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Kiel Thoms    

Certified Nutritional Specialist & Fitness Trainer

Kiel Thoms is a Certified Nutritional Specialist and Personal Fitness Trainer. Thoms has studied health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, guidance, support and education to various community members, groups and the public masses on physical health and eating lifestyles for over 20 plus years.

Thoms is passionate about helping individuals improve their overall outlook and quality of life in regard to healthy activities and eating habits through an alternative holistic approach.

Speech Topics


Balanced nutrition is the cornerstone to fitness. However, physical fitness must be merged with proper quality nutrition. The nutrients that we consume are what ultimately fuels our bodies. It is what determines how quickly we can recover and produce on a day to day basis. A properly balanced meal plan rich in protein, complex carbohydrates, fiber and good fats, will optimally support endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility. These are the components of maintaining youthful exuberance! There is an interconnection that ties nutrition, fitness and wellness together. Let us experience how to obtain a higher quality of life together!

  • Approaches to a balance state of being
  • Why nutrition and fitness must be achieved
  • How we can exact control over our metabolism at any age

Quality Assurance

The quality of customer service is becoming a lost art. Think about the last 5 interactions you had as a customer, then ask yourself "how many of those interactions were world class?" I am here to convey how to deliver world class customer service wrapped in assured quality. The way that I deliver what will in turn be delivered to one’s staff and then to the customer. What is paramount for you is that you receive, is these methodologies that will set a knowledge template regarding how to create a mental paradigm, that delivers an assurance to the public that they are receiving quality customer service!

  • The who, what, when, where, why, and how of understanding quality
  • Delivering a high quality interaction
  • The psychology of why we take things personally
  • Building an effective quality assurance program

In Today's World

In today's world we are hypnotized into making our present tense experiences, the past tense as quickly as possible. In this mode, we swipe, order, microwave and drive through being in the moment. Our health is then compromised. Proper nutrition and how to obtain it is vitally important for and to the bodily process supporting our life. I connect the 'dots to thoughts' so that we can understand the concept that food is our fuel. I breakdown what is in our foods and how simple alternatives that are still tasty, can boost our quality of life.

  • How are foods processed in our systems?
  • Why is Weight so hard to lose?
  • What is actually in our foods? What are they made of that is now in you?
  • Is convenience food convenient to health?
  • Real health by the Real numbers!
  • Sugar is not always so sweet! The salt of the earth can bury you in it!
  • Knowledge is power - Smart Choices: What to do and how?

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