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Julien C. Mirivel, PhD    

Professor & Author of "Positive Communication for Leaders: Proven Strategies for Inspiring Unity and Effecting Change"

Dr. Julien C. Mirivel (PhD, University of Colorado at Boulder) is Professor of Applied Communication at the University of Arkansas, an author, and a professional speaker. Originally from Paris, France, he came to the US as an exchange student in Iowa. Today, Dr. Mirivel is now "among the founding scholars in the emerging field of positive communication" and an award-winning teacher and scholar. In 2013, he was named a Distinguished Teaching Fellow at UA Little Rock. Julien has published in the most rigorous journals in the field of communication and is the author of four books on positive communication: "The Art of Positive Communication: Theory and Practice", "How Communication Scholars Think and Act: A Lifespan Perspective", "Communication and Community"(With Kristen Christman). His new book, "Positive Communication for Leaders: Proven Strategies for Inspiring Unity and Effecting Change" (co-authored with Alex Lyon) was released in 2023.

Dr. Mirivel has delivered hundreds of keynotes, trainings, and workshops on how to communicate effectively across the US, Canada, and around the world. He is a TEDx speaker whose mission is to inspire individuals and groups to communicate more positively at work and at home. In 2023, he founded the Positive Communication Network.

Speech Topics

Positive Communication, Leadership, & Culture

The Art of Positive Communication

How professionals communicate matters because it has consequences. When it is done well, communication creates human contact, enables a person to discover solutions, affects who people become, allows people to deepen their relationships, and serves as a source of inspiration and influence. Communicating positively is important because it is a fundamental skill that will affect every person’s personal and professional success. In any organization, it is also the difference between a thriving positive workplace environment and one fraught with communication problems.

The Art of Positive Communication Program inspires leaders and professionals to develop their communication skills, create high-quality connections at work, and foster a more productive workplace for all.

With impactful stories, memorable examples, and meaningful activities, participants will learn a practical model of communication they can put into action right away.

Self-Help, Personal Change, Psychology

The 7 Elements of Personal Transformation

Every person wants to improve their life and the life of their family for the better, but many around the world do not know how. This talk is grounded in 5 years of global research with women and men living in utter poverty in Nepal, India, Uganda, and Honduras. Grounded in thousands of surveys and hundreds of interviews across the globe, the talk reveals the seven elements of personal transformation and shows how there is power in each of us to change our lives for the better.

You can do it today. You can do it now.

Positive Communication, Relationships, Loneliness

The Secrets of Human Connection

A Gallup survey shows that 1 in 4 adults around the world feels lonely. As the US Surgeon General explained, "loneliness and isolation represent profound threats to our health and well-being. But we have the power to respond."

This talk shows how anyone can use the power of positive communication to create more meaningful relationships with others. The program shares the story of why we are so lonely today and what we can do to respond.

With stories, groundbreaking research, and practical advice, participants will learn the secrets of connection, and how we can find meaning, happiness, and joy in everyday encounters.

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