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America's #1 Expert on the Millennials generation. Creator, Director and Star of the movie "FUEL"

Josh Tickell is a film director who specializes in connecting with the Millennial Generation, those born between 1980-2000 (a.k.a. “Generation Y”).

Tickell grew up in Louisiana next to waterways polluted by petroleum refineries. In 1997 he captured national attention by driving a van powered by used French Fry oil across the United States with his college sweetheart. “The Veggie Van” as it was called was a viral sensation. Only four years after the first web browser was introduced, Tickell’s Veggie Van Web Site with its early “blog” received over 1 million unique visitors (continuously crashing its server due to overwhelming traffic). The Veggie Van Voyage spurred an international wave of media coverage pushing Tickell into the spotlight as a voice of change for the young generation.

By 1998, Tickell had published his first book and was touring colleges giving talks to the first members of “Generation Y” (a.k.a. “The Millennials”). College students enthusiastically embraced Tickell’s philosophy of making the world a better place through smarter technologies.

Tickell continued his lecture tour de force for a decade – going to over 100 colleges; serving as a breakthrough business consultant for a number of high profile companies; and earing a Master’s Degree in Film from FSU along the way. His journey culminated in 2008 with the release of his first feature film, FUEL (a.k.a. ‘Fields of Fuel’).

FUEL won the Sundance Audience Award for Best Documentary and was released theatrically in the United States. FUEL became a global sensation gaining millions of viewers on Netflix, iTunes, Hulu and CNBC, Russia TV, TeleSur and beyond. The movie was screened in the White House for energy and environment staff working in the Obama Administration and was shortlisted for an Oscar.

During the production of FUEL, Tickell met his wife Rebecca Harrell, (a Millennial) who was at the time a producer on the movie. The two married in 2010 and have made several films together. The Tickells run a film studio called The Big Picture Ranch in the California resort town of Ojai.

Josh Tickell directed the Cannes Film Festival movie, The Big Fix (2011). The film explores the corporate and political malfeasance that led to the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. His latest documentary PUMP (2014) exposes a conspiracy to block fuel choice at the gas pump and is being theatrically released by Submarine Entertainment in select theaters in September. He is currently in production on Good Fortune (2015), The Official Biography of John Paul DeJoria, Co-Founder of Patrón Tequila and Paul Mitchell Systems.

Today Tickell spends much of his time working for companies on strategies that engage members of the millennial generation. He achieves breakthrough results by modifying internal and external corporate practices to meet the desires and needs of Generation Y. By combining aspects of Corporate Social Value, Participation, Emotional Response and Product Design and Functionality, Tickell provides a wide variety of organizations with unprecedented success in working with the next generation.

Speech Topics


The largest generation in history is entering the workforce by the millions. Also known as “Generation Y,” these tech savvy, “multitaskers” could be a boon to companies. Their skills are unmatched. But so are their tattoos, their torn jeans, their laissez-faire attitude toward arriving on time and their air of what many call entitlement. Companies are struggling with millennial hiring, on the job culture clashes, and fast turnover. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

For more than a decade, author, filmmaker and speaker Josh Tickell has made multi-award winning movies for the millennial generation. He has spoken to – and fielded questions from – thousands of millennials at colleges and high schools around the world. Over the past ten years, he has directly supervised over 100 of these young people at his production company, Green Planet Productions, which he runs with his wife (also a millennial).


The Takeaways:

  • The cultural differences that have influenced this generation
  • From narcissism to lack of life skills to posting everything online – learn how to identify these as generational indicators
  • Lean the top things to avoid when bringing a millennial onto your team
  • Learn how to set ground rules from day one that will help make millennials members of your “corporate family”
  • This generation wants to know how they are making a difference – learn how to connect with them on their values
  • The basis for the ‘code’ – learn the triggers that make it possible for you to thrive with these young people
  • Lean what will make your millennial workforce work harder than you can imagine


How to Access the Secrets of the Biggest Market Ever in History

Between 1980 and 2000, 80 million people were born in the United States alone. “The millennials” as they are called, are the largest generational block ever in the history of the planet. At $1.3 Trillion a year in US spending, they also comprise the vastest market in the history of commerce. But this group plays by its own rules.

Gone are antiquated ideas of work, play, spending and buying habits, brand loyalty, politics and religion from the two previous generations (The “Boomers” and “Generation X”). What’s “in” is such a radical reorganization of thinking that it will leave at least half of the Fortune 500 companies extinct by 2050. Want to “hack” into this generation? Then this talk is for your company.

Whether its work productivity, sales increases, a loyal customer base, an effective social media campaign or a product launch – if your company wants to target this market demographic – you must be prepared to radically alter assumptions and behaviors. Josh Tickell, who from 1997-2008 spent much of his life on the road going to 150 colleges speaking, teaching and working with millennials – will customize this talk to your specific company – giving invaluable insights, information, step by step guides and new practices for advancing your edge in this dynamic, changing market segment.


How to Future-Proof Your Company

And Use What’s Coming to Get to the Head of the Pack

After World War II, America and much of the industrialized world adopted a singular strategy of business: “build it and they will come.” And for over 50 years that strategy worked. But between the dot com crash and the crash of 2008, everything has changed. The future is upon us – the old rules don’t apply and new rules are changing the face, shape and future of global business.

When brands we grew up with are becoming dust in the wind (Kodak etc) and 21 year olds are selling companies that were worthless a couple of years ago for billions of dollars to the likes of Facebook and Google – its time for a hard re-think about what the future of commerce, business, products and innovation may need. The best way to get ahead in this new game? Build what the market needs before it gets there. The best way to know how to do that? Participate in this awe-inspiring talk from Oscar Shortlisted Feature Film Director, Author and Futurist Josh Tickell.

From algae farms in the desert to solar paint to using bacteria to grow new computer chips – Tickell will give you a look at a rarely seen landscape of likely future technologies, future market gaps and future trends. This is an awe inspiring talk that will both give you hope and give your company a number of exercises to use to evaluate its trajectory, products, services and outlook.


How Your Company Can Win

The Biggest Market Battle

It Didn’t Even Know It was Fighting

What do Apple, McDonald’s and half of the Fortune 500 Companies have in common? They’re losing a war for the hearts and minds of a generation of people who put social values above almost everything else. Brand experts agree that some of the most powerful names in the corporate sector are on a quick slide toward extinction. So what can you do?

Corporate Social Value is a powerful tool to create brand loyalty, amp up your customer allegiance and ramp up sales. Done correctly, it can become a basis for unprecedented growth as it has been for Home Depot and Chipotle. Done poorly, it can backfire into a hailstorm of social media problems that begin to erode sales (Apple, McDonalds). So how do you incorporate this asset into your company? And how do you do it right?

This talk is a specific play by play reveal of how some of the biggest brands on the planet are losing their shirt, exactly how others have narrowly escaped certain death (and the strategies they used), and how others still are dominating the market like bosses using a series of secret step by step procedures which Josh Tickell has decoded and will share with you.


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