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Kelly Lovell          

Motivational Speaker; Executive Producer & Host of YOU Effect


She’s energetic, exuberant, and has a contagious joie de vivre. As the newest youth motivational coach to inspire audiences, and the youngest named Canada’s 2013 Most Powerful Women: Top 100, Kelly Lovell is well known as a speaker “with an ability to unlock the key to understanding and inspiring the youth demographic”.

Kelly Lovell is a coach, consultant and catalyst on a mission to bridge the gap to the youth generation. Respected by renowned leaders including Nobel Peace Prize Entrepreneurs, governmental bodies and global humanitarians of possessing wisdom beyond her years, married with her exuberant spirit and youthful energy, Lovell leaves a lasting impression on young and mature audiences alike.


Kelly is on a mission to create, implement, and participate in projects that foster youth engagement and leadership development across North America. From mobilizing volunteerism projects to harnessing media for social good and inspiring crowds of youth at events around the world, Kelly is a dedicated mentor and role model. She is committed to helping youth achieve their ambitions, by developing action plans that are pro-active and tailored to their personalities and interests. And she’ll stop at nothing to create a solid platform for young voices to be heard and youthful energy to be harnessed to bring about positive societal change in three ways:

  • By fostering youth leadership in a variety of decision-making forums & arenas
  • By developing youth initiatives & programs designed to affect positive change
  • By inspiring & coaching youth to commit, lead & impact in their communities

“Society has preconceptions of youth and our growing generation learns there are `pre-requisites’--age, education, and circumstantial upbringing—for success,” says Kelly. “Youth are told that to become a leader, to pursue goals, or to have an impact on society means they have to fit within the standards of each pre-requisite. I show youth how to work beyond this conformity.”

What is phenomenal about Kelly’s journey to do just this is that she is a self-made “youth mobilizer.” Everything she has built has been through her own means or through volunteerism. She is a ordinary girl, from humble beginnings, who has surpassed her own life circumstances to claim a greater future. This alone is her WOW factor—her attraction and her example to other youth seeking to achieve something from nothing.


Tenacious and driven, Kelly is known for her ability to connect youth, business and community. Through Lovell Corporation, a company she started at the age of 19, Kelly empowers youth through her speaking engagements, coaching and mentoring sessions, and YOU Effect, her recently launched television show on Rogers TV and captivating global web series. But it’s The Kelly Effect that sets her goals in motion and fuels her passion and drive. The Kelly Effect is a series of forward-thinking initiatives designed to assist non-profit organizations and brands in building sustainable projects and initiatives that prompt youth leadership and participation.

Her multitude of accolades, including QEII Diamond Jubilee medal, Ashoka & American Express Emerging Innovator of Canada, Rogers’ Young Woman of the Year, Canada’s Top 20 Under 20, and Ontario’s first Change the World Youth Ambassador further reiterate Lovell’s ability to inspire and lead global impact. Kelly is recognized globally for her leadership and holds honorary titles including the Governor General’s Caring Canadian and the 2013 Hesselbein fellow, an award that is given to 50 of the sharpest, most engaged and dedicated young leaders from around the globe.

From her work in fostering youth leadership and character, Lovell has been invited to participate in young engagement round tables with the Governor General of Canada, mentored with members of parliament and has served as a youth advocate for her municipal government to help pass policy reforms for equal rights. In her participation at global leadership summits as a Canadian delegate she has met with many renowned leaders, including Bill Clinton, Muhammad Yunus, Craig Kielburger of Free the Children and Frances Hesselbein to name a few.

Ultimately, Lovell’s goal is to motivate individuals to grow as leaders and understand their ability to prompt change in their communities. Having spoken live to stadiums of 10,000s and high profile events, including WE Day and TEDx, Kelly is a dynamic leader experienced in a variety of key areas including personal growth, leadership and community outreach. She has used her own voice to inspire young minds to drive social change—to commit, lead, and impact. “The key to changing lives is to first give back,” says Kelly. And that she continues to do.

“I’m not satisfied with just chasing dreams,” says Kelly. “I am passionate about creating legacies of united social communities and humanitarian achievements everywhere. It’s a tall order, but I’m dedicated to being a mentor and leader in this arena.”

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Speech Topics

Popular Presentations

The Power of One Voice - What is in the power of a single voice? How can one person make a difference? In life we underestimate our impact; we often doubt ourselves and struggle to find our voice. Yet, if you look at all the great successes of the past and present you will learn that they all started out like you today; simple people who found passion to share their voice. In Kelly's presentation she will explore your individual power, guide you in finding your own voice and, most importantly, share with you the endless possibilities that await once you discover your potential.

Transforming Volunteer Work into Volunteer Play - Problems engaging the youth of today? How can we motivate and inspire the current generation to get involved with our organizations? This talk focuses on Kelly's new patent-pending model of volunteer engagment that caters to the 21st century needs of today's youth. For youth audiences, Kelly reveals the value of volunteerism for personal leadership development and focuses on shifting the perspective of what volunteerism currently means to youth.

Volunteer Powered Enterprise - In a world that is preoccupied with the bottom line, volunteerism does not have a place in most business. This presentation reveals the hidden value of volunteerism for entrepreneurs and brands alike. For youth audiences, Kelly focusses on how to leverage your existing resources and overcome financial barriers to pursue your passions and find entrepreneurial success. For brands, she focusses on the power of strategic collaborate and a new model to engage young talent and embrace goodwill marketing while meeting corporate objectives

Excluded to Exclusive - This talk is focussed on self-esteem and empowerment. Kelly touches on her experiences being bullied and how she has taken her life into her own hands to write her own success stories (i.e. Kelly walks the audience through how she grew from humbled beginnings to walking the red carpet at the Oscars by finding and embracing her passions/voice)

Other Topics:

• Leading Change: how to create impact in community

• The 3 Ps of Success: Passion. Persistence. Perseverance

• Personal Development: Improving Self-esteem & Anti-Bullying Strategies

• Skill Building for Youth: How to Act on Your ideas

• Y2B: Bridging the Gap of Youth to Business

• Effective Youth Engagement


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