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Karen Bentley  

It's the sugar, stupid! Forget everything you think you know about eating for health and weight loss. Find out how caloric sweeteners and flour-based foods make you fat, sick and tired.

Karen Bentley is the passionate creator of The Sugar-Free Miracle Diet System, an effortless and quick way to take off weight based on managing insulin production with the foods that you eat.   Insulin is the hormone that regulates the storage and mobilization of fat, and it’s most influenced by foods made with caloric sweeteners (sugar, high fructose corn syrup, molasses, etc.) and white flour.

Forget everything you think you know about dietary fat and weight loss.   It’s all outdated, and it makes taking off weight harder than it needs to be.  Why be hungry, starve yourself and eat foods that don’t satisfy you if you don’t have to?

Start losing weight and getting healthier right now with these 10 body-changing, life-changing facts.  Learn...  

1.Why it’s not the fat you put in your mouth that makes you fat, but rather, it’s the hormone that manages fat production that’s most important.  That hormone is insulin.

2.Why excess insulin in your blood is a highly toxic, dangerous substance and a common factor for overweight/obesity, type 2 Diabetes, risk of heart disease and probably Alzheimers.  Normalizing your insulin production is the only detox diet you ever need to follow.

3.How excess insulin makes you tired, lethargic and slows your metabolism.

  1. How excess insulin makes you hungry and why some people become addicted to caloric sweeteners.5. How excess insulin makes it impossible to lose weight or inches even if you’re eating low-fat foods..

  2. Why excess fructose is even worse than sugar.  

  3. How excess insulin has the effect of eating extreme amounts of sodium.

  4. How to become a sugar detective so you can independently figure out which foods and drinks are healthy for you.   Hint:  This information isn’t in the nutrition label.

  5. How to make healthy, low-insulin production food choices when you’re in a restaurant, at a friend’s house or on vacation.

10.How to adjust your favorite recipes.

Karen Bentley is the author of 18 books and hundreds of articles.   In addition to creating the Sugar-Free Miracle Diet System, she also created The Power to Stop, a 30-day program for breaking free of unwanted habits.   Bentley, also known as Big Heart, aspires to be the Guinness record holder for the world’s largest collection of heart objects.  

For more information, go to any of Bentley's websites:[www.sugarfreemiracle.com]() [www.powertostop.com]() [www.karenbentley.com]()


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