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New York Times Bestselling Author; Leading Social Scientist for Business Performance

Joseph Grenny is a four-time New York Times bestselling author, dynamic keynote speaker and leading social scientist for business performance. For thirty years, he has delivered engaging keynotes at major conferences including the HSM World Business Forum at Radio City Music Hall. Grenny’s work has been translated into 28 languages, is available in 36 countries and has generated results for 300 of the Fortune 500.

Grenny has shared the stage with General Colin Powell, Jack Welch, Jim Collins, Daniel Pink, Patrick Lencioni and Brené Brown at some of the world’s premier leadership conferences and organizations including HSM World Business Forum, Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit, American Society of Training and Development and American Bankers Association.

Grenny is the coauthor of four immediate New York Times bestsellers with more than three million copies in print: Crucial Conversations, Influencer, Crucial Accountability and Change Anything. He has contributed regularly to BusinessWeek and Forbes; appeared on The Today Show, CNN, Bloomberg and Fox Business News; and been cited in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, Los Angeles Times and Washington Post.

For the past thirty years, Grenny has conducted social science research with the goal to help leaders and organizations achieve new levels of performance. Specifically, he has focused on human behavior — the underlying written and unwritten rules that shape what employees do every day.

A protégé of Albert Bandura, the world’s most influential and greatest living psychologist, Grenny’s internationally published research led to the development of his four books as well as four award-winning training solutions of the same titles, which have helped more than one million people and 300 of the Fortune 500 companies in 36 countries change human behavior.

Speech Topics

Silence Kills: The Seven Crucial Conversations for Healthcare

Every year, 195,000 people die in U.S. hospitals because of medical mistakes. Often, well-intentioned professionals in healthcare organizations choose not to speak up when they’re concerned with the behavior, decisions, or actions of a colleague.

The study, Silence Kills: The Seven Crucial Conversations for Healthcare, conducted by VitalSmarts, in conjunction with the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, links people’s ability to discuss emotionally and politically risky topics in a healthcare setting with key results such as:

-Patient safety -Quality of care -Nursing turnover

The study suggests that creating a culture where healthcare workers speak up before problems occur is a vital part of saving lives. Learn to step up to these seven crucial conversations and drastically transform your healthcare organization.

Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change

Creating sustainable change is a constant struggle for organizations and individuals. We often lack the skills to influence the behaviors behind issues like:

-Failed initiatives -Short-lived change efforts -Unproductive corporate cultures -Entrenched bad habits

Influencer draws on the best practices of many of the world’s leading change agents and on five decades of social-science research to create a powerful model for changing behavior.

You’ll follow the experiences of influence masters who have succeeded in solving some of the world’s most profound problems. Examples ranging from major healthcare reform to reversals of destructive social behaviors to unprecedented corporate turnarounds will illustrate how a proven set of skills makes change not only achievable but sustainable.

Crucial Accountability: Tools for Resolving Violated Expectations and Broken Commitments

Imagine your colleague misses deadlines despite your repeated crucial conversations with him about the negative impact of his behavior? After each conversation, he commits to change. He has good intentions. And yet, day in and day out, he fails to deliver on time. So what’s getting in the way? How do you hold him accountable in a manner that produces better results and improves your relationship?

Top performers are gifted at holding others accountable. They know how to diagnose the underlying causes behind broken promises, violated expectations, and bad behavior.

In this engaging speech, participants will learn a high-leverage skill set that lies at the heart of problem solving and execution. They’ll learn how to:

-Diagnose the Underlying Cause. Identify the underlying cause behind every problem using a six-source model of possible influences. -Make It Motivating. Motivate others without resorting to threats or power and instead, search for and explain natural consequences of noncompliance. -Make It Easy. Involve others in coming up with a solution to their ability barriers. -Stay Focused and Flexible. Skillfully attend to the problem of choice rather than getting sidetracked.

Four Crucial Skills of a High Performance Cultural Operating System

Similar to our modern gadgets, organizations have operating systems—cultural operating systems. Both electronic and cultural operating systems (COS) provide a set of rules that guide behavior.

But while electronic intelligence is processed using written coded rules, a COS is also driven by unwritten rules. For example, executives may write cultural mandates that direct employees to take initiative, speak candidly, and act as a team. Yet when you watch what employees actually do, you realize the unwritten rules are avoid risk, defer to the boss, and stay in your silo.

So what makes a powerful COS?

