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Kaitlin Bustos    

Analyst & Data Scientist & Expert in AI and AWS Cloud Practitioner

Kaitlin Bustos is a highly respected and accomplished Data Scientist, dedicated to leveraging data to tackle real-world issues and drive social impact. With a passion for using her technical expertise and visionary leadership to create a brighter future, Bustos has become a thought leader in her field.

As a Certified Data Science Practitioner and AWS Cloud Practitioner, Bustos is an invaluable mentor for aspiring data scientists. She holds a Diploma in Data Science in addition to a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a minor in Statistics from the University of Victoria, and has obtained several certificates in Clinical Data Science and Precision Medicine.

Bustos has also worked as a Subject Matter Expert in AI, Statistics tutor, Data Analyst, and Data Science Consultant, earning a wealth of experience in her field. Through her work as a 10x public speaker and thought leader, Bustos fosters safe communities where individuals can connect, learn, inspire, and grow together.

Speech Topics

The Power of Data Science: Building a Better Future

We know that Data Science can boost a businesses bottom line but what about the positive impact that data can have on society and the world at large? This talk highlights the importance and the potential for using data to help solve some of the world's most pressing challenges.

The talk will also emphasize the practical aspects of leveraging data to make an impact and showcases how data science can solve real-world problems. Ultimately, audiences will be inspired by recognizing the immense potential of data to drive positive change and contribute to building a better future for all."

What I wish I Knew Before Becoming a Data Scientist

Have you ever wanted a glimpse into the future before embarking on your next endeavour? In this session I'm sharing my personal journey as a young woman who became a Data Scientist and the key lessons learned along the way. I’ll emphasize the importance of finding a positive community of like minded-allies, persevering through setbacks as success is not linear, and exploration by embracing the broad nature of the Data Science field.

By sharing my experiences and acknowledging the challenges I've faced attendees will gain a fresh perspective on what it takes to succeed in a Data Science career and feel inspired to pursue their passions in the field. Overall, this talk aims to provide shed light onto the reality of the hottest career of the century: A Data Scientist. Attendees will walk away with a sense of motivation and empowerment to find their own unique path to success.

Mental Health X Data Science

1 in every 8 people in the world lives with a mental disorder. The prevalence of mental health problems is high, and over time these numbers have remained relatively constant. Is it time to introduce a more advanced technological approach to reduce the rate of mental illness in society?

Data Science has proven its significance (no pun intended) across several domains including finance, e-commerce, gaming, manufacturing, and healthcare. The role of data science in healthcare has led to major advancements, primarily in areas such as genetics and drug discovery. Let's explore how applying Data Science to the area of mental health could prove to be just as impactful.

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