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Ken Futch  

Business Motivator, Blending Humor and Message

Whether addressing upper management from Fortune 500 companies or factory workers, Ken Futch's unique blend of humor and professionalism creates results.

Prior to founding his own company in 1986, Ken spent 11 years in sales and management with AT&T. As a salesperson, he was recognized for achieving the best results in a group of 6,000 salespeople. Ken's success led to his selection as a top trainer at AT&T's National Sales School.

Past-President of the Georgia Speakers Association and former Toastmasters International Humor Champion, Futch was inducted into the National Speaker's Association Hall of Fame in 2014. He delivers more than 150 high-impact programs annually and has trained over 10,000 people in seminars presented throughout North America and Europe.

A native of the "Tar Heel" state, Ken holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He was commissioned as a Lieutenant and served 3 years in the U.S. Army, including a tour in Viet Nam as a combat platoon leader.

His current clients include General Electric, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Consolidated Edison, BellSouth, Honeywell Bull, John Deere, Sony, Lockheed, Pepsico, Nextel, Delta Airlines, and the Federal Reserve Bank.

Using his extensive business experiences and life events to illustrate important points in a lively thought-provoking manner, Futch has entertained audiences for years with amusing insights and anecdotes about generating positive change and personal fulfillment. His book, Take Your Best Shot: Turning Situations Into Opportunities, has been called a rare blend of storytelling, sage advice, and practical ideas.

Most Requested Topics:

What Rip Van Winkle Didn’t Know: How do you react to change? Do you hold on to the old or grab on to the new? Managing change isn’t about recognizing the need to change, but knowing how to change. Using his wit and charm, Ken will give you the tools you need to reframe change, build on the foundation of success, and embrace the potential that change offers. He’ll let you in on what Rip Van Winkle didn’t know.

Don’t Die Until You Are Dead: Ken's true story of how he accidentally shot himself in the head and lived to tell it is a funny, inspirational, motivational tale about how it took a shot through the head to open his mind. Today, he sees things with a whole new perspective and teaches others how to do the same.

Secrets of a Suntan Consultant: In yet another of Ken's funny, true stories, he shares the secrets to great customer service that he learned from a poolside suntan consultant. He'll tell you what it really means to "add value" to a product! His lessons shine a ray of hope to any organization that wants to improve its business relationships.

Bushy Eyebrows and Other Misperceptions: Even when we think we know how others think or what they need, we can discover just how wrong we are by simply asking. In this funny, yet poignant story, Ken shares the lessons he learned from his young daughter about the dangers of making assumptions. Kids may say the darnedest things, but it's adults who do the darnedest things. Find out why.


Speech Topics

Motivation “Take Your Best Shot!

A moment can change a life. Ken’s astonishing true story of how he accidentally shot himself in the head – and how it opened his mind! Hilarious, inspiring and motivating, you will get a (w)hole new perspective on how to turn situations into opportunities.

Leadership “Give Your Rifle Away

Gain the single greatest motivation tool available for creating passion. An entertaining and provocative program that provides practical principles and techniques for achieving results.

Managing Change “Grabbing on or Holding on?” How do you react to change? Do you hold on to the old or grab on to the new? Managing change isn’t just recognizing the need to change, but knowing how to change. During this humorous and high-energy program, you will acquire the insights and tools to reframe change and to embrace the potential that change offers.

Customer Service “Providing Lagniappe

Move beyond the basics and learn the two necessary requirements to create memorable customer service experiences. Discover how to turn that disgruntled customer into a sales opportunity. An upbeat message designed for organizations seeking to increase client retention.

Team Building “Bushy Eyebrows and Other Misperceptions

Learn what teams value most while avoiding the common pitfalls that can destroy employee morale. This fast-paced program emphasizes the importance of respecting individuality while enhancing group identity. Take home valuable tools for improving communication and building trust.

Presentation Skills “Presenting Persuasively

Empower your speech for effective delivery by utilizing the hidden persuaders that enable powerful presentations. Learn how to control nerves, organize material, incorporate humor and handle Q&A sessions. Leave knowing you have the ability to connect with demanding audiences.

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