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Josh Christina  

Musician, Singer, & Pianist

Every artist has their influences, but Josh Christina is one of the few who can say he's won a seal of approval from the peers of his heroes. Christina is living proof that while heroes are remembered, legends never die. Quite literally the last of a dying breed, the piano rock phenomenon is carrying the torch passed down by the genre’s founding fathers; the legacy left behind by pioneers Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley and more will live on through Josh Christina.

The piano-wielding front man combines the soul of what was once the most controversial musical movement of its time with his own distinct, magnetic performance style, reaching audiences nationwide and beyond. Making his television debut on Ireland’s Late Late Show, Christina soon recognized the limitless impact of his art. From recording at the iconic Sam Phillips Studio in Memphis, where he played a piano once blessed by the hands of Jerry Lee Lewis himself, Christina has fostered an unparalleled respect for his craft. Through profound tracks like “Old Piano” and “Rockstar,” he pays homage to the ones who made him the artist he is today. And his catalog has no shortage of up-tempo, rhythm and blues tracks, such as “Friend Zone” and “Let’s Get Woke.”

With so few pioneers still standing, Josh Christina founded “Piano Rock Through The Ages”– a tribute to the musical journey of piano rock and roll. Having delivered hundreds, if not thousands, of performances, die-hard fans and newcomers alike can agree that Christina is most certainly doing his audience justice. Famed pianist and band leader Daryl Davis, whose credits include Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, BB King and beyond, said it best when he proclaimed, “in 20th century 1955, it took several young men to create and define Rock ‘n’ Roll. 65 years later and it only takes one young man who embodies all the pioneers to introduce it to the 21st century– that man is Josh Christina.”

Tasked by one of the greats with leading a rock n roll revival all his own, Christina takes pride in every note he plays, every word he sings and every moment he spends on stage. While single handedly breathing life back into the origin story of a genre that shaped music for generations to come, Josh Christina allows history to repeat itself, exposing his peers to ‘where it all began.’

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Piano Rock Through the Ages

A high energy piano rock show showcasing music from Jerry Lee Lewis to Elton John

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