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Founder & CEO of Nonprofit Marketing Guide

Kivi Leroux Miller is the Founder and CEO of Nonprofit Marketing Guide, where she is the lead trainer for hundreds of nonprofit communicators and 32 participants in the Communications Director Mentoring Program each year. She is a popular and trusted keynote, workshop, and webinar presenter. Kivi is also the award-winning author of three books on nonprofit marketing and communications.

Because she can’t get enough of nonprofits and entrepreneurship for good, Kivi also co-leads a Girl Scout troop and is president of the Lexington Farmers Market Association in Lexington, North Carolina, where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and six cats, five of whom walked into the yard and never left. She also co-founded Grow and Go Girls, a small bakery where all net profits go into a travel fund for a group of small-town girls to travel the big world, including one of her daughters.

Speech Topics

Being Direct and Pragmatic

While we constantly cheer for and defend nonprofit communicators, we also believe in being authentic, honest, and direct, even when conversations are hard. We are not particularly interested in theory. Instead, we focus on real-world practice and results. We never want to waste your time because we know you have little to spare.

Enthusiastic Problem Solving

We approach problem solving with creativity and enthusiasm. We enjoy geeking out on process or technology when it leads to making nonprofit communicators’ lives easier or your work more successful.

Understanding and Empathy

We are constantly listening to what nonprofit communicators need and empathize with them about all of the challenges of working in the nonprofit sector. Even though we are thought leaders in the nonprofit sector, we understand that our lived experiences and “our way” are not inherently more valuable than yours or anyone else’s.

Thought Leadership

Understanding what it takes for your nonprofit to stand out and be recognized as a leader.

The Seven Nonprofit Writing Styles

Understanding how to write in different ways for maximum effectiveness, including news writing, storytelling, and lifestyle writing.

Tactical Best Practices

Best done in a workshop setting, we can review and practice current best practices for websites, email, social media and more.

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Communications Effectiveness

What the most effective communicators do and don’t do, the CALM not BUSY model, how to take your nonprofit to the next level, how to grow and manage communications teams and functions within an organization.

Communications Planning

Can be customized for small nonprofits, for executive directors, for fundraising objectives/donor communications, for community engagement objectives, strategic planning versus editorial planning, etc.

Nonprofit Marketing and Communications Trends

Understanding current best practices, how nonprofit marketing is changing, as well as specific tactical trends such as how email marketing and social media are changing.

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