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When I was born my family marked me as the last born, but I believe the Heavens declared "That's a definition of possibility"

Kgadi Mmanakana is the fifth and the last born and the first to fill out an application to study further after matric from her household.She was born into and grew up in an abusive and violent environment that gave her all the VALID reasons why she will amount to nothing in life. Over and Above, Kgadi is a young woman who created a life that made sense to her and defied logic.She is a humble, loving that carries wisdom of which she will use to help the world be a better place and help people lead a purpose-driven happier lives full of possibilities. Her life purpose is to help people lead purpose driven happier lives full of possibilities and she does that by educating and inspiring people to Graduate from life experiences, find a sense of purpose and direction in life and helping them to reach a point of contentment in life. She is a living and breathing definition of possibility. “When I was born my family market me as the last born but the Heavens declared “That’s a definition of possibility” she says. FACTS ABOUT KGADI MMANAKANA -Witnessing her mother being chased away and beaten by her[Kgadi’s] father took a piece a piece from her bit by bit which resulted with a great deal of resentment towards her father. -Kgadi started school at the of 7 because her mother couldn’t afford R80 school fees whilst her father had income. -She hated school casual days, not because she was ashamed of going to school barefoot but because she realized how those days gave people an opportunity to remind her and the family of how poor they were; if it was not peers teasing her torn clothes, it was that one family that her mother kept on borrowing 50 cents from that said “you never return it”.Kgadi says she understood that family’s remarks because “those people you pass by the robots that genuinely need money foodwish they couldn’t ask you for that R2 again” she says. -Kgadi says she doesn’t know what poverty is but know weeks without food.She used to tiptoe searching for anything usefulto take home from neighbor’s dustbins during hide and seek games; from pieces of sunlight bar to pieces of “letlalo la nama” that one might have threw away earlier on during lunch. -Her father said to her “A se nna ke rileng o ye skolong” (I am not the one who said you should go to school) when she asked him for R10 pocket money to see her through the week during her first year in high school.And her father didn’t give her that money. -Kgadi at the age of 14 when she was in Grade 8 she made a decision to be the person who will break the cycle of poverty at home and made an oath to “Live my life as far away as possible from my comfort zone” and to “Make sure that whatever choice I make in life will get me to a point at which I can come back and make changes at home”. This was triggered by what happened the night prior to the day she made this choice-she saw her mother cry because of the abusive element in her father. But on this particular night, Kgadi played starring and the end her father couldn’t beat her mother. (Today Kgadi’s sister make fun of her about how courageous she was that night.And the laugh about it.) -The formal birth of “Kgadi the Possibilitarian” was in 2009 when she was 14; when Kgadi decided to peel of all toxic labels put on her and her family by the society and the negative voice echoed in the midst of her family. -Kgadi walked long distance to school and she loved it as that long distance was her “Possibilitarian PlayGround”-the only place she experienced positivity and possibility.She used that long distance to tell herself positive things. -Kgadi she is the top matric achiever of her time obtaining 4 distinctions. -On the day the matric results were released,the cloud of depression was hanging over Kgadi because 6 days from that day the university registrations were starting and she needed R4k university initial payment but couldn’t even afford R30 taxifare to her local town. She said to her family “Give me time, I am going somewhere-I don’t know where but I am going somewhere. I won’t stay at home” after she learned that her family are stressed out and don’t know what to do. -Kgadi knows pain, rejection and disappointment.She knows a feeling of being disowned by family and of having people distancing themselves from you. -Kgadi know the feeling of uncertainty and doubt and embracing it. -Kgadi is the trusted pillar of strength and sage being to many-the young and the old. -Kgadi know how it feels to be on the brink of suicide -Kgadi once found herself sleeping on the floor in Soweto because she had a dream to keep. -At the age of 19 she applied to an event that was open for only 22+ year olds and was successful. She applied because “I saw that event as an opportunity to learn and grow into a better person. I refused to let age stand in my way” And she got an opportunity to meet and learn from her role model. -During her gap year, she termed that year “My Grooming Year” – Play Your Part listed her as an ambassador for possibility -Royal Commonwealth Society gave her a distinction of Associate Fellow -Capricorn FM Breakfast Show named her EveryDay Hero -VUT FM On The Table show named her the Women’s Month Woman Legend in the making -WEF Africa80 recognized her as one of 100 young inspiring African Leaders. -She Leads Africa featured her as one of the women who leads Africa. -She is the founder of a nonprofit organization See Beyond the Clouds Foundation creating possibilities for youth in Ga-Matlala Limpopo. -She is the founder and senior strategy consultant of a strategy consulting firm (KM-CDS) -She is an authentic and sage speaker.

