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Adjunct Professor, Training Consultant, TEDx Speaker & Founder of Advising Generation Z

Kristen Geez is an Adjunct Professor, Training Consultant, TEDx Speaker, Celebrated Author and Founder of Advising Generation Z (AGZ), a non-profit social skills mentoring program focused on equipping over 7,000 Gen Z and Millennials with leadership opportunities at 43 school districts, 10 municipal courts, and 2 detention centers in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

AGZ brings together education, government and corporate leaders to manage and connect with their multigenerational workforce/student body. Services AGZ provides includes professional development and coaching for practitioners & partners, mentorship and diversion programs for youth, and career mapping for young adults. Through workshops, seminars and trainings, AGZ strives to educate all walks of life including students and educators, entry-level employees to C-suite executives, and juveniles and adults within the incarcerated community to name a few. AGZ is aided by a digital series called AdvisingGenz TV available on the AdvisingGenz app. AdvisingGenz TV is comprised of exercises and testimonials from Millennials that help Gen Z students navigate life’s difficulties.

Geez holds a BS in Ethical Leadership, MEd in Leadership & Development, and currently pursuing her PhD in Strategic Leadership. Geez’s mission is to empower people of all ages to unlock and increase their leadership potential.

Speech Topics


This presentation encourages college students or entry-level employees to begin looking at The Great Resignation era as an opportunity to advance strategically. With seasoned professionals retiring and quitting, there are vacancies in every industry. Kristen will guide students towards having realistic career goals using the pandemic to prove that if everyone from their generation wants to become influencers and entrepreneurs, there will be millions of jobs vacant in essential industries. During this session, students will be encouraged to use their college or employer as a resource to stand out and become a high potential candidate that any organization would be happy to groom for success. This speech will also demonstrate how to utilize LinkedIn, identify a career mentor, and adapt the habits required to become the boss.

Gen Z Ain't For Me

This presentation highlights the reason why leaders should embrace Gen Zers. By helping them realize that Gen Zers will soon outnumber millennials in the economy, which will cause a ripple effect in every industry, primarily in retail consumption, technology, politics, and culture. This session helps seasoned leaders crack the code on understanding Gen Z. Managers might feel apprehensive about entrusting this generation to successfully and ethically contribute to the organization's overall productivity. Throughout this session, leaders will explore the key events that helped shape Generation Z; dive into their behaviors, attitudes, and preferences; and separate the myths and stereotypes from reality.

Unleash Your Power

In this presentation, Kristen Geez will help attendees determine who they are and the legacy/reputation they would like to create. Participants will measure how much of their decisions and how they feel about themselves based on the approval of their peers, insecurities, fears, and social biases. Attendees will learn 4 principles to unleash their inner power, thus relying on internal motivation and not external validation. Unleash Your Power can be presented as a speech or guided workshop to youth and adult audiences.

Keys To Solving Your Millennial & Gen Z Problem

Seasoned leaders wanting to manage, inspire, and retain this young, outspoken, independent, eager, and always on a device generation will need to become empathetic leaders. This presentation will assist leaders with tools to help them navigate and build team camaraderie among their young workforce post-COVID-19. This presentation will assist leaders in addressing the hard truths about their leadership style that will need to change to manage a multi-generational workforce by equipping frontline leaders with the tools to coach and mentor their young direct reports to master their current roles while designing stretch assignments that will prepare them for their next position within the organization.

Ask A Former Bully

Keynote speaker Kristen Geez shares her personal experience of being a school bully and how her High School Principal allowed her to establish the first Black History Month Program in her school district. This leadership opportunity motivated Kristen to stop bullying and inspired her to launch a non-profit organization specializing in working with misguided students in K-12 and Higher Education. Kristen shares research and best practices to help practitioners support their more challenging students' social and emotional well-being.

Be The Light

Teaching Gen Z & Millennials how to see beyond the darkness that occurred pre/post COVID will be at the forefront of every practitioner’s mind as we transition our most vulnerable student/employees back to school/work. Despite the negative effects of COVID-19, many families gained a better understanding of the work practitioners and managers face daily when managing and guiding the emotions and behaviors of the younger generations.

Kristen will assist practitioners in realizing innovative ways to reconnect with students/employees. By guiding practitioners to view themselves as the GLOW that shines in the midst of darkness and how best to model the way forward.

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Codeswitching Keeps The Peace

Minorites code-switch when entering an environment they perceive to be restrictive, limited to people who look to share the same belief system. Kristen defines what the term “Codeswitching” means and how it serves as defense magnesium for minorities to protect themselves and their heritage. This presentation will provide participants with 5 rules that every minority employee was taught as a child to prepare them to survive in any environment outside their own community. Kristen shares her experiences as a woman of color who graduated from a predominantly white high school and a Historical Black College before landing a visible entry-level position serving 756 senior-level leaders at a Fortune 500 company. While this speech is given from a minority perspective, Kristen will assist all DE& I attendees to see how we all are guilty of “Codeswitching” at least once in our lifetimes.

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