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Kevin Jones    

CEO, Advisor, Videographer

For over a decade, Kevin has helped organizations upgrade the way they work so they can thrive in today’s economy. He does this by identifying and helping to change management mindsets and practices that were good for the Industrial Revolution, but damaging today. He also discovers toxic cultural and communication patterns which squelch the very characteristics that would propel the company to the top. Then he creates solutions and implements changes that deliver incredible results.

He helps organizations make it easy for the employees to bring their whole-selves to work, focus on their most important responsibilities and clear out the small things that will distract them from being insanely effective.

To accomplish this he uses tools from management innovation, collaborative technologies, human performance methodologies and more.

He has worked with organizations like NASA, Dell, Lowe's, SAIC and others to help them upgrade the way they work.

Kevin graduated with a bachelors degree in Business Administration from the University of Oregon and a Masters degree in Instructional and Performance Technologies from Boise State University. He is an international speaker and a videographer.

Speech Topics

Upgrade Your Work - Workshop

Taken off of the keynote, this workshop dives into HOW to innovate the way we work.
We review dramatic, paradigm shifting examples that will challenge the fundemental beliefs of the best way to manage a company. We will even try a few on for size and learn how our own companies can innovate their work for dramatic results. During the workshop we take time to challenge our assumptions and create new mental models. Doing this puts a fire in the belly of anyone who comes to understand that work can be so much more productive and fulfilling for every employee. This workshop can be tailored for 1.5 hours or a full day. It can also be tailored to different groups: Managers, IT, HR, Trainers, Social Media.

Embracing Failure

Most organization shun failure. Yet, like cholesterol, there are good and bad types of failure. And it is important to be able to tell them apart and allow (even encourage) the good type of failure. In this keynote we talk about the different types of failure, how to embrace good failure and forgive the other.

Upgrade Your Work

100 years ago, “management” was created to solve a problem: Lack of efficiency. For the most part, we have that down. Yet in the new economy that is not so much the problem any more. The problems change every day and we feel like we are playing catch up. Then why are we still using the same tools to fix new problems? We are stuck in the management dogmas of the past and it is hurting our future. We must be able to create an environment within our companies that will be nimble enough to tackle the new opportunities with the ever-changing nature of today’s economy. This means innovating the way we manage employees and the business. We expect innovative results that take varying skills to tackle constantly changing problems. Why do we think we can use a one-size-fits-all, conveyor belt-style of management to help our employees be productive? It is because that is what we have always done. It is time to innovate our management practices and upgrade the way we work. It is your job to create the most productive workforce possible. Compared to even ten years ago you have the upgraded technology and employees have vastly superior skills. But overall, business is not THAT much better. Where is the disconnect? To thrive in today’s economy we can’t use the management practices which were created 100 years ago when the challenges of the business were very different. In today’s world of hyper-change, we must change the way we work and innovate the way we manage. We cannot rely on the management practices made for for a slow-moving era to increase trust and collaboration within our companies. This thought provoking talk challenges the dogmas of modern management and will challenge some of the beliefs we have dare not questioned in the past. Doing this will allow your employees to thrive and unleash the potential your employees have been holding back. This,

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