Speech Topics

3 Most powerful P's

-Finding Your Purpose- The Following P's are interlinked 1.Passion - The fire within 2.Purpose - The reason you journey 3.Potential - The powerful you

Bottom line is UNTIL YOU FIND YOUR PURPOSE, YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER MAKE SENSE. If you FOLLOW your PASSION it will help you FIND your PURPOSE and when you have your purpose at the back of your mind , by default you will UNLEASH your full POTENTIAL whether at work etc. I introduce the concepts and equip you step by step from "how to identify your passions", the passion killers and fruits. and I also include my own personal experience (journey of finding my own purpos)e

My Dream is Valid

Bottom line: Nomatter how many times life knocked you down-the validity of your dreams doesnt change. 1.It happened right? Yes 2.Do you have to whine about it? No 3.What should you do? Move!

True meaning of happiness. (Finding happiness)

1.What does happiness mean to you 2.Happiness thieves 3.What are you willing to lose tp be happy

My altitude is not determined by my matric results but by my attitude after receiving them

1.Effort is rewarded. 2.Explore your options 3.Take action

The winning attitude

1.Respect 2.Ask for help 3.Serve

Whether you are at school, church, work, on the streets etc

Raise your sights and see a possibilities.Be a possibilitarian. (When life knocks you down)

1.Whats happening 2.Reality calculator 3.Possibilitarian calculator

Who made failure a bad word?

If your perceptions of and response to failure were changed , what would you attempt to achieve?

Discuss: - Fear of failure -Failure misunderstood -Failing to prepare for failure

God's plans are bigger than our dreams.

1.Lean not on your own understanding 2.Surrender 3.Be still

Team Success: First important ingredient for your company success is your team.

1.Can -Champion them 2.Important - tell them 3.Love- Show them

Kgadi the Possibilitarian Speaks

Kgadi in Schools Kgadi believes that before a student there’s a HUMAN BEING, a human being that goes through life struggles, that need guidance and inspiration to tap into the greatness that lie within them. Kgadi enters the schooling environment to 1.take students out of their comfort zones so that they can start being serious about their lives, 2.ignite the passion within students and unlock their minds for possibilities and 3.Equip them to be tenacious and positive individuals. KEYNOTE TOPICS 1.My ALTITUDE is not determined by my matric results but by my ATTITUDE after receiving them. This a session designed for matriculants to grant them a GPS System that will help students navigate through the pressure that comes with the release of the matric results. In this session Kgadi will take the students through the possible outcomes(in terms of matric results), what they all mean and HOW TO RESPOND to the results you have whether you passed or not.For each outcome, “wayforward options” will be dished out to ensure that each student have a “What Now” plan. Directives on “The Must Know info” such as funding institutions, Matric Rewrite Programs will be dished out and students will be guided on the importance on an E-Mail address at their stage and how to create one. This session is available twice a year (Before Matric Final Exams and After the release of the matric results.)The school will decide on whether they prefer pre or post the results. 2.My Why.My Distinctions The fact remains; if you dont know where you are going, you’ll never get there.And if you dont know why you should do something, you’ll never do it to your fullest potential. The BAD ADVICE you can ever give students is “STUDY HARD” .Kgadi will never make that mistake, why? “because you can’t force people to do something they dont find value in.They need to know why they should study-THEIR WHY for going to school, for getting those distinctions must motivate them” she says. Kgadi take students on an uncomfortable yet rewarding journey of KNOW YOUR WHY! “Students that know why they’re at school, excel.I performed on top of my class bevause of my why.” she says. 3. #ChooseDay Making Better Choices With Kgadi the Possibilitarian This talk is based on Kgadi’s 3 beliefs about every person on Earth. Kgadi as a kid used to choose mediocre and settle for less because of the labels the society put on her and her family.She struggled to believe that she is important and that she is capable of achieving great things in life because of the abusive and negative environment she grew up in.Now she realizes that she is Important, Has infinite greatness within and Deserves all great things that life has to offer-so does those students! Kgadi’s talks leave the audience with a new perspective on life, new lasting energy coming from within and a reason to live. Kgadi is also available to give the following talks -Commencement address -Get in Gear:Talk with first years -Soldier On:Talk with module/Grade repeaters -Exam preparation session -Assembly talks -Goal setting workshops -Themed talks (as per requests) Kgadi in Corporates Kgadi enters the workplace to help employees find fulfillment in their jobs, be excellent and have a sense of self-worth. KEYNOTE TOPICS 1.You are an asset. Find your value. This talk empowers and equips about how valuable they are in the company, how to be excellent and maintain that value to ensure job satisfaction. Kgadi at seminars/conferences Regardless of the topic Kgadi chooses or theme of the event, her talks are all about helping people lead purpose driven happier lives full of possibilities. Some of the topics… -Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% is how you respond. -The untold story behind #TGIF -Die empty not Wealthy -Honor your “not-so-good” pasts -Give yourself a permission to start all over again …. AND MANY OTHERS. Kgadi’s talks leave the audience with a new perspective on life, new lasting energy coming from within and a reason to live.

