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Registered Nurse Providing Motivational, Light-Hearted Presentations to Nursing and Healthcare Audiences

Kathy energizes people with her warmth, wisdom, and wit. She helps organizations create an energized environment in which to work. She teaches positive work habits where we are ALL considered customers while leading more balanced lives with less stress and a lot more laughter.

Kathy's background as a communications coordinator, development and training specialist, RN, corporate recruiter, author and business owner brings a wealth of information turned into practical steps for living personally and professionally with power, joy, and purpose. Kathy helps organizations encourage their people to take responsibility for their lives and inspire them to self develop while discovering the healing power of humor.

Kathy is an international keynote speaker and seminar leader who brings a dynamic and fun approach to each of her customized presentations. Her content inspires, informs, educates and energizes her audiences to take ACTION. Kathy has achieved the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation. Of the 4,000 members of the National Speakers Association, less than 8% have earned this prestigious award.

She is the author of Living Happily Ever Laughter … A Guide To Thinking Funny In A Fast Paced World .

Most Requested Topics:

How to Live Happily Ever Laughter: This session will help you release the power of laughter from your child within. You will feel the energy in Kathy's enthusiasm as she relates real life stories that illustrate how to go from pain to power on the wings of love and laughter.

The Magic Is YOU!: This keynote will help you celebrate your personal and professional "Magic." Kathy will share an energetic, music enhanced look at how to learn and affirm your worth today while creating your own tomorrow on the wings of laughter.

The Future Is YOU!: This keynote provides a realistic approach to facing new challenges and the "security of risk." You will learn ways to harness the genius in others for a successful "lift off" into a future that cries out for better understanding.

A Woman's Place Is Everywhere: This delightful and inspirational session will take you on a journey through womanhood. Explore your feelings on the variety of roles You will learn skills to help you live a "pro-active intentional life of moderation" with Humor Helpers to buffer the realities of life.

Humor Me … I'm the Customer: You will learn specific guidelines on how to deliver quality service in the land where EVERYONE is a customer. You will discover specific guidelines in dealing with yourself, where service really start, so your brilliant service attitude will outshine the competition. You will then learn how to build relationships with fellow employees, thus building morale and trust to create a more positive work environment. You will discover how to know how your customers feel, what really matters to them, and how to turn an unhappy customer into your greatest advocate.

How to Work With Humans or Laughter IS Good for Business: This fun session will help you identify your style of working with others. Learn how to build trust and improve morale using creative techniques while helping each other feel like a VIP. Discover what it takes to create a positive energetic work environment while you reduce stress and increase the retention of quality employees. Learn how to be there for one another, have fun, make other people happy, and choose to be positive no matter what others are saying or doing. Experience the positive power that laughter brings to us personally and professionally.

I Only Have a Minute: This session will put in perspective how "minutes" matter. You will learn how the pressures of life can be turned into catalysts for character development as well as building relationships. Discover skills that will help you age more positively. Learn to prioritize efficiently to maximize your time when you are asked to do more with less so you can "Jest For the Stress of It." Life management skills will be covered for a happier, healthier you because you may only have a "minute."


Kathy Brown, RN, CSP
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Speech Topics

Serving Smart Is An Art

You will learn how to go from ordinary to "extra-ordinary" in your customer service skills. Excellence awaits as you learn to demonstrate the difference after an internal tune-up. Get your attitude adjusted and your behavior will follow with happy customers as the outcome. Learn how to help your customers "feel" the difference.

How To Work With Humans ... The Happy Factor

This session will teach you how to work together more efficiently with improved morale using creative techniques to build trust, and communicate more effectively. Help everyone feel like a VIP as you discover the tools to build a positive energetic work environment where there is less stress and a lot more laughter.

Do Not Disturb... People At Play

This session will take you from sane to silly as you unwrap your happy factor. You will laugh while you learn ways to improve your attitude, become more playful, build relationships, and cherish the memories you have and will make. Un-fasten your belts and get ready to laugh with life as Kathy takes you on a journey through womanhood. Laugh attacks common.

Don?t Let Time "Tick" You Off

Discover how meaningful moments can be as you slow down to the speed of life. Don?t let "hurry sickness" ruin your health by not recognizing the importance of living fully in the present which is a gift. Get help balancing your life by exploring the benefits and liabilities of managing your time instead of letting the brevity of it "tick" you off.

Be All The "Rage" As You Age

Learn how to look and feel younger as you discover tips on how to alter your inner attitude, adorn your outer self, and laugh with life. T.S. Eliot said, "Have a blast while you last. To idle away your last years is to rob yourself of what could be the best years of your lives." Come alive and drink in the fullness of each day to become an even wiser sage who doesn?t look or act their age.

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