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Kim Tang      

Master International Yoga Instructor, Spiritual Leader & Yoga with Emphasis on Vibration and Spirit

When Kim first discovered Yoga in 2003, a Fire was lit within her that inspired her to inspire others, empowered her to empower others in their ability to expand and transform their minds, their bodies, their relationships with themselves, and the consciousness with which they conduct not only their practice, but their lives.

Tang explains that the body is a learning device for the Mind, and that Yoga is not Spine-Centric, but Mind-Centric; and as someone who has worked wholeheartedly and passionately to Cultivate some of the most complex postures in the history of all yoga lineages, Tang is now a Way-shower and beacon of light for others to follow.

Tang is the Head Coach of International Yoga Sports Federation, A Senior International Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Spiritual Guide, 'Of Source' Spiritual Study Group Leader, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner, and Alchemy Breath Work Facilitator, as well as Co-Proprietor of Yucca Shala, a Private Event Center for the Healing Arts and Spiritual Sciences located in the Joshua Tree area of Southern California.

Tang is a frequent Podcast Guest Speaker on New Realities with Alan Steinfeld, SoundBalming with Dr. LaMarr D. Shields and Many others on the Subjects of Consciousness, Mind, Body, Breath, Yoga with Emphasis on Vibration and Spirit. Tang imparts with Clarity how we are the Creators of our Lives, through which her Clear Vision is the Up-lifting of Humanity through the Journey 'Through the Self to the Self', with the added Sentiment 'And by the way, I Love You.

Speech Topics


In this Masterful Share:

  • You'll receive Kim's wisdoms from a time that she calls "Creation" or "Self Cultivation".

  • Kim Shares herself with you in the form of her Big Picture Concepts, such as "The Consciousness with which you Conduct your Practice is the Same as the Consciousness with which you Conduct Your Life.

  • How Breath is the Bridge Between Mind and the Body. Kim asserts that "the Body is the Learning Device for the Mind" and gives examples of how that might show up in your life.

This is a Master Level Conversation Made Simple for the benefit of all!


Most People have heard it said that "The Body is Your Sacred Temple," which can easily be interpreted as "take good care of it".
But did you know? That any presentation of disease / diagnosis, injury, illness, habitual tone, or even accidents houses a message from the body as to where the spiritual work lies in your Life? and that Healing always resides in True Union.

In this session:

  • You'll come to understand how to Interpret the Messages your body is giving you in your life.

  • How to Tune In to your body's Truth to Support Yourself in Healing.

  • You'll have an increase in awareness of healing on the unseen levels, with a variety of approaches, tools and assignments to explore the inner realm
  • You'll come to understand the importance of giving yourself your Un-divided attention."

CHAKRA DIAGNOSTICS: Navigating the World As your Greatest Authentic Truth and Fullest Expression

Since the world hit the reset in 2020, people have been asking:

  • How CAN I Live My Most Authentic Truth? (And what is stopping me?!)
  • How CAN I Be Valued for what I Value the Most about Myself?
  • How CAN I Find My Highest Purpose?

For which all of the answers can be found within! In this session, You'll gain a clear understanding of Egoic Constructs, or our Individuated Identities versus our Connection to Who we are in Truth: Spirit in Form; You'll come to understand the Energy Centers of the Body, what they mean and why it matters in a way that is practical, tangible, functional and decipherable. You'll gain a sense that you are the Creator of your own Life, frequently by default, and through Self Empowerment and Spiritual Accountability, you can be more Deliberate about the Creation from a Higher Purview.

  • With a Better Understanding of Your Thoughts and Beliefs, Your Feelings and Emotions.
  • How Your Projections of Self-Perceptions influence your Behaviors, Patterns, and Relationships.
  • You'll understand the Importance of the Three Levels of Forgiveness
  • Unearthing and Freeing Yourself from Limiting Beliefs, agreements made in Fear
  • You'll Take on the Custom Curated Lesson that is Your Life with a Whole New Approach!

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