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Julia Gentry        

Author of "Dream: I Dare You," Podcaster & Entrepreneur

As a speaker, entrepreneur, dreamer, author of best-selling Book "DREAM-I Dare You," podcaster, and mom of 5, Julia Gentry leverages not only her successes but also her lessons and failures to teach and equip every audience member with the tools they need to “bridge the gap” between where they are and where they want to be. Gentry recognizes the power of transformation. In a day and age where we can google anything and have everything we need at the click of a button, she leads the way not by providing more information, but by providing transformation!

Gentry provides a fresh, bold approach for people to create greater alignment in their life and career. With her truth-speaking, matter-of-fact, crazy practical approach, she has an uncanny, one-of-a-kind way of moving people forward. Whether you are attempting to motivate your Leadership Team or a room full of 25,000 salespeople, she will not only inspire your group to change, she will give them the actual tools to do it!

Everything is customized for your event, your goals, the transformation you are trying to inspire, and most importantly––the specific challenges and opportunities that your audience is facing at this moment in time.

Gentry’s main speaking topics are from her Best Selling Book, DREAM - I Dare You. Her goal is simple: To send your audience back into their world with actionable tools, conviction, and the power to fully step into the leaders, dreamers, change-agents, and communicators your audience strives to create. All speaking topics are powerful, inspirational, packed with tools and strategies, and will be customized to include themes, objectives, or specific types of transformational change that you’re looking to inspire at your event.

Speech Topics

Dare to Dream:

  • WAKE UP to your life and a higher level of awareness and consciousness
  • Learn what’s stopping you and why and it’s NOT what you might think,
  • Learn how to defy the limits and finally live past your own fears, worry, and self doubt.
  • Live with DREAMS and finally get loud about the things that are important
  • Learn how to walk in Greater Alignment in all areas of your life: faith, family, career, and community, and create greater results,
  • Establish a clear, powerful wholehearted action plan to ensure you have aligned action steps in all areas of your life to maximize results!

Culture First:

  • Unlearn! Learn about the learning model and how what you currently know is actually keeping you from what you want.
  • Identify core roots that need to be extracted from your business.
  • Identify an empowering belief system that will not only inspire you as a leader, but to the whole of the business.
  • Create your own CULTURE FIRST PROGRAM to implement within your own organization.
  • Learn about how to use your CULTURE FIRST PROGRAM to hire, fire, retain, and empower team members.

Live Convicted

  • Learn the psychology behind goal achievement and why some people have “it” and some don’t.
  • Learn a simple tool to literally change the way you think.
  • Learn how to increase personal accountability and motivation.
  • Learn how to identify real goals you actually care about.

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