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Expert on Bias in Technology; Futurist Using Art & AI to Promote Social Justice; Award-Winning Artist; Creator of Interactive Film Experience "RIOT"

Karen Palmer is the Storyteller from the Future, an award-winning international artist, and TED speaker. She creates immersive film experiences that watch you back using Artificial Intelligence and Facial Recognition, which make you conscious of your subconscious behavior. She incorporates neuroscience, behavioral psychology, and the Parkour philosophy of moving through fear throughout her work, and as an international speaker she highlights the impact of technology from a social justice perspective and the necessity to Democratize AI.

Palmer's recent commission by the BFI released in 2022, "Consensus Gentium," is an emotionally responsive film designed to be experienced on a mobile device, tapping into the intimacy and authenticity of smartphone features to create a uniquely realistic experience. Set in a near future of an increased surveillance State and bias AI, "Consensus Gentium" enables you to experience potential surveillance technologies today.

Palmer has been described as a thought leader in the realms of immersive storytelling, futurism, and tech. She has been featured in innumerable interviews and events ranging from The Future of Storytelling Festival NYC to The Big Think. She has been opening Keynote speaker at AT&T Shape Conference, L.A, Wired for Wonder Festival Australia, Sydney & Melbourne, MIT, and TEDx Australia Speaker at the Sydney Opera House.

Palmer has delivered keynotes and workshops to corporate clients and Leadership Summits that includes Microsoft Seattle, Vertex Berlin, ThoughtWorks Toronto, and the Google Cultural Institute in Paris. Her forte is in speaking for corporate clients and envisioning a bespoke future for them aligned with their business model in order to inspire their Leadership teams to start to think outside the box with a new insightful vision to work towards. She has worked closely with prestigious organizations such as the British Councils in Canada, Western Balkans, South Africa, and Peru.

There have been numerous articles on Palmer's work published in Wired Magazine, Forbes, PC Mag, CBS TV, Fast Company, Engadget, and The Guardian who described her work as “It leapfrogs over VR." She has exhibited at The Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum NYC, the V&A London, PHI Centre Montreal, Sensory Stories Exhibition, Armoury Arts Week NYC, Museum of Modern Art Peru, and Sheffield International Doc Festival, to name a few.

Palmer's installation "RIOT" has been acknowledged as one of the Digital Dozen Award for breakthroughs in storytelling. "RIOT" is an emotionally responsive film which uses facial recognition and AI technology to navigate though a dangerous riot. "RIOT" makes the player aware of their subconscious behavior and enables them to consciously build new neurological pathways in their brain to override automatic behavior responses and create new ones.

In 2020, Palmer received an Honorary Mention for the STARTS Prize ARS Electronica for "Perception iO," an AI Law enforcement training simulation which will watch you back. "Perception iO" enables participants to experience how easily human bias can be integrated into networks by humans and therefore understand the necessity for transparency and regulation in AI.

Speech Topics

Imagining the Future of Corporate Clients' Businesses

For corporate clients Palmer can envisage a new narrative for the future or their business, through a culture and global lens, to enable them to be optimally prepared for the Future. The objective is to inspire the Leadership Team to start to imagine the business's future for themselves.

Palmer has delivered these with great success to clients such as Vertex Leadership Summit (Berlin), NBC Universal DigiFest (London), TomTom (Data &AI Summit), ThoughtWorks Leadership Conference (Canada) to name a few.

Hack the Future Labs

In the time where she comes from they use the power of storytelling to envisage strategies of liberation. Empowering people to not just imagine alternative futures, but create the tools, networks, and open source tech to full-fill the visions.

Karen Palmer is currently in your time developing this blueprint now, titled "Hack the Future Labs," Think and Action Tanks at the intersection of Art, Neuroscience, Technology, Activism, Social Justice, Spirituality, and the Parkour Philosophy of moving through Fear.

Palmer shares her new immersive emotionally responsive film experience "Consensus Gentium." The film that watches you back using AI and facial detection technology to enable the participant to become conscious of their subconscious behavior.

The Talk Take away will be:

  • A call to action that will inspire the audience to activate their agency.

Hack the Futures Workshop

These Labs are designed to facilitate breakthroughs regarding creative practice, business strategy, ideas blockages or any other challenges. By enabling the team to become aware of limiting subconscious beliefs and harness the power of storytelling to create new narratives and develop the building blocks to actualize them in reality.

The Future Crashes into our Present

Karen Palmer is the Storyteller from the Future and she has come back to enable you to survive what is to come through the power of storytelling. This Talk is a cautionary tale of the impeding future crashing into our present and the potential role of the audience.

This Talk will cover Futurism Trends such as:

  • Surveillance Cities masquerading as Smart Cities.
  • Digital Colonisation : Exportation of Surveillance Cultures
  • Exploring the ethical implications and social ramifications of AI through storytelling.
  • Impending emergence of neural networked digital social platforms
  • Protocols developed by the Resistance-ranging from creating Open Source AI to to Democratisation AI & Data Democratisation and Hacking the psychology of Fear to name a few.

Popular Speaking Themes

  • Bias in AI: Palmer breaks down the importance of how Bias AI will impact society, in particular minorities, due to lack of representation. Her award winning immersive experiences enable the participants to experience the these bias Futures today.

  • Harnessing the Power of Fear: Palmer reveals what people can learn from (the urban inner city sport of) Parkour and the process of moving through fear.

  • World building for World Building: How we can access the power of storytelling to impact our reality.

  • How to activate Autonomy and Agency within individuals through the power of storytelling: Palmer explores how she developed strategies to activate agency in participants, transforming them from a disempowered mind to empowered mind through NeuroScience, Storytelling, and Parkour methodologies.

  • Why Smart cities are really Surveillance cities: Palmer's narrative story scape experiences prepares participants to navigate the future of a new digital colonization that discriminates against gender, race and class through bias AI systems.


NFF Conference: Speculative Fabulation
Karen Palmer, storyteller of the future, and film and media maker, will introduce her project Consensus Gentium, an emotion-driven film in which smartphone functionalities in the field of intimacy and authenticity are used to create a hyper-realistic experience of the social media of the future.

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