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Joseph Sirosh      

AI Thought Leader, Former CTO of AI at Microsoft & VP at Amazon

Dr. Joseph Sirosh is a distinguished technology leader, recognized for his expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and data science. His career spans transformative roles as a VP at, CTO of AI at Microsoft Corporation, and CTO at Compass, where he has been instrumental in advancing AI and machine learning applications. He holds a PhD in Computer Science in the area of Neural Networks, and his publication record includes 21 journal and conference papers, along with two books focusing on neural networks in the brain, underscoring his deep understanding of AI's theoretical underpinnings.

An experienced and engaging keynote speaker, Sirosh has headlined numerous conferences, sharing insights from his rich professional journey. His presentations, many of which can be found on Youtube, are grounded in real-world applications of cutting-edge AI, and reflect his vision for the future of AI and its transformative impact on business and society. Sirosh's unique blend of academic rigor and industry leadership makes him a valuable voice in discussions about the rapidly evolving role of Artificial Intelligence in how we live, work and play.

Speech Topics

The Age of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

We are entering a transformative era where generative AI systems are revolutionizing industries by interpreting human prompts to produce original content, innovative solutions, and intuitive insights, marking a significant leap from conventional data-centric AI applications. We'll discuss the implications of this shift, examining how generative AI not only augments human capabilities but also challenges our understanding of creativity and intelligence in the digital age.

From Coworkers to Code: Is AI the New Face of the Workforce?

This talk examines the profound impact of Generative AI on the workforce, from enhancing creative endeavors in writing, design and marketing to revolutionizing software development with tools like GitHub Copilot. We'll explore how this era of Augmented Intelligence is not just supplementing human effort but transforming it, leading to unprecedented increases in productivity and fundamentally reshaping our economic and social structures.

AI Agents: Masters of Tomorrow's Digital Universe?

AI-driven autonomy is reshaping the enterprise landscape. This discussion focuses on the emergence of sophisticated AI agents, powered by custom GPTs, which can now interact seamlessly with various APIs and orchestrate complex workflows. We'll explore how these advanced agents represent a new breed of autonomous software, capable of executing tasks, making decisions, and managing processes with minimal human intervention. The talk will analyze the profound implications of this shift, highlighting how these AI agents are set to revolutionize enterprise operations, redefine productivity, and challenge our traditional understanding of workflow management in the digital age.

Harnessing AI Power: The Enterprise Executive's Playbook

This talk outlines a structured playbook, focusing on leveraging AI for transformative growth and competitive advantage. We'll explore how generative AI can be a catalyst for cost savings through automation of routine tasks and optimization of operational efficiencies. A significant portion of the talk will be dedicated to the potential for AI to spur innovation, leading to the development of new products and services that redefine market boundaries. It will also delve into enhancing customer satisfaction by personalizing experiences and improving responsiveness, as well as revolutionizing marketing strategies through AI-driven insights and content creation. This session aims to equip enterprise leaders with the knowledge and strategies to effectively navigate the AI landscape, transforming their businesses into future-ready entities.

The AI Investment Playbook: Spotting Tomorrow's Market Leaders

This talk explores how investors can identify companies leveraging AI for transformative growth and competitive advantage. I deep dive into assessing AI-driven customer value creation, the critical role of automation degree, and organizational readiness in AI adoption. Highlighting real-world examples, we analyze traits of potential market leaders and dissect the landscape of current AI startups, offering insights into their innovative approaches and market potential. This session is designed to arm investors with strategic tools to discern and capitalize on AI's transformative impact in various industries, pinpointing future market leaders.

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