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Motivational Speaker on DEI, Workplace Wellness, Leadership & Improving Education; Youth Empowerment, Family Enhancement, Anti-Bullying & Social Justice Activist; Known as "Mr. I'm Possible"

Known nationally and globally as “Mr. I’M POSSIBLE,” Keith L. Brown is a highly sought-after motivational speaker who overcame the systematic labels of "Special Ed" and "At-Risk" earlier in life. A Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award winner and named a 'World-Class Speaker' by International Speakers Network, as well as a 'Social Impact Hero' by Thrive Global, Brown empowers audiences across America at schools, colleges and universities, family advocacy agencies, government agencies, corporate America faith based institutions, and the entertainment industry.

Early in life, Brown was labeled "Special Ed" and "At-Risk", primarily because he was very talkative, hyper, and wanted to give all the answers. Ironically, these are the exact traits that made him a hit on the legendary “Showtime at the Apollo,” and popular game shows such as “Family Feud” and “Celebrity Name Game”. His contagious optimism and endless positive energy have also made him a popular professional motivational speaker, consultant, coach, and change agent.

Brown is the founder of the “I’M POSSIBLE Institute,” where he coaches and trains speakers, authors, entrepreneurs, and all those seeking to expand their impact and influence nationally and globally. He takes the masses from “impossible" to "it’s possible" and finally the life enhancing motto “I’M POSSIBLE.” A legislative speech writer and an award-winning author, Brown's latest book, “TALK I$ EXPENSIVE: Communicating Effectively to Expand Your Impact, Influence and Income,” challenges the long held notion that “Talk Is Cheap,” and encourages a dynamic conversation for all.

Today, Brown is a frequent guest on I-Heart, Sirius, Radio One, and other media outlets, often serving as an expert on youth and family enhancement, educational and social justice, and improving the quality of life for all human beings, especially the underserved. He has served as a client referral consultant on A&E’s hit television series "Beyond Scared Straight," and is a frequent contributor to Ladders[.]com.

He has presented and established partnerships in the United States, England, Canada, the Virgin Islands, Barbados, and the Dutch Caribbean, to name a few. His community service and philanthropic work includes but is not limited to: The Sickle Cell Foundation, National Lighthouse Foundation, Omega Mentoring Program, and the South Fulton Arrow Youth Council. Brown and his lovely wife Wakea, elementary school principal and child & family Advocate, are the proud parents of one sensational son, Keon.

Speech Topics

Youth Empowerment & Social Justice

  • Fathers not farther: Empowering and inspiring dads to reflect, respect, protect and NOT neglect our children and youth.

  • Social JUST-US: Transforming allies into co-conspirators for the expansion of social justice in society.

Not IMpossible. I'm Possible!

  • I'm Possible: Innovative strategies and tools to maximize personal and professional growth in every area of your life.

  • Talk Is Expensive: Communicating effectively to increase your impact and influence both personally and professionally.

Innovation in Education: Improving Learning, Teaching & Training

  • We Are L.I.T: Tangible tools, strategies, solutions, and best practices for producing passionate and engaging Leaders In Training (L.I.T.).

This program is popular among youth & young adult organizations, as well as schools, colleges, and universities.

  • The "P.E.P. Rally: Empowerment sessions for pupils, educators and parents (P.E.P.), which focus on social emotional learning, college and career readiness, innovative teaching practices, family and community engagement, building positive relationships with pupils, reducing bullying in schools, and much more.

Typically, this is a program pitched to school districts and family advocacy agencies that support and fund school events. Usually Pupils/Educators/Parents programs include in 3 different sessions.

Corporate Culture & Workplace Wellness

  • Reflect, Protect & Connect: Creating a climate and culture conducive to maximizing collaboration and cohesiveness, positive morale, workplace efficiency and excellence, solutions and results.
  • Self-I-Care: Being more intentional about implementing a culture of caring and wellness in the workplace.
  • We must D.I.E. in order to Live: Advocating for and implementing Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity in the workplace and society as a whole.
  • Have the Nerve To Serve: Tangible tools and strategies for promoting servant, creative, bridging, and transformational leadership.


9 Executives Sharing Their Workforce Predictions w/ Keith L. Brown
Companies will begin to realize a more diverse workforce means a more diverse consumer base. Those companies, agencies, and organizations that value diversity will benefit overall, as the more culturally diverse their workforce is, the more productive the company will be.

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