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Josh Levs  

CNN and NPR veteran, motivational keynote speaker, journalism & tech pioneer, business consultant, survivor, author

Josh Levs is known and revered by millions for his inspirational speeches, as well as for his TV, radio, and online presence. This past year, he also added author to his resume with the release of his book, All In: How Our Work-First Culture Fails Dads, Families, and Businesses — and How We Can Fix It Together.

After his debut book topped dozens of award lists on Amazon, Josh spent the second half of 2015 presenting to businesses, including Google, Twitter, and GE, as well as at the Cutting Edge Conference, the Forward Technology Conference, the Perceptions Conference, and the Texas Conference for Women, among numerous others.

He went on to win a debate at the historic Oxford Student Union, and delivered additional lectures at Yale, Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton. In addition to such keynote addresses, Josh moderates panel discussions, conducts celebrity interviews, and hosts an array of events.

After 20 years of reporting for NPR and CNN, Levs — a father of three — has come to be considered an expert on the complex issues facing modern families, and the workplace strife that results when business and family cultures do not work to be compatible. His book, All In: How Our Work-First Culture Fails Dads, Families, and Businesses — And How We Can Fix It Together, focuses on dispelling myths about modern parental roles, and explains the necessity of professional policies that reflect contemporary families. Levs approaches his argument with a business mind, confronting the myth that the family man is not the businessman, and follows the monetary evidence that details exactly how and why the best businesses practice family programs, and ultimately bolster the economy.

Levs became embroiled in the issue of family accommodation in 2013, when he personally took on paternal leave policies at Time Warner (CNN's parent company) that prevented him from taking care for his premature newborn daughter, wife, who had fallen ill as a result of the pregnancy, or their two additional children. Due to his proactive legal action and the vigorous publicity surrounding the confrontation, Time Warner revolutionized its policy, making their employee contracts far more favorable for mothers and fathers, and actually producing a stronger workforce, and thus, business.

Following his success in fighting for his own family rights, Levs felt compelled to continue establishing the importance of the issue for all families. He met with both House Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill, sharing his experience and making an argument for the economic and social advancements that stood to be gained by their support of family policy. He was then invited to a White House meeting with Valerie Jarrett, President Obama's Senior Advisor. “We need to bottle you up and take you around the country,” she told him at their public meeting. Levs then teamed up with the non-partisan New Hampshire Women’s Foundation, and together they made paid family leave a key issue in recent political races, both regionally and nationally, including the current presidential race. The Nashua Chamber of Commerce described Levs as “...A man that deeply values not only his family and personal life, but also the importance of innovation and business.”

The Financial Times named Levs one of the top 10 male feminists. U.N. Women named him a Global Champion of Gender Equality and pinned him in a ceremony marking his entrance into the HeForShe campaign. He won a debate on feminism at the historic Oxford Union. And the New York Times, in a front-page story, referred to him as “a pioneer of sorts.”

Speech Topics

Achieving Dreams: Breaking the System to Achieve the Impossible

Josh Levs’ story is unlike any other. He created his own roles on-air at NPR and CNN, and his own marriage proposal planning agency—all feats that people told him were “impossible.” Through his journey of taking risks and reaping big rewards, he has learned key lessons. Through candid, humorous, heartfelt storytelling (with optional interactive imagery), he teaches crowds how to rediscover their instincts, unleash incredible potential, and live out their dreams.

Technology: The Biggest Revolution on Earth

Revolutions aren’t happening only in the Middle East. There’s a global one happening around us: bringing “macro” changes to societies, and “micro” changes to our lives and relationships. It’s happening so fast, most of us don’t see what we’re losing or gaining. Josh Levs helps us step back and assess the technological revolution—an historic change to which we are all witness.

The Truth about the Modern Major Media

Newspapers, TV, and radio are giving way to a new era of journalism in which the end user—the consumer—is more powerful than ever. The change is inevitable. The key is for consumers and journalists to use the changes for good. Josh Levs presents five crucial steps we must take together to do so.

How the Latest News Stories Affect Us All

Pick any big story anywhere in the world. In six steps or less, Josh Levs will show you how it’s affecting your everyday life. In this increasingly interconnected world, we have more incentive than ever to pursue mutually beneficial solutions with people tens of thousands of miles away. In fact, we owe it to each other. You’ve heard of “six degrees of separation?” This is “six degrees of obligation.”

How to Get Your Story Told

Want to get your idea, story, brand, or organization mentioned by the major media? Throw out the old playbook. There’s a whole new set of rules. Josh Levs teaches you how to get the attention of the mainstream media and how to turn even just a little press into a big deal.

Politics: How to Stop the Lying

Called CNN’s “truth seeker in chief” and “Mr. Reality,” with hundreds of on-air and online fact-checks under his belt, Levs is an expert in the all-too-small role of truth in politics—and he’s passionate about changing that. In this talk, Levs addresses why politicians keep lying and getting away with it, and how our nation can stop the cycle. Part of the answer, he explains, lies in a new way to use the technology you hold in your hand.

Fatherhood, Parenting, Family Life

As’s columnist on fatherhood and the resident dad on HLN’s Raising America, Levs is one of the nation’s leading voices on modern fatherhood. He speaks about how and why today’s dads are changing America, and why the stereotype of the bumbling, clueless father should be banished. This is a great talk for groups interested in the real modern family and issues of work-life balance.

My Son’s Emergency Birth into My Arms

Josh Levs’ wife didn’t labor with their second child. Instead, the boy was born into Levs’ arms at home, not breathing at first, with the umbilical cord wrapped several times around his neck. His older son was in the room. Levs shares his gripping, life-changing story, including part of his 911 call. It’s a story he shared on-air at CNN and in an emotional column, “Breathe, Baby, Breathe,” that became a top story on

Working the Medical System: The 10 Rules

Josh Levs is a medical survivor. He underwent four major life-saving operations—three of which, it turns out, he wouldn’t have needed if he had gotten the right medical care in the first place. “The flawed medical system nearly killed me,” Levs says. “But good doctors saved me. My experience led me to create my own Ten Rules of working the medical system. I applied them to help my wife through a sudden illness, with dramatic results.” Levs also speaks about his oldest son’s open-heart surgery at birth, and the crash course it gave him in critical lessons about life, love, and parenthood.

How My Faith Drives Me to Achieve the Impossible

In this talk suitable for all audiences—especially those of faith—Levs explains how his connection to Judaism and Jewish history lead him to live life to the fullest. He describes a responsibility and sense of excitement that anyone can feel who connects with the generations that paved the way for his or her arrival into the world.


In addition to talks on numerous topics, Josh Levs is an exceptional moderator known for bringing out the best, most insightful remarks from panelists. Said one client: “Josh was an incredible moderator. He skillfully asked challenging questions to the presenters, forced the audience to consider different viewpoints and masterfully answered questions on difficult topics. His understanding of where to drive the conversation and ability to move the panelist remarks was, frankly, unprecedented.”

For Motivational Speaking

Achieving Dreams. Be the Cups & Ice: How to rediscover your instincts, fulfill your dreams, and succeed on your own terms.

For Keynote Addresses

The New Era of Journalism. Josh addresses the challenges of reporting in the multimedia journalism age, when news can be written, shared, and commented on by anyone on a blog or on social media websites. Levs is well known for his own savvy use of social media to collect and share news.

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