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Karen Whitelaw Smith  

Intuitive Visionary Innovator, International Author, Positive Thinking Expert and Speaker

Karen is one of the leading coaches in personal development and has built her reputation by word of mouth as The Positive Thinking Expert, Inspirational Speaker, Therapist, Personal & Spiritual Development Coach and International Author of The Butterfly Experience — Inspiration For Change. She has a unique talent of helping you connect with your soul. Karen has been featured on television and radio and in the press.

Karen lives in the south side of Glasgow and consults from Glasgow and London. Passionate about positive thinking, she has dedicated her life to transforming, improving and healing the lives of people from many different backgrounds and has spent years researching the secrets of success, and now teaches her own techniques.

Karen’s aim is to impart universal laws, knowledge and spiritual wisdom through “The Butterfly Experience” to enable people to fulfil their ambitions and lead happy, abundant lives. She has worked with the world’s top mind-body-spirit leaders. Through “The Butterfly Experience” coaching and presentations she teaches others to use their intuition; positive thinking; listen to their own body; how to cope with stress; have an attitude of gratitude; understand how the mind works; visualisation and to attract abundance; self-relaxation techniques; affirmations and how to discipline your life.

From a young age Karen always knew she had a sixth sense, something she says we are all born with, but which most people choose to ignore. She has trained her whole life to hone her psychic abilities and connection to “universal energy”, and would just “know” things before they happened. She has disciplined herself to sit quietly every day and use her intuition. Karen incorporates using her energy into her coaching sessions and believes she is a link to the spirit world, sometimes called the messenger. She has always been fascinated by the power of the mind, noticing from early years that whatever she thought, she would attract. “The mind is one of the most powerful tools we have” she says. This, and how to use it effectively, is one of the founding life principles Karen teaches people today.


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