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Kevin Stark    

Veteran, Leadership Expert & Former Navy SEAL

Kevin Stark is a speaker and performance coach providing transformative results for those seeking personal and professional excellence in high-stress, high-demand professions. Kevin works with clients ranging from senior executives, professional athletes, to first responders with a focus on leadership development at the individual, team, and organizational level.

His expertise stems from 25 years of experience as a leader in, and working with leaders in, the public and private sectors. This includes over two decades of service as a US Navy SEAL, a CEO position of an early-stage renewable energy company, and as managing director in an investment firm.

As a SEAL, Stark deployed overseas multiple times in support of the US National Defense Strategy in the wake of the attacks on September 11, 2001. As a special operator, he trained to establish and lead small units to conduct military actions in completion of Special Operation missions worldwide. Mission areas included: unconventional warfare, direct action, combating terrorism, special reconnaissance, and search and rescue.

In-between operational commitments, Stark led BUD/S 1st Phase SEAL training as the senior instructor in the world’s most demanding selection course. He led thousands of SEAL trainees through high-risk training to include over 30 Hellweeks. Stark was then selected to manage the US Naval Academy’s SEAL candidate selection process. During his tenure, the candidates he trained and mentored achieved over 90% success rate in a pipeline that averages 34%. Kevin also fostered leadership development through experiential learning by leading a group of Naval Academy students to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and another group on a multi-day trek to Patagonia.

In total, Stark has either trained, coached, or mentored nearly 10,000 public and private sector professionals in their pursuit and attainment of excellence. Stark is a proud husband and father to three children.

Speech Topics

Leading Organizational Resilience through Crisis and Change: Curing the COVID Hangover: Regain Your Team's Cultural Strength

The last few years presented us all with unparalleled challenges in our personal and professional lives. Though we are now past the COVID pandemic, many organizations are still trying to find their way and reassert the strong leadership and cultural bonds necessary for success.

This session explores the elements of resilient teams and how we can emerge from crisis stronger than before. Stories from the Navy SEALS, healthcare, and business serve as examples that inspire and inform the audience. Attendees will take away specific points they can use as both leaders at work and in relationships at home:

  • Shift from an endurance to performance mindset.
  • Set values as standards for your character.
  • Communicate with intention and clarity.
  • Align teammates with purpose and meaning.
  • Transform obstacle into opportunity.

Individual and Team Health, Wellness, and Performance: Sharing Health and Human Performance Techniques from Elite Communities

This presentation shares specific and accessible techniques backed by science and proven through experience that improve health and wellness. Leveraging 25 years of experience in elite organizations, attendees will learn how to understand and regulate stress response both psychologically (mind) and physiologically (body). These techniques are universal and can be applied to both personal and professional situations. Taking the approach of choosing excellence in mind, body, spirit people will have more control over stressful situations and learn to cope in healthy, sustainable ways.

Making US Navy SEALs: Explore What it Takes to Forge Uncommon from the Common

An entertaining and energizing first-hand account on the Navy SEAL training pipeline and all of its rigors. Hear from a Navy SEAL instructor how the SEAL community mentally and physically screen and train candidates and how they create the unbreakable bonds of teamwork and character. Learn how these techniques and values can be transferred to organizations and teams. Attendees will walk away with an inspiring message and one that provides actionable takeaways to include:

  • Developing a Warrior Mindset.
  • Transcendence through Service.
  • Taking care of your People.
  • Always taking One More Step.

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