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Nationally Recognized Women's Career and Executive Coach, Leadership Trainer, Speaker and Writer

Kathy Caprino, M.A. is an internationally recognized women's career coach, leadership developer, writer and speaker dedicated to the advancement of women in business. Kathy's career programs - her one-on-one success coaching, The Amazing Career Project and her Career Success Training Programs help women build happy, successful and rewarding careers they love.

Founder/President of Ellia Communications -- a women's career coaching and success training firm -- Kathy is a former corporate marketing VP, trained psychotherapist, seasoned coach and sought-after speaker. A Forbes and Huffington Post contributor and popular blogger on career issues and trends, she is a top media source on career issues, appearing in over 100 leading newspapers and magazines (including Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Business Week, Forbes, More Magazine, SELF, etc.) and on national television.

Ellia Communications offers career growth, business success and leadership training programs, seminars and resources designed to help women break through to the next level of success, happiness and reward.

Kathy's book, "Breakdown Breakthrough," based on her yearlong national research study, explores the top 12 challenges working women face today offers 14 inspiring stories of women's career transformation and a three-step holistic model for overcoming these challenges.

Speech Topics

The Inner Path To Career Success: How to Dig Deep, Discover Your Right Work, and Illuminate The World With It

In this two-hour powerhouse workshop, Kathy Caprino, M.A. – America’s “Breakthrough” Success Coach for women – shares new, fresh information on how to identify what you’re passionate about, muster the courage to pursue it, and light up the world with it. Kathy shares proven success strategies, solutions, and tips (that she’s used to transform her unhappy career and helped teach over 10,000 women around the globe to do the same) to break through to the next level of success and happiness in your life and work and build a career you’ll love for a lifetime.

She also explores how to get out of your own way so that exponential growth and happiness are possible. Highlighting 10 critical inner shifts that must be made to pave the way for ultimate success and happiness, Kathy helps you visualize your BIG goals, and get moving toward them with one small but essential step.

Attendees of this breakthrough program will learn:

  • How your unhappiness is damaging your career and your life
  • The most common ways people sabotage their own success
  • How to identify what you’re passionate about and build a career around it
  • The 10 essential inner and outer steps to build a happier, more satisfying career
  • The one, BOLD commitment to make today if you want more happiness in your work

Creating more happiness, success and reward – and honoring what you really care about — requires clarity, confidence, and courage. Kathy shows you how to get it.

Achieving Your Greatest Potential

7 Core Steps to Building a Highly Successful, Rewarding Career of Significance

This inspiring presentation shares the 7 core steps to igniting your fullest passion, power, and purpose in your life and work, and building a successful career you love.

Drawing on her coaching and training work with over 10,000 women around the world, her yearlong national research study and book Breakdown Breakthrough, and her writing and interviews for Forbes, Huffington Post and LinkedIn, Kathy walks you through her proven five-step model for bringing about lasting positive change and “knock-your-sock off” success in your career and professional life. In this presentation, you’ll learn:

  • What holds women back from building careers they love
  • 6 essentials ingredients for a happy, rewarding career
  • Key traits of professional women who view themselves as highly “successful”
  • What constitutes amazing career success for you
  • 7 Essential Steps to Achieving Your Greatest Potential
  • Kathy’s proven 5-step model for creating greater happiness, success and reward
  • A BOLD Action Plan for your personal and professional growth

As a successful career reinventer herself, Kathy knows what it takes to move from “breakdown” to true breakthrough in your career. If you know you’re ready to step up to your highest potential, and live and work with greater passion, power, and purpose, you won’t want to miss this program.

Communicating With Power, Command and Authority

6 Keys to Strengthening Your Communications and Professional Relationships

Join Kathy Caprino for this important program that shares the six keys to powering up your communications and professional interactions to help you reach your leadership potential, and share your messages, initiatives and visions in ways that engender excitement, engagement, and support.

Drawing on her communications and systems theory training as a therapist, her media work with Forbes, Huffington Post, and 100 other leading national publications, her coaching work with thousands of professional women, and her experience as a corporate Vice President of marketing, Kathy guides you through the important lessons she’s learned regarding the critical steps to take to uncover your “power gaps” in your communication style and interpersonal approach, and how to close those gaps to become more confident, authoritative and effective in your communications and interactions.

In this program, you’ll learn:

  • What effective communication is and is NOT
  • The top 7 challenges women face in their communications style and approach that block their success and growth
  • How to tell when your communication needs improvement and the root causes of these challenges
  • 6 keys to powering up your communications, your professional relationships and your access to more influence in your career and field
  • The vital importance of building strong support, and acquiring empowering mentors and sponsors to help you achieve the success you long for
  • A proven 5-Step model for taking your communications and your career to the next level of “amazing,” drawing on your natural strengths and talents and connecting the dots of where you’ve been and where you truly want to take your career

This program is ideal for all emerging women leaders who are ready to take their careers to the next level, and who wish to communicate and relate more powerfully and effectively to achieve their highest goals

Achieving True Work-Life Balance

5 Core Steps to Generating More Work-Life Balance, Fulfillment and Control Over Your Life

In this enlivening and transformative program, Kathy shares her take on what true work-life balance is for today’s women, based on her work and research with hundreds of working women across the country. She offers vital information on the key factors that contribute to — and help women overcome – the top challenge they face today – balancing and integrating work with family and outside life in a healthy, positive, and purposeful manner.

This seminar helps women create a pathway to achieve more peace, joy and fulfillment in their family and home lives as balanced with what they want to achieve in their professional lives, based on their unique values, needs, and priorities.

Balance is possible, Kathy believes, only when women power up and step up to claim it for themselves. Drawing on findings from her national research, and her groundbreaking book Breakdown, Breakthrough, Kathy presents new information on the most powerful ways to overcome this deep challenge of being who we want to be for our families, children and our communities while at the same time crafting a meaningful career and fulfilling professional life as well.

Challenges you’ll learn how to overcome include:

  • Finding your power and voice
  • Discovering your passion and purpose in work and family life
  • Prioritizing what really matters to you and saying “no” to what doesn’t
  • Strengthening your courage, boundaries, and capabilities
  • Gaining support from your spouse, family, friends, and co-workers
  • Learning how to let go of overfunctioning and perfectionism
  • Determining what your ideal life looks like, and begin the process of creating it

With live, on-the-spot coaching from Kathy, and her experiential, proven-effective exercises and material, you will move from “I can’t balance life and work!” to “I know what I want and know the steps to get there!”


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