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Former NASA Astronaut & Test Pilot; Retired Admiral in the U.S. Navy & Aeronautical Engineer

Kenneth Mattingly , (RADM, USN, Ret.), better known as Ken Mattingly, is a former American naval officer and aviator, aeronautical engineer, test pilot, Rear Admiral in the United States Navy and astronaut who flew on the Apollo 16, STS-4 and STS-51-C missions. He made 64 lunar orbits, making him one of 24 people to have flown to the Moon. Mattingly and his commander from Apollo 16, John Young, are the only human beings to have flown to the Moon and also a Space Shuttle orbital mission.

Mattingly had been scheduled to fly on Apollo 13, but three days prior to launch, he was held back and removed from the mission due to exposure to German measles (which he did not contract). He then spearheaded the ground crew's efforts to save his friends and fellow astronauts once their moon mission went horribly wrong.

At the lecture podium, Mattingly's gripping account of teamwork and peak performance has received rave reviews from corporations and community forums around the nation. He recounts his training and comradery with fellow Apollo 13 astronauts Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert and Fred Haise, his horror when the mission went awry, and his role in coordinating the ground crew's frantic race against time to save them. He also brings the story full circle with a look at the space program today and the emerging role of private industry in satellite communications.

Beginning his career as a Naval officer and aviator, T.K. Mattingly became one of the select individuals chosen for the Apollo Space Program in 1966. He was responsible for the development of the lunar space suit and back-pack, and served on the support crews for Apollo 8 (the first lunar orbit) and Apollo 11 (the first lunar landing). Designated as Command Module Pilot (CMP) for Apollo 13, he was pulled from the flight for medical reasons, but later flew as CMP for Apollo 16, the next-to-last lunar mission.

In 1973 Mattingly became a key member of the fledgling Space Shuttle Program. He served as lead astronaut for the Shuttle Design Support Team and provided lead astronaut support in preparing for the first shuttle flight. He served as back up Commander for STS missions 2 and 3, and as Commander for the last orbital test flight, STS 4. He led the development of national security missions to be flown on the Shuttle and Commanded the first classified shuttle mission, STS-51C.

Promoted to Rear Admiral in 1985, he pioneered the use of commercial contracting procedures for military space systems, overseeing a billion dollar budget spread over 200 contracts. In 1989, he retired from government service to focus on the commercialization of space. He led the highly successful Atlas program in providing commercial launch services for the private sector and planning for a fully reusable launch system. As President of the Rocket Development Company, he was leading development of low cost commercial launch systems that maintained constellations of satellites and helped revolutionize global communications at the turn of the century.


Ken Mattingly: Apollo 16 Astronaut |

Ken Mattingly missed his ride on Apollo 13, but made it to the moon on Apollo 16. He also commanded two shuttle missions.

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