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Award-Winning Journalist, Fox News Analyst, The Hill columnist, Former Washington Post scribe & Author of "What the Hell Do You Have to Lose?"

Amid the ideological gridlock that has engulfed Washington - slowing the US's economic recovery and threatening to stall all political action - one voice has risen above the clamor to champion moderation as our only way forward. A moderate battering ram and gridlock buster, Juan Williams stands for the majority of Americans who believe that embracing compromise will help our nation take action and be great again.

One of the US's leading political writers and thinkers, Williams has made his career a model of "meeting in the middle" by working as a reporter for NPR and The Washington Post and as a political analyst for Fox News. With three decades of experience reporting from Washington, he is considered one of the nation's most reputable political analysts, unflinching in his dedication to informing - and challenging - the American public. He has interviewed numerous Washington power players and elected officials (including Presidents Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan) giving him a unique vantage point on America's constantly evolving political climate.

As a representative of the collective whole of America, Williams understands that business and government must work together and balance each other to create more employment opportunities while maintaining our society's integrity. He adopts the language of pro-business and pro-profit in a manner that captures both the left and the right. An authority on major national issues such as healthcare, education, government debt, and social problems, he is also able to tailor his discussion to your particular organization in order to identify the key national issues that will impact you in the future and help you navigate those changes.

An award-winning writer and investigative journalist, Williams is also an influential chronicler of the Civil Rights Movement, having authored Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil Rights Years, 1954-1965 and My Soul Looks Back in Wonder: Voices of the Civil Rights Experience. His most recent book is Muzzled: The Assault on Honest Debate, in which he uses his public firing from NPR as a launching pad to discussing the countless ways in which honest debate in America is stifled.

Speech Topics

25th Anniversary of Eyes on the Prize

The Latest from Washington: An Insider's View

Health Care Exchanges

Although some in the healthcare industry are in support of Obamacare, many are still in need of understanding what factors, such as the flow of new benefits, the Medicare and Medicaid debt and discontent with the status quo, are influencing the various attitudes towards the health care exchanges. Williams explains that as long as we have the health care exchange programs, government will always have a hand in our medical care. Currently millions have gained improved policies that cover preventative care and preexisting medical conditions, but many policy makers are still in disagreement as to if this will be a realistic plan on fixing the nation’s costly health care system. With a view from Washington, Williams will share a behind the scene perspective as Obamacare continues to move forward.

The Fierce Face of Moderation: Battering Ram & Gridlock Buster

Moderates have long been castigated as "softies" with little will power of their own. But as Republicans and Democrats in Washington further dig their heels on opposite sides of every major political issue, we must realize that extremism prevents us from moving forward as a nation and as a global economy.

Speaker Juan Williams proves that problem solvers and negotiators - "moderates" - are, in fact, radicals whose beliefs align with those of the majority of Americans. In this presentation, he discusses such major national issues as healthcare, education, government debt, and social problems and provides solutions to these based in compromise. He also identifies the key national issues that will impact your specific organization and provides solutions to navigating those changes.

Williams embraces our nation's legacy of compromise - one that has allowed us to achieve some of our greatest accomplishments - and urges us to champion moderation as a way to move forward into new and exciting territory.

American Leadership: Stories of Inspiration & Power Behind Proven Leaders

Using stories of historical leaders like Martin Luther King and Thurgood Marshall, and weaving in personal encounters with important contemporary decision-makers whom he has interviewed during his career, Williams explores American leadership in this keynote address.

In this inspirational talk he will also look at the leaders that shaped the historical Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka Kansas Case. Drawing on his extensive experience as a journalist and social commentator, Williams also explores the topic of the changing face of leadership in America. As campus populations become more diverse - racially, culturally and economically - the face of leadership changes. What are some of the issues that these changing demographics will create? How will this impact the work of career development and college recruitment professionals?

How the Internet Is Changing News & Politics

In this fascinating and timely talk from journalist Juan Williams, he shares how the rise of the Internet - particularly social media - is changing the way news and information is disseminated and consumed, and the way political campaigns play out. He shares his insights into political strategy in the digital age; the need to protect privacy, free speech, and the first amendment online; Internet policymaking on Capitol Hill; and the changing media environment, which was a central theme in his latest book, Muzzled.

Muzzled: The Assault on Honest Debate in America

Changing Votes: The Evolving Face of US Politics

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