Lectures & Workshops

Our workshops and lectures are designed to support participants in having a deeper experience of themselves in order to understand their life’s experiences and have an experience that allows them to remember the truth of who they are in order to reach a point of contentment in the midst of any situation or circumstance they encounter. These workshops/Lectures are driven by Kgadi the Possibilitarian. Signature Programs: 1.Graduating From Life A workshop that presents life as a university/school with the only difference being the fact that at university you get the lesson first then the test whereas in life you “write” the test first and then expected to get the lesson AFTER. Kgadi learned when she found herself two consecutive years in the same frustrating situation and on the 3rd year after having a meeting with herself, she learned that she has been fighting the same battle with the same weapons that didn’t help in the first round. That’s when a thought came to her mind and said “Kgadi, you’ve been here before.The difference is that now you have grown from the previous experience (I hope you did).You should know better.” And Kgadi realized that she didn’t GRADUATE from that life experience (that is, pick a lesson).And by applying the Graduation principle, she learned that one become wiser and gets equipped for future experiences as one will have a point of reference. 2.Reaching A Point Of Contentment in Life A workshop that educates the participants on the importance of contentment, what it means and how to reach that point where you say “It is well with my soul” , “I am content” really meaning it. Lets start by defining what contentment means; Contentment is a mental or emotional state of satisfaction drawn from being at ease in one’s situation, body and mind. Kgadi learned that VERY FEW people have reached that point in their lives and a greater proportion of people will never reach that point especially with the trending habit of ALWAYS CHASING. Kgadi has observed people aiming for a car and after getting the car, the goal is the house in a split of second without allowing the necessary life processes to take place.However, she says there’s nothing wrong in buying or desiring great things in life.The problem is when you have more than one box of depressants as a result of “keeping up” with the world. Linking contentment with Graduating from Life; Kgadi learned that it is very imperative for one to get to a point of contentment as far as life struggles are concerned-the point at which one wholeheartedly says “I am not scared anymore” because they’re at peace with being. Taking it from the biblical scripture of which people chants all the time whilst many aren’t really meaning it, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me”. Kgadi learned that most people didn’t deeply study the verses before that one where it says “I know what it is to be in need and I know what it is to have plenty.I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation…” Kgadi has learned the secret and is determined to educate the participants on that. Life can be horrible sometimes, it has some nonsensical tendencies and the only way to survive and grow through it all is by learning to be content. Why is it important to be content? Because lack of contentment leads to anger, frustration and jealousy. Being content doesn’t mean you should stop trying to improve your life, it simply means at times you just need to okay with what you have and with being who you are. Lack of contentment blindfold you from recognizing the blessings in your life. 3.The Journey To The Me I am Meant To Be A workshop equips the participants on leading a purpose-driven life and what it takes to that point of having a sense of purpose and direction in life. The workshops tackles the big question of:WHY ARE YOU HERE (ON EARTH)? which triggers participants to start thinking deeply about Who they are, What their vision is and ultimately Why they exists! Kgadi will then take them through a journey of finding their reason for existence using her innovative principle “S Cubed Process” as proven in her own journey.


The Possibilitarian profiled by Capricorn voice
Capricorn FM Everyday Hero

Featured on Capricorn FM Breakfast show

One of 60 emerging Women Leaders

one of 60 emerging women leaders that participated in 2015 Vital Voices Mentoring Walk hosted by The Passionate Professional (Hema Vallabh) in South Africa. Walked side by side with establised women leaders from various sectors and assigned mentors.I was paired with a lioness, founder of WomEng, serial social entrepreneur, engineer and WEF Global Shaper Naadiya Moosajee.Our mentorship relationship invested a lot in me.

African Women in Engineering Symposium(27-29 May 2015)

I was humbled to have been invited to this phenomenal 3day conference at The Royal Chamber, Sun City Resort where I spoke on leading a purpose driven life. I shared how I found my purpose, what it took and how they can find their purpose.On the speakers panel I was the aspiring engineer amongst established engineers. One of the feedbacks I got was that, there are lots of people having fat bank acc, estate homes and decent jobs but still unhappy because they havent found their purposes or rather they dont know how they can find them. My presence there was a dream come true.

Kgadi Mmanakana listed as an Ambassador for Possibility by Brand SA

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