested, formulaic yet adaptable approach for agnostic innovation to solve our biggest challenges. Develop the must-have mindset, rituals, and practices to make great ideas happen, even in a rapidly changing world. Accompanied by a book, course, and workshops, the Why Great Ideas Die keynote is set to inspire teams, talent and their great ideas - exactly when our world needs them most.?

TAKEAWAYS: Audience members learn how to consistently design, create and execute great ideas. By demystifying why great ideas die and what teams and leaders must do to leverage collective intelligence to outshine competitors, audience members:

  • Learn how to routinely tap into the power of collective intelligence
  • Understand and apply major research by scientists like Page, Phillips, Zhang, Jiang, and Tambe that demonstrates why top-performing individual players lose out time and time again versus average players of diverse ability – and how to rectify this downward spiral within their own organizations
  • Explore how a randomized UCT Monte Carlo model shows where in organization great ideas die to avoid negatively affecting and weakening their business, which reduces capacity for innovation, and ignoring a team’s full potential
  • Identify and discover how their leadership weaknesses can be turned into strengths, to truly leverage Environmental, Social and Governance opportunities and challenges
  • Position themselves as 21st cent. leaders, leveraging the right technology and solutions

Tackled! Masculine Energy in Modern Workplaces - Working with Men & Boys

The world is changing rapidly. The role of men and boys feels complex - we know this is an issue but we struggle to talk about how to make sense of it.

In this talk, Jos unpacks what it takes to foster healthier workplaces, designing space for each unique player to lead, collaborate and contribute in their own way. This talk covers the skills men and boys need to learn in order to feel comfortable expressing their masculinity in a way that is appreciated and understood by their community, while still giving space to others to do the same.

Featuring research from nearly 800 boys and young men, Jos helps unpack the struggles of the masculine energy in modern society - supporting healthy learning journeys for all. Note: the above summation refers to men and boys as a ‘reference’ for the embodiment of ‘masculine’ energy (which lives in both genders).

Accompanied by a book, course, and workshops, the “Tackled! Masculine Energy in Modern Workplaces” keynote is set to bring teams together while empowering masculine-energy embodied leaders to listen and thrive.

AUDIENCE TAKEAWAYS: During this keynote, audience members learn what it takes to make the most of diverse skills in the workplace, giving more space to different roles and talents and their unique perspectives. In a rapidly changing world, where different groups feel excluded, it’s even more critical to design workspaces that work for all. During the talk, audience members:

  • Learn which skills matter most and how to develop these in a rapidly changing world.
  • Develop their ability to stay and feel relevant, and also learn how to read, manage and work around complex energy systems.
  • Position themselves strategically as relevant and innovative team players - taking the collective into consideration.
  • Understand and apply mindfulness techniques rooted in science and academia that guarantee higher performance that doesn’t leave them feeling left out.

The Future of Exponential Education – Teaching for the 21st Century

Over 100 years ago, the curricula we still use today - despite advancements and massive breakthroughs in science, technology and our understanding of the changing world - still govern how we work and learn. An exponential world suffers when our curriculum remains linear.

The radical effect of both the pandemic and the introduction of mainstream usage of ChatGPT has made this even more tangible. With practical examples of the application of AI at schools, in addition to the ethical challenges this raises, Jos helps education leaders and institutions make the most of the changing technological landscape, which affects us all.

The world of education has changed dramatically since the pandemic and with the coming of ChatGPT. In this talk, Jos looks at what it takes to teach, leverage and maximize the skills of the future, while managing the restrictions of the modern school.

Using both a pedagogical and technological approach to education, Jos sheds light on what schools can do today to leverage learning systems for tomorrow and beyond.

AUDIENCE TAKEAWAYS: During this keynote, audience members learn what it takes to make the most of exponential technology in global education systems.

  • Uncover the latest research to encourage learning in a tech-heavy world

  • Tap into inspirational, science-backed research that touches on the latest pedagogical advancements

  • Access frameworks and systems to understand the power of transformational learning

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