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"Where Actions Speak Louder Than Words"

From the onset of life, Kevin Blake while not cognizant of whom he was and the life before him had the ability to overcome less than unfortunate health challenges. Born partially blind, with jaundice and webbed feet, Life Coach Kevin Blake overcame illnesses alongside many of the challenges he faced throughout his early childhood and adolescence.

Raised in the inner-cities of Miami-Dade, he was taught a very important lesson in life while living in the shelter with his mother and three brothers. Being influenced by what his environment did not offer, he made the mature decision at 17 years-old to raise his 3 siblings on his own, sending them to school while he worked to take on adult responsibilities. His challenges and achievements combined have formulated the man who is known as Kevin Blake.
The life coach has embarked on a journey to share his experience to a culture blinded by the nuances of popular culture, pessimistic, attitudes and excuses. He has developed several programs that enable clients to identify and overcome obstacles that inhibit personal and professional growth.

Kevin Blake has lectured and coached corporate professionals which resulted in a little over $41 million in sales. He has also conducted workshops to fight procrastination under Dr. Ozs Health Corp. From blue collar to white collar clients, Kevin Blake has a testimony that is relatable to anyone who will listen. His raw life experience has provided him with a different outlook on life. The same formula he used to produce a better life, he is now sharing with the world. Life Coach Kevin Blake holds the mirror directly in the face of your dilemma, allowing you to see what needs to be changed. His vision is optimistic, his lessons are straight-forward and his mission is unstoppable.


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