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During the past 35 years, Dr. Joseph MacInnis has acquired an international reputation for his pioneering work in science, business and the environment.

As a physician scientist, Dr. Joseph MacInnis spent the first part of his career studying the performance of divers working at extreme depths under the sea. Between 1964 and 1994, he led thirty major expeditions and logged more than 5,000 hours below the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans. In medicine, his work in decompression made possible dives that set records for depth and duration. In the 1970s, he designed and built the first Arctic dive station that allowed humans to explore below the polar ice cap. He led the first team of scientists to dive under the ice at the North Pole and was among the first to dive to the Titanic. Since 1968, Dr. Joseph MacInnis has been president of his own science and education company. Undersea Research has had contracts with more than sixty major corporations and government agencies including The Department of Commerce and U.S. Navy in Washington and the Ministry of Science and Department of the Environment in Ottawa. To date, the company has produced five books and assisted in the production of 40 television documentaries and an IMAX film on the Titanic. The company's current focus is on environmental issues and counter terrorism. A mainstay of the company's current business is motivational lectures. During the past five years, Dr. Joseph MacInnis has spoken to more than 100 companies including Kodak, IBM, McDonalds, Merrill Lynch, AT&T, General Motors, Marriott Hotels, Hewlett Packard and Coca-Cola. Since 1996, Dr. Joseph MacInnis has chaired the TD Financial Group's Friends of the Environment Foundation. The Foundation is a unique fund raising partnership between the TD bank and its customers. From the time of its inception, it has contributed 27 million dollars to some 11,500 environmental projects across Canada. Dr. Joseph MacInnis's work has earned him a number of distinctions including four honorary doctorates, the Queen's Anniversary Medal, the Admiral's Medal and his country's highest honor, the Order of Canada.


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Deep Leadership: The Quest for 21st Century Leadership

In his presentation, Joseph MacInnis describes mission-critical moments managing complex technologies in lethal environments, and how they reveal essential traits of leadership. He uses dramatic video clips to take audiences on a perilous journey under the ocean and into space. Meet scientists who use $20 million research submarines to explore the abyssal ocean and astronauts who orbit the earth at 28,000 km per hour, constructing the international space station. To perform effectively they've become masters of collaboration who exhibit strategic imagination, fierce ingenuity, high-empathy communication, team genius, physical toughness, mental resilience and resolute courage. Filled with practical information, this presentation illuminates eight leadership traits and steps needed to acquire them.

Risk-Management Lessons: From the Titanic and Other Deep-Sea Challenges

Success: When Your Life Depends on it

Deep, Dangerous Lives: Leadership Lessons from Deep-Sea and Space Explorers

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