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Josh Klein    

Hacker & Author of "Hacking Work"

Josh is a hacker who specializes in translating technology insights into actionable strategies. He speaks, writes, and consults for businesses from that startup down the street to the biggest multinationals on the planet, focusing on using new and emerging technologies to create exponential improvements using the recently possible.

Speech Topics

Hacking Work: How Work is Broken & How We Can Fix It

From the Bottom Up - We all know that big bureaucracies are struggling to keep up with the pace of change. Turn one of your biggest costs--frustrated employees--into one of your biggest assets. This talk is based on Josh Klein's book, Hacking Work.

Meritocratic Marketplace: The Secret Side to the Megatrends You

Thought You Understood - "Transparency," "Big Data," "The Cloud": we've all heard the buzzwords, but what do they mean? The answer turns out to be both more and less than you'd think. Come discover how common opinion has shortsighted the impact and opportunity of the biggest trends we've all misunderstood.

Lulz to Larceny: A How-To Guide to Self Defense in a New Media World

If you're like most people, it will take an ordinary hacker an average of five minutes to crack your password and get access to your email, bank account, personal correspondence, and more. If you've received a new credit card in the last year it's likely they can clone your card information just by walking within three feet of you. And unless you've been living under a rock, anyone can get a complete dossier of where you live, who you live with, how much you make, and much, much more - just by knowing your name and the city you live in.

That's the bad news. The good news is there's a few simple things you can do about it that'll move you from the "easy target" category to "too much trouble to bother with." Join the 1% of people that hackers don't mess with, and learn.

How Everyone Can Innovate: A Primer from the Tooth Fairy to the Black Plague

Everyone's talking about "innovation" - how it's necessary for your business, for your career, for your own survival. But who's actually stopped to figure out what that means? And, more importantly, how can you innovate successfully?

Drawing from examples across history as documented in National Geographic's hit TV series The Link, Josh Klein takes us through the links that have defined human invention. From the catalysts that led to the printing press to the lessons learned from the Black Plague, discover how to apply the unifying characteristics of innovation to your organization. Learn from humanity's biggest successes how to:

  • Create the environment your business needs to encourage innovation

  • Turn adversity into opportunity by reframing bugs as features

  • Learn the four non-intuitive lenses for thinking about problems that characterize innovative thinking

  • Recognize the attributes that can flip outliers into successes

  • How to take your own personal viewpoint and turn it into a driver for innovations that only you can create

Today's marketplace doesn't allow for benchwarmers anymore. If you're not pushing yourself to provide something new then you're headed for redundancy. Instead, listen to how innovators the world over have turned themselves into household names by utilizing their unique passions, and then learn how to do it yourself.

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