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With over 30 years corporate experience, Ken brings his expertise in branding and marketing to companies and individuals seeking to differentiate them

  • Ken brings over 30 years of retail branding and marketing experience to his consulting and presentations business. At the urging of many of his contacts in the retail marketing industry, Ken has focused his energies on helping retailers, media organization, and advertisers develop brand strategies and programs to better position themselves with today's changing customers. Additionally, he continues to be in demand for speaking engagements on a variety of marketing and advertising topics at major meetings and conferences around the country. Ken's experience includes senior marketing positions with Procter & Gamble, Dayton-Hudson, Robinson's, Eckerd Drugs, Circuit City, Doner, and PetsMart. For Ken, creativity has always been a priority, which paid off with Advertising Age Award for top TV retail commercial, Clio finalist twice, Retail Advertising Conference awards for both radio and TV, and National Association of Drug Stores awards. His essays have been published in retail books from ICSC and RAMA, as well as in the Arthur Anderson Retailing Issues Letter. He is past vice president of the Tampa Advertising Federation; winner of the AAF Silver Medal; and serves on the executive committee of the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association in Chicago. He received national recognition with his induction into the Retail Advertising Hall of Fame (1990) and the award of the Television Bureau's first national award for Innovation in Retail Television Advertising (1994). He is author of a monthly blog, What's Branding Got to Do With It? ( with commentary on recent trends in consumer marketing and branding. He is a contributing author to the book Marketing Magic from Insight Publishing.

    • Ken also recently teamed with another NSA speaker, Robyn Winters, to form Brain Branding(TM), a revolutionary program that merges brand strategy development with whole brain thinking.


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Speech Topics

Increasing your target market with BrainBranding.

Increasing your target market with BrainBranding. Expand your brand’s appeal to more target customers by understanding their thinking and buying styles. Not everyone looks for the same benefits from you store or products even if they fit your specific target market criteria. Learn how to increase your market share and defend against your competitors by using a revolutionary process to identify what motivates all of your customers and how to communicate your marketing strategies more effectively. Understand the four buying styles of all of your customers. Improve your marketing messages to reach more customers with messages that resonate with their values. Develop an internal marketing plan to make sure that your staff lives up to the brand everyday. Identify the information you need to build a stronger brand.

Four Steps to Differentiating your Store from the Big Chains

Four Steps to Differentiating your Store from the Big In this interactive workshop for smaller, independent retailers, the attendees will not only learn the importance of differentiating their stores in today’s competitive marketplace, but they will also get started with the process of developing their store’s brand and determine their marketing needs that they can implement when they return to their stores the following day. Specifically, this session will help these retailers get started on four steps to successful branding


WHAT SUCCESSFUL STORES HAVE IN COMMON ??? The stores with a future share the same critical four characteristics for success. and in this presentation we look at how these companies market themselves better. In this presentation, we will look at case studies of stores who recognize what it takes and then apply these principles to their marketing and advertising programs. And no, it’s not just another sale! They do it by capitalizing on their unique strengths and appeal to the customer, and then they do breakthrough advertising. Stores--or brands--that don't meet these criteria don't stand a chance no matter how good their advertising is.



Location. Location. Location. Convenience may be important, but what if the competition is just as close to the customer. Sale. Sale. Sale. Customers always look for a lower price but you can’t beat the competition every day to every customer. Selection. Selection. Selection. Customers want to be able to find what they are looking for but what about a specialty store that can’t possibly carry the inventory to meet every customer’s need. What does it take to create a preferred share of mind with the customer. An example of how to go beyond price and convenience to grow a business in today’s competitive market place

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