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Professor of Art, UCSB - Award-Winning Filmmaker, Author, Artist, Spoken Word

Program Title: What Are You? The Changing Face of America

Migration is rapidly and permanently changing the face of America. Its altering racial makeup, taste in food, clothing, music, the entire perception of itself and the way of life. Kip Fulbeck is the worlds premiere artist exploring multiracial identity and has been featured on CNN, MTV, and NPR, to name a few. An award winning filmmaker, artist, author, and Professor / Director of Arts at UC Santa Barbara, Fulbeck has garnered critical acclaim for his latest book Part Asian, 100% HAPA. Using his own multiracial background as a springboard, Fulbeck confronts media imagery and interracial dating patterns to inspire audiences to explore how our own ethnic stereotypes and opinions on cultural identity are formed, leading one to honestly consider, Who Am I?

Using his own Cantonese, English, Irish, and Welsh background as a springboard, Kip Fulbeck confronts media imagery of Asian men, interracial dating patterns, and icons of race and sex in the U.S., constantly questioning where Hapas "fit in" in a country which ignores multiraciality. His work invites and inspires viewers to explore how our own ethnic stereotypes and opinions on interracial dating, gender roles, and personal identity are formed.

A Professor and Chair of Art and an affiliate faculty of Asian American Studies and Film Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Kip Fulbeck has performed and exhibited in over 20 countries and throughout the U.S., including the Museum of Modern Art, the Singapore International Film Festival, the World Wide Video Festival, PBS, and the Whitney Museum of American Art Biennial. He has twice keynoted the National Conference On Race in Higher Education to standing ovations, directed 13 independent videos, and authored the critically acclaimed boooks Paper Bullets: A Fictional Autobiography and Part Asian, 100% Hapa featuring portraits of multiracials of Asian/Pacific Islander descent with an introduction by Sean Lennon.

Speech Topics

Identity 101 – Seeing Others, Projecting Ourselves

In this interactive workshop, participants explore various common non-verbal methods we use to quickly judge and evaluate others – often incorrectly. Using several playful exercises created and popularized by Kip Fulbeck over the past two decades, participants in small groups take turns visually assessing and being visually assessed, revealing not only our own innate biases but also opening up new channels of observation and communication. This workshop is especially popular on college campuses (60 minutes).

From Long Duk Dong to Jeremy Lin and Kevin Wu: Asian American Masculinity in Pop Culture

Since the beginning of film and television, Asian American men have consistently been portrayed negatively. Typically limited to simplistic roles as villains, gangsters, kung fu masters, computer geeks or outright clowns, they are rarely portrayed as fully formed human beings. In this interactive workshop, Kip Fulbeck, dissects these pop culture images and compares them to a new media generation of positive ones, investigating their relation to Asian American dating, marriage, and self-confidence (60 minutes).

Race in the Media – Does It Really Affect Me?

We know all about media stereotypes. But is this recognition enough? Is awareness of stereotypes sufficient to keep them from affecting our everyday lives? In this pop culture-laden workshop, Kip Fulbeck delves into his research on media imagery and its effects on our opinions, attractions, and self-image. From newscasters to reality shows to Tiger Moms, this workshop opens our eyes to the calculated research behind every commercial media decision (60 minutes).

Genes, Lifestyle, & Luck – Understanding Privilege

This workshop navigates the controversial topic of privilege – exploring it in a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere. Each participant partakes in an anonymous survey of their life – from their family to their childhood neighborhood to their opportunities and physical abilities, recognizing how much each of these categories play a part in making us who we are. Emphasis is placed on gaining this awareness as a tool for positive motivation, recognition, and appreciation (15 minutes).


Kip Fulbeck asks students to ask themselves, 'Who are you?'

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