This engaging presentation will use case study examples to identify the four key skills of a high performance COS. Our research shows organizations need these skills to enable world-class execution.

Each skill addresses a critical competency for personal, interpersonal, team or organizational effectiveness. The skills are found in four categories:

  1. Personal: Self-directed change

  2. Interpersonal: Open dialogue

  3. Team: Universal accountability

  4. Organizational: Influential leadership

When these crucial skills are present, things run smoothly and improve routinely. When these crucial skills are absent, the system bogs down and gets mired in mediocrity—or worse.

10x Your Influence: Create Sustainable Change with Six Sources of Influence™

Change efforts fail when leaders narrowly look for a single cause behind their persistent problems and then try to implement quick-fix solutions.

On the other hand, influencers succeed because they understand that most problems are fed not by a single cause, but by a conspiracy of causes. They merge multiple sources of influence into a strategy that can overpower even the most persistent and resistant problems.

In a recent study published in MIT Sloan Management Review, VitalSmarts researchers found that those who combine all Six Sources of Influence are ten times more likely to succeed at producing substantial and sustainable change. These results held true across areas of:

-C-Level concerns—bureaucratic infighting, silo thinking, and lack of accountability -Corporate change initiatives—internal restructurings, quality and productivity improvements, new product launches -Personal challenges—overeating, smoking, overspending, binge drinking

Learn a step-by-step strategy for exponentially increasing your power to change your greatest and most persistent challenges.

Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High

If you feel stuck-in a relationship, in your career, at home, wherever- chances are there's a crucial conversation that's keeping you there. New York Times best seller Crucial Conversations introduces you to the principles you need to handle crucial conversations-principles that if practiced will yield major improvements in areas like productivity, quality, safety, diversity, change management, and personal relationships. After more than 25 years of research in two dozen industries involving over 25,000 individuals, we have found that:

-All relationships, families, teams, and organizations have problems.

-The difference between good organizations and the best is not how many problems they have. The difference is how respectfully and rapidly they get problems solved.

-People's ability to confront emotionally and politically risky topics (crucial conversations) with each other is the #1 predictor of rapid problem-solving.

-Get unstuck and improve your results and relationships. Start today by improving your ability to handle crucial conversations. Crucial Conversations teaches you the skills for dealing with them well.

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Crucial Confrontations: Tools for Resolving Broken Promises, Violated Expectations, and Bad Behavior

Behind the problems that routinely plague organizations, teams, and families, youll find individuals who are either unwilling or unable to deal with failed promises. Others have broken rules, missed deadlines, failed to live up to commitments, or just plain behaved badlyand nobody steps up to the issue. Or they do, but do a lousy job and create a whole new set of problems. Accountability suffers and performance plummets.

New research demonstrates that these disappointments arent just irritatingtheyre costlysapping organizational performance by 20 to 50 percent and accounting for up to 90 percent of divorces. Crucial Confrontations: Tools for Resolving Broken Promises, Violated Expectations, and Bad Behavior draws from over 10,000 hours of real-life observations to teach you the core management skills for achieving individual, team and organizational excellence. By applying the book's step-by-step approach to dealing with motivation and ability issues, you'll be better able to solve problems, confront and manage gaps and ultimately achieve higher levels of performance.

Influencer: The Power to Change Anything

We all want to be influencers. Hardly a day passes that we dont try to influence ourselves or others to do something new and different. Whether youre looking to improve your relationships with your direct reports or motivate your employees to demonstrate more concern for profitability, you are continually working on ways to exert influence.

And yet, in spite of the fact that were routinely trying to help ourselves and others alter their behavior, few of us can articulate a model of what it takes to do so. Its time this changed.

In this fast-paced and inspiring presentation based on the New York Times best seller, Influencer: The Power to Change Anything, you will learn to create rapid and sustainable change. You will journey from San Francisco to Thailand and meet influence masters who have made change not only achievable and sustainable, but inevitable. Youll find out why some managers have increased productivity repeatedly and significantlywhile others have failed miserably. In short, you'll discover how to:

-Motivate yourself and others to do things you don't feel like doing

-Rapidly master new skills to achieve greater results

-Harness the power of peer pressure to accelerate change

-Quickly amass the social influence to change the behavior of hundreds or thousands of people

-Use the invisible and constant power of the environment to make change the path of least resistance

The most important capacity you can hold is the capacity to influence behavior. Once you tap into the power of influence, you can begin to solve the problems you care about mostfrom the simplest to the most persistent, resistant, and profound challenges you can imagine.

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